Saturday, January 14, 2006

It is Time To Stand

I was reading a excerpt on this ungodly new show called the Book of Daniel. This show is repulsive. This show has all kinds of ungodliness in it. The Pastor is a drunk, and smokes and talks to a vision of Christ. THe wife is a drunk there is homosexuality in this show and immorality. This is what the world wants people to think what church people and more less what preachers are like. They want people to think that the church is a joke and that they can still do what they want because the church people do it. Now don't get me wrong I know we are all sinners saved by grace and we can do any sin but to say this is normal is dead wrong. These last few months there as been a great attempt on discrediting Christianity. I believe it is time for us to stand and show that we are not going to be pushed around. We have leaders of churches saying that as long as you believe in God then you will get to heaven. We know this wrong. We have preachers that get up behind a desk in these churches and just preach love and a social gospel while most of their congregation is going to Hell. As long as they don't offend someone then they preach it. The last time I check the Cross is offensive to people. Hell is offensive to people, Sin is offensive to people and we need to preach it. We know that we don't have much time left because their is doctrine for itching ears today in most churches. I believe we need to stand and become as I told someone at work the False Doctrine Equalizer. We need to tell people what they are following is wrong, We need to mark them that are contrary to the doctrine of the Word of God. I wonder how many out there today are willing to go against the grain and preach these people down. I wonder how many that if it came down to going to jail for what we believe would go to jail. I wonder how many out there today would be willing to die for Christ. Are we better than other brothers and sisters in the world that we can't suffer persecution. It is time for the real church to stand and to be counted and to say Jesus is till the way, and He is the only Way. It is time to stand and say we believe in holy, righteous, godly living. That we believe there should be a difference between us and the sinner. To close I asked you will you stand and take the gospel banner and preach against this false perception of Christianity or are we just going to stand back and let them do it. Till next time God Bless.


sis. julie said...

Preach it Brother!!! You sound like you are a bit upset!! I don't blame you. I have heard about this new show they have one tv. I have no desire to watch it even if I could. I'm afraid I'd have to throw a brick at the tv for them portraying Christians like that. I agree. We have got to take a stand for right!! If we don't no one else will. Good post!! You should preach on the subject of standing for right. I think you would have alot to say about it and people need to hear it!!

Jessica said...

I've not seen this show (and don't want to see it either) But from what I have heard about it, you are EXACTLY right. It hurts to know that people are portraying Christians like this, but what hurts even worse is the fact that there are churches out there that really do have "Pastors" that are in sin, and don't live what they preach (and some that don't even preach it!) Thank God for a Good Pastor and good Men of God that will preach the truth!!