Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Are We Running Well?

Gal 5:7 Ye did run well:

The apostle Paul told the Galatians that at one point in their life they did run well but now they were not running well because they were disobeying the truth. I wonder this morning how many Christians we know started out running well in this race, but now they are not even in the race. The bible tells us to run this race so we can obtained a prize. This prize is the incorruptible crown. We all face things in our life. We all have stumblingblocks that we must overcome to run well in this race. I remember when growing up I ran cross country. I remember a time after I pulled my hamstring I had to run again. THe hamstring was a hinderance to me but I knew that I had to finished the race so I could prove to myself that I could race again. In this Christian LIfe we all face sin issues hopefully not many but we all have are failures. We all have area's in our life that we are strong in by the grace of God and we have area's in our life that we are weak in because we haven't totally given them to the Lord. Another thing that sometimes gets us out of running well is when we get our eyes off of Jesus. The bible tells us to look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. SO many Christians fail to run well because they get their priorities mixed up. They let finances stop them from running well. Sometimes they let friends stop them from running well, and the one that really gets many Christians is they let family stop them running well. This is no excuse but many fall by the wayside because they get distracted by things that they really have no control over in their family. I believe one of the greatest problems in the church and I know in my life is so many times I let the storms of life distract my view of my Savior. The most important thing we can do as Christians is to let Christ have his rightful spot in our lives. He loves us and he died for us and he is our mediator and what he has planned for our life will be alot better than what we have planned. I hope those that are going to read this are running the race well, but if not it is a blessing that all I have to do is get on my knees asked God to forgive and get back to running this race well. Till next time may God bless you.

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Permanent Vacation

This is a little different post today. First I was on vacation from work this week but I promised that I was not on vacation this week. I had to take care of Kassidy all week and though it was challenging it was fun. I haven't got my normal sleep for about a week. So that is why I haven't posted this week. Now to the post I was thinking one day we are gong to get to take a permanent vacation. One day we will leave this world full of sin, and full of hate and go to a home that our Savior has prepared for us. I know we all love family on this earth and we all want to do more for Christ before he comes but I am ready to see Jesus. We have no more flesh, financial, or family problems on this permanent vacation. There will be no more need to work and no need to go through trials on this earth. I know normally when people go on vacation there are not usually resting. It seems like we are more busy on vacation than when we are not vacation. How about the joys one day in heaven. We are going to see the most beautiful things ever made. We are going to see love ones that have gone on before that we miss so dear. We are going to get to talk to the prophets, kings, saints of old. I was thinking we will be able to talk to Noah about the boat that saved him. We may be able to talk to David who slew Goliath. How about the Apostle Peter on the day of Pentecost when all those people got saved. However most of all we will get to talk to Jesus the one who saved our soul. I was thinking of the song When I bowed my knee and Cried Holy one day we will be able to finally do that. The only thing we need to do to go on this vacation is know Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. This is the joy for the Christian. What a joy to know Jesus today. THere will be many that leave this earth that we go to another place and that is the Lake of Fire. While we have time on this earth may we tell as many people as we can about Jesus because we know not the day nor the time He will return and take his bride away. Even so Lord Jesus come quickly as John said. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Being in the Spirt on the Lord's Day

I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day Rev 1:10
The Apostle John is writing this passage of Scripture and remember this is the Disciple Whom Jesus Loved. Tomorrow is the day that we get to go to church and worship the Lord. The sad thing is that 70 percent of professing Christians don't even go to church. A sadder fact than that is probably more than 75 percent that do go to church our not their in the spirit. Remember the Bible tells us that the only way we can worship God is in spirit and in truth. I wonder what would happen if God's people would come to church in the Spirit on the Lord's Day. I know there are several things that I believe we would see. Number 1 is we would see the joy on people's faces. I am as guilty as any other person but when we go to the house of God we should have joy on our faces. All that happen to us is God saved our soul from and eternity in Hell. That is enough for us to have joy from now until we see Jesus but somehow we have given the devil our joy. The second thing that would be different is the presence of God would be so real in our services that we would not know what to do. If we were in the spirit on the Lord's day we would see people saved and come back to God. This is what I long for in my life but I also want to see it in our church. I am tired seeing the same old thing happen in church. Singing songs that most people have no feeling while there singing. Hearing special singing that should be blessing our souls yet we let the pressures in our mind way us down. Then a preacher gets up preaches his heart out yet many times it seems as if it is not changing us. Something is wrong with this. I believe the problem is us as the body of Christ. So how do I get ready to be in the Spirit on the Lord's Day.
I. I Get my heart right with God.
The only way we will ever be in the Spirit is when our sins are confessed to God. I wonder in churches across America how many people have unconfessed sin in their life. It is real easy to be critical of a church when we are not right with God. So much gossip, and so much unforgiveness in our churches that God is no where near the church like he wants to be. The only way we get in one accord is by being right with God as a church.
II. I Pray.
Another way I can be in the Spirit on the Lords day is praying. The problem with this generation of churches is we have the programs, we have the classes, we have the people, we are just missing the power. How do I pray?
1. Pray for you Sunday School teacher.
2. Pray for the Pastor.
3. Pray for one another.
4. Pray for the Service.
Prayer is what brings the power of God down. Prayer is what causes change in a church.
III. I am Obedient in Service.
After making sure I am right with the Lord,and then after I pray, this is all good and fine, but we must then be obedient to the Lord in the church. If God tells us to sing, we need to sing. If God tells us to testify, we need to testify. If God tells us to be quiet we need to be quiet. We need to obey the Lord. If he tells us to go to the altar we need to go to the altar. We must learn to be obedient in all aspects in the service.
In closing with the Lord's day being tomorrow let us to our part in being in the spirit so we can see God do great and mighty things in our midst. Till next time may God bless you.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Children Are an Heritage of the Lord

Ps 127:3 Lo children are an heritage of the Lord;

As many of you know me and my wife are now foster parents to two beautiful girls. The Lord put this verse on my heart yesterday morning before Sunday School almost taught on this verse but the Lord would not give me liberty yesterday. As we read scripture in the Gospels, and other parts of the Bible we see children hold an special spot in the Lord Jesus heart. A little history of me and my wife we have been wanting children from almost the day we got married. We went see specialist after specialist and found out with doctors there was a slim chance we could have children of our own. We then about a little over a year ago started fostering to adopt classes with dfcs. We were officially approved in August. We realize there are kids out there that do not get the love they deserve or their needs met. In my heart this morning I am both sad and glad for what has happen and please don't get me wrong I am very happy with what the Lord has done. I am sad that parents that can have children can't take care of them. They let the things of this world get a strangled hold on their lives and put things above the most precious gift that parents can have and that is children. It is sad to think about all the things children see today that do not grow up in a home of love. They go through the physical, mental and sexual abuse and we wonder why children end up being rapists, murders and pedophiles that is all they know in their life. I am glad this morning that God saw fit to entrust with us the well being of too little girls that we will love and treat like are own, and leave the permanatcy up to the Lord. To close this post for those that have children thank God that he saw fit to give you children, for those that have parents that love the Lord count it a blessing of God because it is not like that everywhere. We asked that all who read this please keep the Ellisons in your prayers. Till next time God bless.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

God is Good all the Time

I went to revival last night and it was a good meeting. Pastor McCoy everytime we go down there at least once a service always has phrase he has people in the congregation say. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. That has stuck with me since we have been going down there to revival. On his website he was talking about his daughter who got shingles and now is in the third stage of shingles and he said that the doctor said take the worse pain you have ever had and times it by 100 and that is how much pain she is in. But still he says God is good all the time. I said something to this effect yesterday and was reminded that God is good all the time. Now I said all the to introduce this thought. It seems as Christians when every thing is alright that we can shout it out. When we are on the mountaintop it seems like we have a joy in our hearts and it shows on our face. When the bills are being paid, and the health is fine and everyone is walking in harmony it is easy to say God is good. However when it seems like we are in a hole finacially which remember God owns everything and can get us out of messes we make we sometimes forget that God is still on the throne. WHen we go to the doctor and we or someone we love gets a bad report whether it is cancer or something else God is still a God that heals and can perform miracles we sometimes seem to forget that he is still good all the time. I remember in my life before I got married that me another girl were talking but she abruptly ended are conversations. The furthest think from my mind was God is good, but now I look back and see how crazy and weird she is, and see how God has blessed me with my wife and I see how now God was good in that situation in my life. Even when we go through heartaches children leave the will of God, people we love turned their back on God, or family members that aren't saved that sometimes we wonder are they ever going to get saved we must remember God is good all the time. Remember this morning we are saved and we are on our way to heaven that should give us enough to shout about from now until eternity. We should have joy in our hearts and on our faces. We let the devil sometimes get a foothold in our life and allow him to dictate our peace and joy. The preacher preached last night on being and encourager. He preached on barnabas which means consolation, or encourager. I am convinced what we need to do is encourage one another in the Lord, and remind each other that no matter what comes in our lives God is good all the time. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Envy of the Spirit

I wanted to post another post tonight since I don't know when I will post after tonight. We have a lot of packing to get done before next Friday. I hope it blesses you.

James 4:5
Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, the Spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?

This is an interesting verse I came across this morning while reading to put something on here this morning. We know the Holy Ghost dwells in us. The church is special in this sense because up to the age of the church the Holy Spirit just came on people for a special purpose. I was thinking about this verse and wanted to give something to challenge us today and maybe this weekend. I know it will challenge me. The Holy Spirit dwells with us. So that means if whatever I say, do, or go he is there partaking in whatever I am doing. That should challenge us to live right in itself. I wonder how many people have harden their heart toward the Holy Ghost working in their life. The Holy Spirt has a work to do in each Christians life. This work is to convict us of things that are not right in our life so we can be more effective for Christ. However whenever we disobey the Holy GHost I believe we harden our hearts. If he tells us to keep doing something and we keep disobeying our growth stops until we obey the Lord. If our growth stops then that means the Holy Spirit is not able to conform us to the image of Christ. Remember that is the ultimate goal in our lives to be conformed to the image of Christ. Now getting to the verse I wonder how many times in this day, or the last week, or the last month that the Holy Spirit has envied to have his place in my life. He wants to control our every thought, every move, and every action we are going to do. He wants to lead us in all spiritual truth but most of all he wants to lead us in all spiritual blessings. He wants to bless our socks off, and most Christians never let him because they are selfish and want to be in control. That is what sin has done to us, it made us to where we wanted to be boss and in control. Sometimes I wished God would just take control regardless of what self wants, and do his will in my life so I don't mess it up anymore than I have. I know this and the Lord is starting to give me more of a hunger this year than ever and that is I want the spirit-filled life. I want to be spiritfilled so I can not boast but that people will be saved as a result of God working in my life. I was reading last night about revivals that have been started with one man. People say it is bad to day. There was a revival that started in a place called "sodom" new york and many people cried out to God. This revival started with one man being filled with the Holy Ghost I am convinced that God wants to send another revival the question is are any Christians really prepared to be the vessel that God wants to use. It takes one person to trully get full of the Holy Ghost for God to use. I know this wets my appetite and I hope all that read this will let it wet there appetite. God has not changed, we have. May the Lord help to take heed to his word and obey this command of being spirit filled. I know I have things I have to get out of my life for God to fill me and I am sure all of us also have things. It would be great to see one more move of God where many people get saved and their lives get changed before we go to heaven. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fearing God

I was thinking this morning on what to put on my post and I believe the Lord has led me to this thought. I asked a question this morning; Do you fear God? The scripture tells us over and over to to fear God Solomon even wrote it is the duty of all man. We know the world don't fear God. I mean you have murder after murder taking place. You have adultery after adultery taking place. You have abortion after abortion taken place, and we can go on and on. The fear of God isn't even preached in most churches anymore. There use to be a time where people would talk about the fear of God. THe fear of God is not being really scared of God but those that are lost should be afraid of what will happen as a result of their sin. The fear of God as more of a meaning of reverencing God. Do we realize that God has no beginning. Do we realize that today he is up in heaven and knows everything we have done or are ever going to do whether good or bad. I believe before we see revival we are going to have to get back to fearing God in our everyday life. The children of Israel stopped fearing God and they went into captivity. The worst thing we can do as a Christian is forget to fear God. So you asked how do I know if I fear God. I have several thoughts. First do you fear God enough to be in his house. He wants us under a man of God preaching the truth to us. Second when you turned that T.V. on do you fear the Lord. Do we even remember that we have the Holy Ghost with us and before we watch something we should remember that God is watching. Most people don't even take that in consideration. How about my conversation does it fear God. Is my conversation godly or worldly? How about my conduct does in fear God. We can go on and on but I wonder when people meet us or people see us do they see that we fear God. The reason most people don't take us serious is because they see nothing different about us. If we feared God like we should people would see a difference in us. I asked again Do you fear God? Till next time God bless.