Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I wonder who looks up to us.

This will not be a very long post. I was just looking at Kimberly's website and saw role models part1. The Lord just tug my heart so I figure i would put something up. I thank God that I am saved by the grace of God and I hope that my life shines like the Bible says. Let your light shine before men. Someone is always watching us. It could be are family watching us seeing what kind an example we are to them. It could be people we work with that are watching us. ( That is why we have to be careful we don't lose at work), and it could be people at church that are watching us. I know we are all human and we all make mistakes but we do not know what kind of influence we have on people. The world looks up to worldly people. THey look up to actors, actresses, athletes and I am sure there are many more. I wonder how many people look at us as a role model. I wonder if we have that godly testimony we are suppose to have in every situation. One of the greatest but humblest things is knowing that someone looks at your life as a role model. We must always remember that are life is to make a difference in other people's lives. I know there are several that have look at me in the past as someone they could look up to. THe worse thing we can do is let that person down. I hope that these few thoughts will help us realize someone is always watching. Till next time God bless.

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Michelle said...

Yeah, Ya know you are right. I'm Thankful I have a good testimony..
And we do need to watch how we are where ever we go because some one is watching us!! I just know that that ment alot to me..Have a good day!