Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Abundant Life

John 10:10b
I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

The beginning of this verse talks about the thief. We know the thief is our enemy the devil. The devil's purpose for mankind is to either steal, kill or destroy them. He hates us today as Christians. When we trusted Christ it gave him a black eye. His goal is to get us out of the will of God. The sad thing is today many saved people give into the devils plan without knowing it. Now we get this part of the verse. When God saved us he did not save us to live a mediocre life. He wants us to live with the fullness of his blessings. He wants us to live the abundant life. There are many in churches today that are not living this life. God saved us to enjoy life and to enjoy the blessings of life. We can not enjoy life if we are walking outside his will. I was thinking of some ways we can get this abundant life.

I. Abstain from Sin.
We can't live this abundant life if we wilfully sin everyday. God hates sin. We should get as far away from sin as possible. The sad thing is many Christians live on the edge of sin. They call grey area's. There is no grey area with God. His Word means what it says. If he says we can't do something then we can't do it. If he says Therefore to him that knoweth to good and doeth it not to him it is sin. That is what God means. We will never get to the point of perfection but it is my opinion in my life that I can sin less it is just a matter of me being obedient to God's Word.

II. Absolute Surrender.
The reason many Christians have not lived the abundant life is because they have not given God everything. We as Christians choose what parts of our life God can have. Remember if he don't have all then we are sinning against a Holy God. How guilty we are many times in our lives. We sometimes let circumstances dictate our surrender. We sometimes let are feelings dictate our surrender, but most of the time we let our fear dictate our surrender. We are afraid of what God will do with us, but most of all what God may do to us. Before we ever live the abundant Christian life we must surrender all to the Lord.

III. Ask for the Filling of the Spirit.
When we get saved we get indwelled by the Holy Spirit. We get all the spirit we our ever going to get. The filling of the Holy Ghost is the Spirit getting more of us. Now please don't take this critically but we will never reach the abundant Christian life until we get filled with the Holy Ghost. This is how I know that in my own life I continue to strive for this abundant life because I am not a spirit filled believer. When I preach or teach God touches me, but I am talking about a everyday experience. How many times have we got to busy to spend quality time with the Lord. I know I am guilty.

In closing so much more we could talk about but lets realize this there is a more abudant life we can live. If we want it God will give it to us. May the Lord help us to prayerfully consider these things in our life. God bless you till next time.

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Jessica said...

What a blessing! Great post Bro. Tim.