Monday, January 09, 2006

When We Started to Live

IJohn 5:12
He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

This verse has been on my heart since Friday night when we had a youth activity. I was thinking of all those young people and thinking what are they living for. I was thinking some live to be the most popular, or some the most athletic. I was thinking about what I use to live for before I met Christ and it was sports. When it came down to Sunday and I could play sports I did not go to church. Before we get saved we all make mistakes and all have scars that we deal with the rest of our lives. I was thinking the greatest testimony isn't one that a person get saved from drugs, or from alcohol or from immorality but it is a testimony of a person that gets saved at a young age and lives their life for Christ. For those young people that are saved and think they are missing something and are thinking it would be better to be in the world than serving the Lord they are crazy. All that is out in this world is heartache upon heartache. There is fun in sin for a season but after that comes the consequences of losing the trust of people.The day we got saved the Lord change some things in our lives.

Our Purpose Changed.
Before we got saved our purposed was to live for ourselves we didn't care about anyone else as young as we were satisfied but then Jesus saved us and now we have a new purpose and that is to glorify the Lord which he tells us in his word to do. I Cor 10:31

Our Plans Changed
Before I got saved my plans were to go in the Air Force and get a enough money so I could go to law school, but when I started living God changed my plans and called me to go to bible school and called me to be a preacher of the Gospel.

Our Place Changed
Before we got saved we were headed to a place in Hell that we deserved but when we met the Savior we now get to go to heaven. Praise the Lord that I get to go to heaven.

In closing before we got saved we messed our lives up and God saved us and clean us up and now if we allow him he directs us to do his Will. I don't know if I totally got my point across but I thank God that the life I now live is full of joy and peace. May the Lord bless you till next time.

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sis. julie said...

When I think of my life and the changes that God has made in my life I stand amazed. It sure isn't anything I did...I tried to change things in my life before I got saved and could never do it. But once I got saved and God took over my life I found my life changing in so many ways. It had to be God!! I thank God for the changes He has made in my life....I am not what I ought to be but thank God I'm not what I was!! Good post Bro. Tim. Isn't God WONDERFUL!!!