Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Are you ready to Move?

I thess 4:16-17

I was just sitting here thinking about our moving day to heaven. I wonder how many people are ready. We are told in the scriptures there is nothing holding the Lord from coming back. As I look around in the world today of what is going on what Christian in their right mind would want to stay here on this earth. To prepare to move from this life to the next we have to be ready. The first thing we must do is make sure we are saved. The only ones that will go to heaven are those that have trusted Jesus and REPENTED of their sins. Many people trust in many things to get them to heaven but we must trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. John 14:6. God wants us to also be right with him when he comes back. I would say today that many will be caught off guard when Jesus comes back. You have the lukewarm, and you have the lazy and then you also have those that just are not right with the Lord. This should be the desire of all our hearts today and that is to know that our heart is right with the Lord. It would be a sad day if when the rapture happen that we had unconfessed sin in our life. Now what do we have to look foward to when we move to heaven. One we have the place of heaven. The gold street, the walls made of jasper, and all the other beauties of heaven. Then we have the people that have gone on to heaven. Those that we loved on this earth that went to sleep here but woke up in a beautiful place. Then of course we have are mansions up in heaven. The greatest thing that when we get to heaven is that we get to see Jesus up in heaven. We get to be with the one who died and gave his life to be my Savior. I asked you today are you ready to move. God bless you till next time.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Thought of the Day is being clean

I was just sitting here thinking and asking the Lord what he would want me to put on my post and it is the word clean. This is a little different post than usual but hopefully it will bless someone. I remember when I was growing up that I used to always get dirty. Whether it was I was playing or not I would always somehow manage to get dirt on my me somewhere. There was nothing like taking a nice hot shower and getting the dirt off me. Even now when I work real hard in the warehouse which lately has not been happening lol, I can't wait until I get in the shower and get the dirt off me. I know ladies that are real concern on how there house looks when people come over and they do all they can to clean the house even sometimes I have been in houses that were spotless and someone would say I am so sorry about the house being dirty. In our physical daily activities we like being clean. It should be the same for our spiritual daily life, we should strive to stay clean before the Lord. I wonder how many Christians are walking about with unconfessed sin in their life today. I don't see how people can go years without getting right with God. You just feel so icky when you don't confess your sin. I thank God that over 12 years ago I came to the fountain and I got my soul clean, but I thank God this morning that when I sin against him that I can get that clean feeling all over again when I confessed my sins before him. There is something about knowing that there is nothing between me and my Savior. I pray today that if you are not clean before the Lord that you would do it today our lives would be so much easier knowing that God is happy with us. We need to live I John 1:9 everyday. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Church that Makes God Sick

Rev 3:16
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

The Apostle John is writing here from the island of Patmos. God told John to write seven letters to the churches and now we are on the last church. I believe this is the church age we are living in. I often think with all that goes on today in our world and all the professing people that say they love God I wonder how the body of Christ today makes the Lord feel. I mean you have the feel good gospel out there today where God is love and you can to do it within yourself. Lets not preach on hell, sin, or things of that sort. Then we have the Independent Baptist Movement that can't get along. There is more bikering that goes on in our movement that many souls are going to Hell as a result. But I really don't want to talk about that. The Lord tells us that he would rather us to be cold or hot not in the middle but many churches are living in lukewarmness. They have there singing preaching, and praying but after that they go home till they meet again. I call this getting in a rut. What I believe makes God sick is people in churches pretend on the power of God. They shout because they know when they have to shout, or when the Pastor tells them, they testify about themselves, but most of all you got preachers that stand up across our nation whether baptist or not and claim the Holy Spirit is leading us to do this or that. I believe with all my heart that the majority of what we think the Holy Spirit is doing is man motivated. We don't have to fake the power of God. He says he will give it to us if we are clean before him. God wants to move so much in the midst of the church but too many people want to run things instead of letting the Holy Ghost lead them. I asked this morning what has happen to the power of God. People are flocking to the feel good churches because we have lost touch with his power. The church is to self-reliant today. As long as the bills are being paid and as long as we meet for service then that is all that matters. A reason a church is like that is because its members spend in the majority no time with the Lord during the week. We are to busy of a people and most people if they spend any time with the Lord it is maybe a chapter of the Bible and then pray for five minutes and then we expect God to move mightily it does not happen that way. Praying fervently is the only thing that is going to change the church today. I one am tired of having the same old services and I realize I am part of the problem. I want to see God move in the church in a mighty way, but for him to do that I have to get off the fence of being hot one day for the Lord and then the next day fall into lukewarmness. The only way God can move like he wants is for each of his children to get their heart right and then to get in one mind and one accord and then his power will fall. I don't want to just have a church that merely exists but I want to have a church that people know they can come to and find the answer to all their problems. May the Lord help us all to look inside and get the garbage out so the Lord can move in a mighty way through us to help our churches. God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Search Me O God

Psalms 139:23 Search Me O God, and know my heart;try me and know my thoughts.

I was sitting here thinking on what the Lord would have me put on my post this morning and the Lord led me to this verse. What a powerful thought David gives us here. This should be a prayer of all our hearts. I wonder this morning how many people today have fellowship with the Lord. The Lord longs to have fellowship with us today. He longs to hear from us on a daily basis but for us to have fellowship we must be clean before God. THe only way we get clean before a Holy God is to confess our sins on a daily basis. Christians to many times let sin reign in their life and they wonder why their life is a mess. I believe one of the reasons David was a man after God's own heart is because he kept sin out of his life. When God dealt with him he got right. I was thinking of a couple area's that we ought to asked God to search in our lives.

The first area is that of Self. We ought to asked God who has control him or us. God wants to be first in our lives but many saved people let God be second or third in their lives. For us to be the CHristian God wants us to be we must give control up that is hard but it is a neccesity. When we get up every day we choose who is in control us or the spirit if all our honest many times self has control. We have to remember according to the scriptures we have been bought with a price and therefore we are no longer our own.

The second area is Sin. I know most of us don't commit the ungodly things but I am talking about the sins most Christians do commit. THe first is soulwarning(See Mrs Julies Post on this) The area I believe that I am most guilty in is the area of being spirit-filled. This is the command of every Saved person whether young or old God expects us to be Spirit-filled. Remember God knows our heart and he knows that we are not spirit-filled. THis is a desire of my heart but I wonder in my own life am I dedicated and determine to see it come to pass.

THe third area is Service. Lord Search me to see if my service is where it needs to be at. We get the awesome privilege of serving the on the created everything. I wonder first is our motive right in our service for the Lord is because we love him or because we have to serve. I wonder secondly our we faithful in our service to him. It is something we do everyday or is it when the church or preacher is watching. GOd knows how faithful we are in our service to him.

In closing I want the Lord to search me and get all the things that are hindering my walk out so I can be a more productive Christian. I hope this the prayer of your hearts also may the Lord bless till next time.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

It is Time To Stand

I was reading a excerpt on this ungodly new show called the Book of Daniel. This show is repulsive. This show has all kinds of ungodliness in it. The Pastor is a drunk, and smokes and talks to a vision of Christ. THe wife is a drunk there is homosexuality in this show and immorality. This is what the world wants people to think what church people and more less what preachers are like. They want people to think that the church is a joke and that they can still do what they want because the church people do it. Now don't get me wrong I know we are all sinners saved by grace and we can do any sin but to say this is normal is dead wrong. These last few months there as been a great attempt on discrediting Christianity. I believe it is time for us to stand and show that we are not going to be pushed around. We have leaders of churches saying that as long as you believe in God then you will get to heaven. We know this wrong. We have preachers that get up behind a desk in these churches and just preach love and a social gospel while most of their congregation is going to Hell. As long as they don't offend someone then they preach it. The last time I check the Cross is offensive to people. Hell is offensive to people, Sin is offensive to people and we need to preach it. We know that we don't have much time left because their is doctrine for itching ears today in most churches. I believe we need to stand and become as I told someone at work the False Doctrine Equalizer. We need to tell people what they are following is wrong, We need to mark them that are contrary to the doctrine of the Word of God. I wonder how many out there today are willing to go against the grain and preach these people down. I wonder how many that if it came down to going to jail for what we believe would go to jail. I wonder how many out there today would be willing to die for Christ. Are we better than other brothers and sisters in the world that we can't suffer persecution. It is time for the real church to stand and to be counted and to say Jesus is till the way, and He is the only Way. It is time to stand and say we believe in holy, righteous, godly living. That we believe there should be a difference between us and the sinner. To close I asked you will you stand and take the gospel banner and preach against this false perception of Christianity or are we just going to stand back and let them do it. Till next time God Bless.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Walking Out of God's Will

I usually don't do posts back to back but I feel impressed by the Lord to put a short post up today. After conversating with people I started wondering why would someone walk out of God's Will. We have all heard the phrase the safest place to be is in the middle of God's Will. That brings me to a question how many of us are walking in the Will of God today. I mean you know there is no doubt in your mind that you are in the center of God's Will. I asked you to be careful answering that to quickly. God has a perfect will for all of his children that he wants to perform in our lives, however he gives us the choice to obey or not to obey. I am going to preach a message after I study a little bit more on The Dangers of Purposely Walking out of God's Will. I believe this is very dangerous ground to be on. When we know what God wants and we disobey we really are asking for it. I have heard the Lord allowing people to be put on their backs, and I have heard people having bad accidents for God to get their attention. I know people that would rather die, than find themselves back in his Will. That is very sad. I thank God that many times when we walk outside his will he shows how good he is to us, and most of the time that gets us back in his will. However I know God will chastise us when we step outside of his Will and depending on how hard headed we are that depends on the severity of what happens. I hope all that read this today will make sure that they are in his will because if we are walking outside of his will we are outside the hedge that God has for us. You can look at people in the Bible who walked outside of His Will and what happened to them. We look at Abraham who had a child with hagar outside of God's will and now we see the battle going on in the middle east. We look at Jonah who walked outside God's will and the Lord got his attention by allowing him to be swallowed up by a great fish. We look at David who should have been in battle which was God's Will and he stay home and committed adultery, and committed murder and most of all tried to hide it from God. I hope this stirs our minds and our hearts to stay in the center of His Will. May God bless you till next time.

Monday, January 09, 2006

When We Started to Live

IJohn 5:12
He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

This verse has been on my heart since Friday night when we had a youth activity. I was thinking of all those young people and thinking what are they living for. I was thinking some live to be the most popular, or some the most athletic. I was thinking about what I use to live for before I met Christ and it was sports. When it came down to Sunday and I could play sports I did not go to church. Before we get saved we all make mistakes and all have scars that we deal with the rest of our lives. I was thinking the greatest testimony isn't one that a person get saved from drugs, or from alcohol or from immorality but it is a testimony of a person that gets saved at a young age and lives their life for Christ. For those young people that are saved and think they are missing something and are thinking it would be better to be in the world than serving the Lord they are crazy. All that is out in this world is heartache upon heartache. There is fun in sin for a season but after that comes the consequences of losing the trust of people.The day we got saved the Lord change some things in our lives.

Our Purpose Changed.
Before we got saved our purposed was to live for ourselves we didn't care about anyone else as young as we were satisfied but then Jesus saved us and now we have a new purpose and that is to glorify the Lord which he tells us in his word to do. I Cor 10:31

Our Plans Changed
Before I got saved my plans were to go in the Air Force and get a enough money so I could go to law school, but when I started living God changed my plans and called me to go to bible school and called me to be a preacher of the Gospel.

Our Place Changed
Before we got saved we were headed to a place in Hell that we deserved but when we met the Savior we now get to go to heaven. Praise the Lord that I get to go to heaven.

In closing before we got saved we messed our lives up and God saved us and clean us up and now if we allow him he directs us to do his Will. I don't know if I totally got my point across but I thank God that the life I now live is full of joy and peace. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Living By Grace

I thank the Lord that I was saved by grace. I am so glad that I don't have to do anything to keep my salvation. A person that gets saved never has to worry about that area in their life ever again. I was thinking of a definition I learned from an preacher I know. God doing something for me, that I can't do for myself that i don't deserve that I can never pay back. I thank God for his grace today not only when he saved me but that he gives me grace everyday. His grace is sufficent and new everyday in our lives. I was thinking of several areas of my life that when I needed his grace he came through again as always I hope these are blessing and a help to you. I was thinking of the family that lost their two children in less than a year and I believe that is why God put this on my heart.

We get grace:

In Death of Loved Ones.
I know this first hand in my life when I could not get comfort from anyone else even though they did the best they could that when I prayed to the LOrd he gave me grace through that hard situation in my life. When we don't think we can make God is sufficent in his grace.

In Discouragement.
Now how many times have you just felt like throwing the towel in. I know in my life it has been few times. Discouragement is a sin, but we all face at one time or the other. I thank God that when I feel like I can't go on, that God gives me the grace to go on in my life.

In Defeat.
How many times have you been defeated either by Sin in your life, or Self having control or Satan just being Satan. You know the reason we God don't activate Grace in our lives many times is because we want to
do things our own way. When we have control then God allows us to do things on our own. When he has control the grace can kick in in our lives I hope that didn't sound dumb. Maybe you get the point.

In closing if there is one thing we should strive to do this next year that is to live by grace each and everyday, and the only this happens is through surrendering all to the Lord. God knows us today and he knows what is
ahead in our lives and he knows how much grace we need it is just a matter of allowing him to be God in our lives. Till next time may God bless.