Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What Will People Say When We Die

Mark 15:39 ANd when the centurion which stood over against himsaw that he so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said Truly this man was the Son of God.

This is after Jesus died on the cross. I was thinking first I am not trying to be warped in my thinking but none of us know when we will leave this earth. It could be tomorrow or it could years from now. Everyday good people, bad people, old people, young people, famous people, poor people, rich people die. Death is no respect of persons. We all will die one day as a result of sin in this earth. However I was wondering when we lay in the casket before a church or at a funeral home I wonder what people will say. I wonder what kind of impact we have had on this earth. There our three groups or people I want to talk about.

I. What will Family Say?
I wonder what our parents would say about us if we were to leave this earth. Would they be able to say they were a blessing while they were on this earth, or would they have in the back of their mind they were such a problem. I wonder our spouse would say. Would they say they walked with God and try to live right or would they wonder if we were even saved. What would children say. Would they say momma or daddy live right or would they say I hope momma or daddy made it to heaven. I would hope that all that read this would have their family say great things about them.
II. What would Friends say?
Our Church friends.
Would they say Bro or Sis live for God. Would they have fond memories of you helping them in their life. Would they remember the times you talked about the Lord. Would they remember if you taught or preached to them that you showed love to them, or would they have to question whether you even made to heaven. Before I go to the last one tonight I hope you realize we infleunce people everyday. What kind of influence we have depends on us. I pray we would all be an good influence on people in our lives it really should make us think about what would be truly say if I left this earth tomorrow.
III. Christ
I wonder what Christ will say once we are dead. I know what he will say to me enter into my kingdom and I believe most that read this know that also, however I wonder if he will say well done thou good and faithful servant. That should be the pray of our hearts. But what about the one that dies without Christ the words from the Lord's mouth will be depart from me I never knew you. Those are the saddest words that anyone will ever hear.
In closing Death is a sobering thought but even more sobering is what kind of influence would I leave behind if I went to heaven today. I hope you ponder on this thought. May the Lord bless till next time.


sis. julie said...

Good post Bro. Tim!! I've thought about this many times. I want my testimony to be such that when I leave this earth by death (if the rapture doesn't come first) I want others to say that I had a testimony of walking with God and that it was obvious that I loved the Lord. I also want it to be evident that I loved my family and always tried to do all I could for them.

ronnie said...

good post!see ya'll