Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Are you ready to Move?

I thess 4:16-17

I was just sitting here thinking about our moving day to heaven. I wonder how many people are ready. We are told in the scriptures there is nothing holding the Lord from coming back. As I look around in the world today of what is going on what Christian in their right mind would want to stay here on this earth. To prepare to move from this life to the next we have to be ready. The first thing we must do is make sure we are saved. The only ones that will go to heaven are those that have trusted Jesus and REPENTED of their sins. Many people trust in many things to get them to heaven but we must trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. John 14:6. God wants us to also be right with him when he comes back. I would say today that many will be caught off guard when Jesus comes back. You have the lukewarm, and you have the lazy and then you also have those that just are not right with the Lord. This should be the desire of all our hearts today and that is to know that our heart is right with the Lord. It would be a sad day if when the rapture happen that we had unconfessed sin in our life. Now what do we have to look foward to when we move to heaven. One we have the place of heaven. The gold street, the walls made of jasper, and all the other beauties of heaven. Then we have the people that have gone on to heaven. Those that we loved on this earth that went to sleep here but woke up in a beautiful place. Then of course we have are mansions up in heaven. The greatest thing that when we get to heaven is that we get to see Jesus up in heaven. We get to be with the one who died and gave his life to be my Savior. I asked you today are you ready to move. God bless you till next time.

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