Friday, March 03, 2006

The Envy of the Spirit

I wanted to post another post tonight since I don't know when I will post after tonight. We have a lot of packing to get done before next Friday. I hope it blesses you.

James 4:5
Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, the Spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?

This is an interesting verse I came across this morning while reading to put something on here this morning. We know the Holy Ghost dwells in us. The church is special in this sense because up to the age of the church the Holy Spirit just came on people for a special purpose. I was thinking about this verse and wanted to give something to challenge us today and maybe this weekend. I know it will challenge me. The Holy Spirit dwells with us. So that means if whatever I say, do, or go he is there partaking in whatever I am doing. That should challenge us to live right in itself. I wonder how many people have harden their heart toward the Holy Ghost working in their life. The Holy Spirt has a work to do in each Christians life. This work is to convict us of things that are not right in our life so we can be more effective for Christ. However whenever we disobey the Holy GHost I believe we harden our hearts. If he tells us to keep doing something and we keep disobeying our growth stops until we obey the Lord. If our growth stops then that means the Holy Spirit is not able to conform us to the image of Christ. Remember that is the ultimate goal in our lives to be conformed to the image of Christ. Now getting to the verse I wonder how many times in this day, or the last week, or the last month that the Holy Spirit has envied to have his place in my life. He wants to control our every thought, every move, and every action we are going to do. He wants to lead us in all spiritual truth but most of all he wants to lead us in all spiritual blessings. He wants to bless our socks off, and most Christians never let him because they are selfish and want to be in control. That is what sin has done to us, it made us to where we wanted to be boss and in control. Sometimes I wished God would just take control regardless of what self wants, and do his will in my life so I don't mess it up anymore than I have. I know this and the Lord is starting to give me more of a hunger this year than ever and that is I want the spirit-filled life. I want to be spiritfilled so I can not boast but that people will be saved as a result of God working in my life. I was reading last night about revivals that have been started with one man. People say it is bad to day. There was a revival that started in a place called "sodom" new york and many people cried out to God. This revival started with one man being filled with the Holy Ghost I am convinced that God wants to send another revival the question is are any Christians really prepared to be the vessel that God wants to use. It takes one person to trully get full of the Holy Ghost for God to use. I know this wets my appetite and I hope all that read this will let it wet there appetite. God has not changed, we have. May the Lord help to take heed to his word and obey this command of being spirit filled. I know I have things I have to get out of my life for God to fill me and I am sure all of us also have things. It would be great to see one more move of God where many people get saved and their lives get changed before we go to heaven. May the Lord bless you till next time.

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Jessica said...

GREAT post Bro. Tim!!