Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Search Me O God

Psalms 139:23 Search Me O God, and know my heart;try me and know my thoughts.

I was sitting here thinking on what the Lord would have me put on my post this morning and the Lord led me to this verse. What a powerful thought David gives us here. This should be a prayer of all our hearts. I wonder this morning how many people today have fellowship with the Lord. The Lord longs to have fellowship with us today. He longs to hear from us on a daily basis but for us to have fellowship we must be clean before God. THe only way we get clean before a Holy God is to confess our sins on a daily basis. Christians to many times let sin reign in their life and they wonder why their life is a mess. I believe one of the reasons David was a man after God's own heart is because he kept sin out of his life. When God dealt with him he got right. I was thinking of a couple area's that we ought to asked God to search in our lives.

The first area is that of Self. We ought to asked God who has control him or us. God wants to be first in our lives but many saved people let God be second or third in their lives. For us to be the CHristian God wants us to be we must give control up that is hard but it is a neccesity. When we get up every day we choose who is in control us or the spirit if all our honest many times self has control. We have to remember according to the scriptures we have been bought with a price and therefore we are no longer our own.

The second area is Sin. I know most of us don't commit the ungodly things but I am talking about the sins most Christians do commit. THe first is soulwarning(See Mrs Julies Post on this) The area I believe that I am most guilty in is the area of being spirit-filled. This is the command of every Saved person whether young or old God expects us to be Spirit-filled. Remember God knows our heart and he knows that we are not spirit-filled. THis is a desire of my heart but I wonder in my own life am I dedicated and determine to see it come to pass.

THe third area is Service. Lord Search me to see if my service is where it needs to be at. We get the awesome privilege of serving the on the created everything. I wonder first is our motive right in our service for the Lord is because we love him or because we have to serve. I wonder secondly our we faithful in our service to him. It is something we do everyday or is it when the church or preacher is watching. GOd knows how faithful we are in our service to him.

In closing I want the Lord to search me and get all the things that are hindering my walk out so I can be a more productive Christian. I hope this the prayer of your hearts also may the Lord bless till next time.

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sis. julie said...

You are so right Bro. Tim. It is so important to ask God to search us. I do this each time I pray. I want Him to reveal anything in my life that I might have in my life that I dont' know is there. How do we know unless we ask? I too love that verse in the Word of God.