Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Coming before throne

Heb 4:16
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

A friend of mine was talking about this verse yesterday and the more you meditate on this verse the more real it becomes to you. I thank God that we don't have to have a priest go to the throne for us. I thank the Lord that when we got saved we had access to the throne of grace. Lets take a look at this verse this morning. The first thing that we see is come boldly. This means to come confidently. When we come to the throne of grace we can come knowing that God will meet us there. We as children of God are given the right not proudly but humbly to go before the throne of grace. The next thing we see is the words obtain mercy. This means to recieve mercy. When we have messed up and failed the Lord we can obtain his mercy at the throne of Grace. How many times as Christians have we been fearful to go to the throne because of sin in our life. The last words I want to look at is find grace. The word is translated discover. WHen we go before his throne we discover grace. We need grace for salvation, but we need grace through every situation in our life. If as Christians we really understood all that grace entails I believe we would live more successful Christian lives. When we go before the throne are part in to be right with him. After we get to throne we should praise God for a little while because is worthy of it. THen we should just bring our petitions to the Lord for others, and ourselves. May the Lord bless you till next time.


sis. julie said...

Good post Bro. Tim. I'm so thankful that I have access to that throne through the blood of Jesus Christ. What a blessing to know that at any point in the day I can have access to that throne. I don't have to wait till the appointed day of the week to go confess like the Catholics do. I can go anytime I want to or need to and meet with God at that throne that gives me all I need.

sis. julie said...

And let me add that how sad it is that the Catholics not only have appointed days but they also confess to another man who is just as sinful as they are and can no more forgive their sins than you or I can.

Jessica said...

What a blessing! That verse is why I love to read the Old Testament! It's neat to read about how much sacrificing they had to do, but Jesus paid the final sacrifice for our sins!! And how they had to go to the High Priest, but we can get on our knees and go before God anytime! I am so gald that Jesus died for us, so that we can come boldly before His throne!!