Friday, January 27, 2006

Thought of the Day is being clean

I was just sitting here thinking and asking the Lord what he would want me to put on my post and it is the word clean. This is a little different post than usual but hopefully it will bless someone. I remember when I was growing up that I used to always get dirty. Whether it was I was playing or not I would always somehow manage to get dirt on my me somewhere. There was nothing like taking a nice hot shower and getting the dirt off me. Even now when I work real hard in the warehouse which lately has not been happening lol, I can't wait until I get in the shower and get the dirt off me. I know ladies that are real concern on how there house looks when people come over and they do all they can to clean the house even sometimes I have been in houses that were spotless and someone would say I am so sorry about the house being dirty. In our physical daily activities we like being clean. It should be the same for our spiritual daily life, we should strive to stay clean before the Lord. I wonder how many Christians are walking about with unconfessed sin in their life today. I don't see how people can go years without getting right with God. You just feel so icky when you don't confess your sin. I thank God that over 12 years ago I came to the fountain and I got my soul clean, but I thank God this morning that when I sin against him that I can get that clean feeling all over again when I confessed my sins before him. There is something about knowing that there is nothing between me and my Savior. I pray today that if you are not clean before the Lord that you would do it today our lives would be so much easier knowing that God is happy with us. We need to live I John 1:9 everyday. May the Lord bless you till next time.

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