Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Living By Grace

I thank the Lord that I was saved by grace. I am so glad that I don't have to do anything to keep my salvation. A person that gets saved never has to worry about that area in their life ever again. I was thinking of a definition I learned from an preacher I know. God doing something for me, that I can't do for myself that i don't deserve that I can never pay back. I thank God for his grace today not only when he saved me but that he gives me grace everyday. His grace is sufficent and new everyday in our lives. I was thinking of several areas of my life that when I needed his grace he came through again as always I hope these are blessing and a help to you. I was thinking of the family that lost their two children in less than a year and I believe that is why God put this on my heart.

We get grace:

In Death of Loved Ones.
I know this first hand in my life when I could not get comfort from anyone else even though they did the best they could that when I prayed to the LOrd he gave me grace through that hard situation in my life. When we don't think we can make God is sufficent in his grace.

In Discouragement.
Now how many times have you just felt like throwing the towel in. I know in my life it has been few times. Discouragement is a sin, but we all face at one time or the other. I thank God that when I feel like I can't go on, that God gives me the grace to go on in my life.

In Defeat.
How many times have you been defeated either by Sin in your life, or Self having control or Satan just being Satan. You know the reason we God don't activate Grace in our lives many times is because we want to
do things our own way. When we have control then God allows us to do things on our own. When he has control the grace can kick in in our lives I hope that didn't sound dumb. Maybe you get the point.

In closing if there is one thing we should strive to do this next year that is to live by grace each and everyday, and the only this happens is through surrendering all to the Lord. God knows us today and he knows what is
ahead in our lives and he knows how much grace we need it is just a matter of allowing him to be God in our lives. Till next time may God bless.

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Jessica said...

Every time I hear or read that definition of Grace that you gave in this post I start to cry just thinking of all that God has done in my life that I couldn't do for myself! So many things that He has blessed me with that I don't deserve! I love the Lord so much, and could never repay Him for all that He has done for me. Thanks for this post, It was a real encouragement. I love getting on here everyday and reading what everyone puts on their pages, it keeps me focoused on serving the Lord, and seems to make my day go better just reading encouraging things from other Christians.