Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Test Of Our Spirtuality

A Test of Our Spirituality
James 3:2-10
I was reading a blog I read often about the tongue. If there is one area of my Christian Life I find myself struggling in it is in this area of what comes out of my mouth. We know people that talk about how spiritual they are, and then they backbite or gossip about someone. That little pink member in our mouth causes many problems. We can go to church, read our Bible, pray and things like that but if we don't allow the Holy Spirit to control our tongue then we are CARNAL. The Bible says death and and life our in the power of the tongue. THe Bible says that we are to edify one another. The word edify means to build up. Are you building people up all the time or do you find yourself cutting people down, or gossiping or backbiting? What comes out of our mouth shows how spiritual we really are? Lets talk about the tongue for a minute or two and I pray that if you have learned to allow the Holy Spirit to control that tongue then please pray for those of us who still have a problem. We need to think before speaking in many cases. Now lets look at the tongue.
I. The Tongues Problem.
Now God gave us a tongue for several reasons. He gave us a tongue to produce saliva so food can go down. He gave us a tongue to taste foods. He gave us a tongue to build people up. He did not give us a tongue to curse. Now I know some Christians that are babes in Christ have a problem with this, but those that have been saved for years should not have problems cursing. People say well that is how I am, exactly you are a carnal or worldly Christian. He did not give us tongue to talk about people behind there back. That is gossip. Now how many of us have been guilty of that. Many times we gossip and it don't even bother us, or we don't realize we are doing it. How carnal? Remember the goal is to edify. I learned long ago if you don't have nothing nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all.
II. The Tongues Poison.
The tongue is poisonous. The Bible says animals have been tame, but no man can tame the tongue. It is is full of poison. If we do not learned to yield to the Holy Spirit in this area of our tongue then we will cause much hurt and damage to others. Remember the the goal is to be spiritual, or holy. We will never be what God wants us to be until we learned to give control of our speech up to God. Think for a minute when was the last time you spoke something that you didn't want to. Did it hurt the feelings of someone. If we have a tender heart God will convict us and he will make us to get things right with other people. He will either have us to get right with the person we are talking about or who we cut down, or he will have us get right with those people we told the gossip to.
I will leave it at two points today. We have enough to chew on with those two points. Remember we are to be conforming to the image of Jesus Christ God's Son. The Son of God never gossip, cut down, or hurt people verbally. I believe many who read this blog including the one writing this can definitely use Jesus as our Example and do better in this area.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Reason for the Season

I don' t know how many more blogs I will do before Christmas if any. I am about to be very busy getting ready to go to Ohio. This season again they have been trying to take Christ out of the season. I am all for presents and the Christmas holiday, but Jesus is the reason for the season. As we come to end of another year I have a question What will you Do With Jesus this next year. I know most who read this are saved, but I am talking about our walk with him. I know I have failed the Lord much this year, but I also have seen victories in my life this year. I have three questions for you to ponder on going into this next year. These same questions I am asking myself also.
I. Will you Worship the Savior?
If there is one area that I am trying to do better in and that is worship. You say well I go to church that is great. I am talking about private worship. I am talking about adoring the Savior. The only way we worship is in spirit and in truth we have to be right with God. We should try to start everyday out right with God.

II. Will you Witness to the sinner?
I failed miserably in this area this last year. I talked to people about the Lord but I sure didn't give the plan of salvation out like I should have. If this next year we were to go home to heaven through the rapture how many people do you know need Jesus. Would you try to reach them with the gospel? Since we do not know when Jesus is coming back we should try to reach as many as we can. I read something the other day. There are over 200,000 people that die in this world a day. If ten percent were saved then 180,000 burn in Hell. We may not be able to reach the world at one time, but we can reach a neighbor, relative, or coworker with the gospel. That is all that is going to matter when we leave this earth. Money, and houses, and cars will burn up, but those we reach with the gospel bring a eternal reward. I thank God I have been able to lead people to Christ,but I could do more.
III. Will you Work in Service?
The last question is what can you do to help your church be a more sucessful church. Can you be more faithful? Can you teach? Can you Sing? God did not save us to sit on a pew, he expects to be doing something in the church. There are some things I let slip at the end of the year in my church that by God's grace we are going to do better starting next year. I want to do more with our young people. They are the future of the church. I need to sing more next year in our church whether solo or with my wife, or with a group. I mean I want to be obedient to my Savior and what he wants me to do in my church. Are you a help or a hiderance to your pastor?
To close three questions we need to answer. Prayefully consider what the Lord would have you to do. If I don't post anymore this year which I will try to and for those I won't see. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Till next time God Bless You.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Trying of Faith

The Trying of Faith
I Peter 1:7
That the trial of your faith being much more precious than gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour, and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.
As I start this post I believe today that we are going through one of the biggest trials of our faith. The devil has already whispered to me God don't love you, if he did you he wouldn't put you through what you are going through. First I want to thank God that he loves me uncondionally, second I want to say God is sovereign he knows what we are going through and he is going through it with us.
Most people have little faith. If there is one area that I struggle in it is trusting God through every circumstance in my life. It is easy to trust God when everything is alright. It is easy to praise him when you are on a mountain, but most of our lessons are learned when we are in the valley. I have learned many lessons in the valley. Sometimes going through the valley is not fun, but when we learn our lesson in the valley in makes us a better Christian. I see some points in this verse that I want to look at for a few minutes.
I. Trials Will Come
You can mark in down if you are a child of God trials will come. It was once said that you are entering a trial, ending a trial, or in the middle of a trial. God wants us to trust him whole-heartily. This is hard sometimes so he allows us to go through a trial so he can show is glory to us.
II. Trials are Precious.
First when you go through a trial it shows you know God. Second when you go through a trial you have the sweet holy spirit of God inside of you that if you will let him he will help you through the trial.
III. Trials will bring honour and glory to God.
I thank God for I Corinthians 10:13 God will not allow us to be tried more than we can handle. SO you can mark it down what ever you are going through today is one ordained of God, two you can handle it with the Holy Spirit leading you.
In closing many times the reason we go through things is so we can get our eyes off of the circumstances or the problems and fix our eyes upon the Savior. The sad thing is many Christians run from the Savior when if we get our eyes on him he may not take the trial away, but he will go through it with us, and as long as we got Jesus on our side I can go through anything he wants. May God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quenching the Spirit

I Thess 5:19
The word quench has the meaning of putting something out. For instance putting a fire out or another example is quenching a thirst. To put the thirst out. We must understand that the Holy Spirit is very sensitive. I know I have been guilty of quenching the spirit before, and sadly to say I will probably be guilty of it again in my life. God gave us the Holy Spirit first as a promise of our salvation, but also as a help in time of need. He gave us the spirit to guide and direct us everyday in our lives. It really comes down to one thing with the Holy Ghost do we obey him or do we not obey him. The also talks about grieving the Holy Ghost I will probably put that lesson up later because I am teaching that this week in SUnday School. How do we quench the Holy Ghost thanks for asking I will tell some ways we quench the HOly Ghost.

I. By not Testifying in Church, or by Testifying when we are not suppose too. I have been guilty of both of these in my life. When the Holy Ghost moves upon our heart to testify we don't know who it is for. It could be someone struggling with salvation, and you give a testimony and that person trust Christ. It could be a brother or sister in Christ that is going through something that you have gone through. As bad as not testifying is testifying when you are not suppose to is as bad. I have seen the Holy Spirit quench by someone testifying when they were not suppose too.

II. By not going to the Altar. I know we don't have to go to the altar everytime but when the Holy Spirit deals with our heart and tells us too and we do not then we have quench him. Again I have been guilty of this in my own life.

III. By not singing or singing when you are not suppose to. I believe God wants things in order and but in the same way he may want someone to sing a special for his presence to show up, and if he don't then it will quench the spirit. If someone sings and they are not suppose to they can quench the Holy Spirit.

IV. By preaching or not preaching the Word of God as a Pastor. I have seen preachers preach when the Holy Spirit had already did his work and it quench the service. I have also seen when the Holy Ghost has touched the Pastor to have someone else preach and them not obey and the Spirit being quench.

To Close we have all been guilty of quenching the Holy Spirit. Our hearts desire should be to obey the Spirit all the time. Till next time God Bless You

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who Did Hinder You?

Who Did Hinder You?
Galatians 5:7
Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth.
Paul tells the Christians they did run well. We live in a Christian World that many people have quit on God. They start out on a house of fire just to die off at the end. It is sad to me to see saints of God that live for God all their life and then at the end not finished the race. When things start getting harder at a church instead of sticking with the church they go down the road to another church. I wonder how are you running today. Are you running 100 precent for God or are you half empty. There are some things that will hinder us from running well. I don't only want to be said to have started the race but I want to be able to say I finished it to the best of my ability. I hope you will be willing to say the same.
I. Family sometimes Hinders Our Race.
Sometimes we have to go against family to run well. There are things that my family don't understand that I believe. They don't understand why my wife don't wear pants. They don't understand why we believe in going to church over family functions. Praise God that is right!! When you decide to run well more time than nought their will be family that opposes you. Even Christians in the family.
II. Finances sometimes Hinders Our Race.
YOu know we have to have money but sometimes I believe we put to much stock in money. I mean God says he will take care of us if we seek him first. I know people who finances got out of whack and they stop taking care of the house of God and slid out the back door of the church.
III. Flesh sometimes Hinders Our Race.
The flesh is our worst enemy. He wants control of our lives. He wants to tell us what to do and when to do it. As a preacher of the Gospel of Christ I get so tired of the wicked flesh, but I have to agree with Paul I do things that I really don't want too, and don't do the things I really want to. I one will be so glad when Jesus comes and takes us out of this world so we don't battle it anymore. The only way to be successful as a Christian is to die daily to the flesh. This is something that all that want to be spirit-filled must do.
Foes sometimes Hinders Our Race.
The devil will put everything possible to hinder our race. The devil hates us and really would like to see us dead, but if he can get us to focus on our circumstances and a Christian instead on a God who can, he will hinder us. Not only the devil those that the devil uses for us to lose our testimony whether in our family, at work or even at church can hinder us from running the race.
To conclude when we stand before the Lord on that day, and we are rewarded will he say Ye Did Run Well, or will he say you ran you race to the best of your ability. Till next time God Bless.

Friday, November 10, 2006

God is in Control

We serve a soverign God. He knows everything that is going on today in this world. We understand the kings heart in is in the hand of the Lord. As we see this week the democrats take over the Congress one has to be excited that we are about to leave this world. Of course my opinion is they are all the same. They say one thing on the outside and another when they are behind closed doors. We understand that everything is pushing toward that one world government. I believe Bush has one of the hardest jobs in the world. I believe he tries to do his best, but I also believe his agenda is out of this world. NOw I was thinking God is not surprised by anything that is going on today in this world. God wants to be in control of our lives also but he will not force himself on us. He will allow us to have our free will, and will allow us to make our dumb mistakes, but thank God that after I make those dumb mistakes he is there with opened arms to welcome me back in. I wonder how much control does God have in your life. Is he your everything? Have you divorce public opinion, and decided not to live for the applause of men but that you are everyday trying to please the Lord. Oh I know that my life don't always please the Lord because we are reminded that the only thing that pleases God is faith, how often we doubt the Lord in our life. We trust God with our salvation. I mean we are going to heaven there is nothing that can change that. We have given him control in that area of our life the day we realized that without him we would go to Hell. But how often we fail to realize that God is in control of our everyday life if we will allow him to be. When it comes to God being number one in our life, we have believe him by faith. Listen the bible says whatsoever is not of faith is sin. I wonder when was the last time we got on our knee's and confessed to our God that we doubt him and that we are sorry for doubting him. Maybe those that read this have great faith if you do praise God, but I believe most will have to say that their faith does waver sometimes. NOt a normal post with alot of scripture but hopefully something that you will think about this weekend. I don't know how many come by and read my posts but for those that do. Thank You and I hope you get a blessing when you read them. May God bless you till next time.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Wallowing in the Hogpen

I put this on my xanga site, but I figured I would put on this site also.

Wallowing in the Hogpen
Luke 11:11-25
The story here is of the prodigal son. We all know the story and we all may have been in this place at one time or another. We can take this from two perspectives. We can take from a lost perspective which I do not believe the Scripture is talking about here or we can take from a backsliding perspective. This is the perspective I want to take it from today. We all have backslid at from time or another is our Christian Walk I would venture to say that most who read this post are probably backslid one way or another. Backsliding is I am not as close to the Lord as I once was. I have not been where I need to be with the Lord for a couple of days. I was listening to a song and the Lord convicted me. The name of the song is Lord your the Best Thing. In my life he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope he is in your life. But lets look at a couple of things and hopefully you will ponder them and obey the Holy Spirit.
The Son's Rebellion
We remember that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. The Prodigal son asked his father for his inheritance and the father let him have his will and went his own way. The same with us God will let us do what we want but we must always remember their are always consequences to our way.
He Rebelled against the Fathers Ways
He Rebelled against Fathers Word.
We rebell when we do not obey the still small voice inside of us. The Holy Ghost indwells us and that is his job. The son has really made a mess of himself in this passage. He has wasted everything and that is what we do when we do not live in God's Will We waste talent, time, treasures out of his will. Our father knows best.
The Son's Repentance
He repented. This is a word that is not used very much in our churches but it is in the Bible. The son came to himself and realize where he was at. He realize he made a mess and remember his father and said I will be a servant to my father instead of a son. Oh let me take time to shout on this one I thank God that no matter how far I go he is there willing to give me another chance. I would never give me another chance if I was God. He loves us and only wants the best for us. If we have walked outside his will either publically or in my case most of the time privately he is there always waiting for me as long as I repent from what I have done. Child of God understand the devil wants to lie to you and tell you God don't care about you, and God will never forgive you but I am here to tell you always forgives his child.
The Son's Restoration.
He came to the father and the father got the best things for him. A robe, ring shoes for his feet. God never puts us second as long as we do our part we are always able to fellowship with the father again. I asked you friend how is your fellowship today. If it isn't like it once was you must get it right. You must repent and the father will restore you. One of my favorite verses in Scripture is I John 1:9.
In closing you don't have to be in deep sin to be away from God. If you have unconfessed sin, if you haven't prayed, if you haven't read. You are away from God you must get this right or you will find yourself drifting away from God and most of the time in the hogpen.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mocking God

Gal 6:7
Be not decieved; God is not mocked.

What a powerful verse we find here in the Word of God. The strongs concordance says mocked me treated with contempt. I am reminded when some one is found in contempt they disregard the judges orders. We live in a world today that things they are getting by with things but one day they will stand before a Holy God and give an account of their life. The abortion doctors, the sodomites, the fornicatiors will all give account and sadly they will be met with a judgement of the Lake of Fire. I don't want to stay on lost people because I want to get to the meat of the thought today.

I want to deal with Christians. How often have we mocked God in our own life. I am ashamed to say I have mocked God. How do we mock God in our life.

By Disregarding the Scriptures.
When God shows us something in his Word and we do not obey I believe we are mocking God. God shows us things to get out of our life, or to put into our life. How many times have we just took the scriptures whether in devotion or when a man of God preaches and say he don't mean me. How sad but how true.

By Disregarding the Spirit.
How many times have quenched or grieve the Holy Spirit? You know the verses after this talk about sowing and reaping. When we do not walk in the spirit we reap corruption in this flesh. It will happen everytime. But when we do walk in the spirit we reap life. We reap peace of God, the presence of God, the protection of God.

Now for the greatest way we show contempt I believe.
By Disregarding Surrender.
The Bible tells us in Corithians that we not our own we our bought with a price. The Bible tells us in Romans that we are to present our bodies a living sacrifice unto God. The Lord died for my sins, he gave me his Holy Spirit, and everytime I live my life for myself I am showing contempt.

I pray you take these simple thoughts the Lord has given me and muse upon them. The Lord spoke to my heart as he gave them to me. I pray that when I show contempt in my life that the sweet Holy Spirit will show me and I will repent because I know I don't want to reap the corruption of that contempt. May God bless you till next time.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Someone Cares

I Peter 5:7 Casting all you care upon him; for he careth for you.

I haven't real faithful in updating my blogger the last couple of months, I have a dry period.

I remember growing up that sometimes I wondered if anyone care for me or about me. I know I hear the phrase many times from people you just don't care. Sometimes humanly speaking people can get to the point where they really do act like they don't care. I know in my life I have been to the point I just didn't care anymore. When we go through the valleys people sometimes just don't understand us. Instead of praying sometimes Christians in general can do more harm than good. We all sometimes get to the point to where we wonder if our spouses care about us, or our kids care about us, or our relatives care about us, or our friends care about us. I have had friends close to me forsake me. I have had family that when I have been at my lowest it seem like they push further down in the valley. Have you been there, or at least felt like I have. Now to the good part I am so glad that I know someone who really does care for me. I mean inspite of my failures and my weaknesses he cares for me. I don't have to earn his love, he loves me just like I am. I am glad that when I wasn't looking for him he showed how much he really did care for me. He came my way and gave me a peace that passes all understanding. People today reject that name, they curse that name, and they are so empty. I am so glad that when I am at a point to where I wonder if anyone cares I don't have to wonder very long when the sweet holy spirit whispers and says I know someone cares about you. His name is Jesus. I know a little different post but this is what was on my heart. Maybe someone needed it. Remember cast all your care upon him for he careth for you. Have a good weekend and until next time God Bless.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trying instead of Trusting

John 15:5 I am the vine ye are the branches: He that abideth in me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

As I start this post I am so glad that God knows how to keep his children right with him. I am so glad for the times that if I can use a phrase God hits you with a ton of bricks. I have been saved for 13 years I know I am not what I need to be but I thank God I am not what I use to be. I am so glad that he saved me by his marvelous grace even though he knew what I would be. That is a Wonderful God. Now to the post I know when I first got saved that I tried to earn God's love. I thought the more I did for him the more he loved me. What a wonderful day when I realize it didn't matter what I did God loved me. This Christian Walk gets difficult sometimes. I mean when roadblocks that sometimes we don't understand get in the way. I know in my life I want to do my best for my Lord. I want him to have full control in my life. I want him to be please with me. That should be the heart of every Christian that they are pleasing the master, but as a Christian sometimes I have to admit that I try to live this life through my strength. I try to read my Bible in my strength even though I realize the only way I will get something is if God shows me and I trust it by faith. I try to pray instead of trusting God to meet with me in prayer sometimes I just get impatient and get into a rut in my prayer life. I try to obey the Bible which in myself I can not do. You remember Paul said that their was nothing good in his flesh, and I realize as long as I continue to live my life without giving total control of every area to God then I will continue to just try to live this life. I know that God wants so much for our lives today that we will never see until we stop relying on ourselves. The reason we get in a mess in our trials sometimes, is because we try to get out of the trial with our reasoning. I believe this Christian Life that we live is the greatest life that can ever be lived ,but I believe that if we relied more on Him and abide in him that we wouldn't have so many bumps along the way. While I am on that sometimes we try to meet the needs of our spouses and our children which is our nature, but I believe God wants us to trust to meet the needs of our family. I asked you simply today I know most who read my posts are saved so I know you are trusting in Jesus for your salvation, but I leave a question that each of us need to answer in our heart. I we trying to live this Christian Life or are we trusting God to live his life through us. Please think about and obey the Holy Spirit. Until next time May God bless you.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

When God Shows Up

This is a message I preached when our Pastor was sick, it seem to help our church so I pray it helps those that read it. We need this in our churches, and in our lives.

I Kings Chapter 8-12
God showed up to Moses and he shined to where he needed a veil. Exodus 33:18-25
God showed up to Isaiah and in Chapter 5 he saying Woe is Others, but Chapter six when God showed up he said woe is me.
God's GLory departed Israel in I Samuel Chapter 4 because the ark was taken.
How we must have God's Glory in our Lives. If we do not have God's Glory showing up then we are missing it. We must have God's presence everyday of our lives.
I. We need his Presence in Our Hearts.
I know we are saved, but we need his presence in our hearts everyday. When God Shows Up things change.
A. Sins Confessed. If we are going to have God's Presence in our life then we are not going to be able to keep sin in our life. God hates sin.
B. Self Crucified. We need to crucify the flesh everyday. If are controlled by the flesh then God will not show up in our life.
C. Spirit in Control. When God Shows Up the Spirit will have free reign in our lives.
II. We need his Presence in Our Homes. Ephesians 5:22-31
Husbands to be Spiritual Leader. If the Husband is not the Spirtual Leader in home, God will not show up.
Wifes to Submit. I have found when the Husband takes the lead in the home, most cases the wife has no problem submitting.
Children to be Suborninate.Ephesians 6:1-3
A child, teenager, or young adult can not be right with God if their relationship with their parents is not right. I have know many young people that didn't everything right concerning their relationship with God, but missed it with their parents. THey will not have God's presence if that relationship is not right.
III. We need his Presence in the House of God.
A. Sinners will repent.
B. Sliders will get right. If you are not closer to God today than yesterday you have backslid and you need to get it right.
C. Saints will be revived.
Praying for others to be saved, or other to get right. This is an element missing in our churches. How often do u pray for your preacher, for the members of your church.
IN Closing I pray that you want God to show up, if you do get right with him and beg for his presence in your life.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Desires of the Heart

Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

As we end another work week, and start are weekends I want to just give us a thought to ponder. Now I know the Bible says in Jer that are heart is deceitful and who can know it. But I wonder if people would look into my heart what they would see. We all have our faults and are failures but I wonder if people would see a heart that wants to serve Jesus. The Bible says in Proverbs keep thy heart with all diligence. That word keep means to guard our heart. Now this verse say if we delight he will give us the desire of our heart, but i wonder what desire we have in our heart. I just have a couple of thoughts this morning.
I A desire to be clean.
Is there a desire in our heart to not sin against God. DO we have desire to keep our sins confessed to him. Remember sin seperates our fellowship from God. David said renew within me a clean heart. I am so thankful that Jesus washed my sins away and my sins our remembered no more, but I am also thankful that when we messed up that we can go back to him and confess our sin and start with a clean slate again. Would we find a heart that desires to be clean.
II. A desire to be consistent. I have been saved for 13 years and one thing that bother me is saved people not being consistent. Are we consistent in going to the house of God? Our we consistent in our Bible Reading? Our we consistent in our Prayer Life. I have to admit that the last couple of months these things have slipped in my life. I still read and pray but not like I use to. We are going have are valleys, but will we be consistent in those valleys is the question.
III. A desire to be Consecrated.
If people would see our heart would they see a Christian that is consecrated to the Lord? This is what pleases God. If we are not then we do not please God. He expects to consecrate our lives to him. I know Christians that say the right things, and do the right things but they have not consecrated their lives to God.
IV. A desire to be Compassionate.
Do we have compassion for people. I remember a preacher saying that compassion is your hurt in my heart. Do we have a compassion for lost souls? Do we have compassion on those that are hurting that are brother and sisters in Christ. I know I can be more compassionate to others. The Lord is teaching this in my life.

I really wanted to have a positive post this morning but it seems like the Lord wanted to use me in a different way. Would the Lord help us to have these thing as desires of our hearts. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Are we Really Dead?

Galatians 2:20

As I sit here this morning at right this post I have been pondering this thought since I taught in Sunday School yesterday. Paul tells us in the scriptures that he died daily. I believe that is why Paul was used so mightily in the scriptures. I believe for us to live the life that Christ has for us we must learn to die daily. The problem with the church this day is there are too many alive people in it. I know this is an area that I must work in my life. I fail in this area too much in my life. There is too much of of me and not enough of Christ. The verse above talks about being crucified when Jesus was crucified he died. If we go to a funeral home today and see a dead body. It has no emotions, attitudes, say-so. It is dead. THe way we become fruit bearing Christians is when we die to self. As long as I am in control Christ can not do what he wants to in my life. The bible says we are no longer our own we are bought with a price. That means when I take my life back and live for myself I am robbing God. There are lot more people robbing God this way than with their money. I want to give a couple of things and let you ponder on them and maybe the Lord will challenge you as he has challenge me.
I. In Attitudes.
When I get an attitude with someone I am not dead. This is one that I have to work on daily. God expects us to have a christ-like attitude all the time not just sometimes. If we don't have a Christ-like attitude then we are in SIN. That is a hard pill to swallow as a preacher but it is so true. When I blow my top at work then I am not dead to self.
II. In Arguments. WHen you get in a disagreement with someone and it turns into an argument then we are not dead. The next time we start arguing with are spouse, parents, or brother or sisters let us remember that we are not dead. This is hard teaching but this is truly how we live a victorious Christian Life. God expects us to give him glory with are life.
In Closing we need people to see Christ in our life. The world has seen to many Christians live just like they do. They need to see someone that is different in their life. The only way people will see something different is when we are dead to self and allow the fruit of the spirit to be evident in our life. Please examine yourself and see what the Lord would have you do in this area of Crucifying the flesh. May God Bless till next time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Whose Mind do You Have?

Phil 2:5
Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.
I know the passage of scripture is talking about the humbling of the Son of God, but I want to go at in from a standpoint of what Jesus thinks about certain things. I hope it challenges us to have a mind that God is please with. I understand this morning that the battle is for our minds. Most saved people have a distorted view of what God thinks about certain things. I want to have a mind that is centered on Christ, and on his Will. The only thing that will matter when we leave this earth is what we done with the Son of God, and what we done for the Son of God. Lets look at a couple of thoughts this morning.

What Christ thinks about Sin.
First understand he loves the sinner. However he hates sin. Christ hates when his bride sins against him. To many saved people have become friends with sin. They walk in sin and become numb to its effects. The word says that the wages of sin is death. We will die in this body because of the effects of sin on our life. We need to get a passion about us of hating sin.

What Christ thinks about Souls.
He died for souls. The reason he came to earth is to bridge the gap between God and man. He is our mediator. He gave his life as a sacrifice for souls. We need to be willing to sacrifice money, time, and talents to reach the lost. Remember what II Peter 3:9 says THe Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to usward, not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance.

What Christ thinks about Servantitude.
Look at John 13 he showed a great picture of what we should be doing as Christians. He washed the disciples feet. Now that is a humbling experience, but this is the king of Glory doing this. God has called all us to love one another as he loved us. He expects us to serve one another on this earth. Being a preacher of the Gospel I realize I am to be a servant to the church. I am to try to help the pastor but I am to help the church. God puts each of his children in the church to be a help to one another. If we neglect this responsiblity we can not be right with God. I hope and pray you that you have servants heart if not you need to pray for God to give you one.

Whose Mind do you Have? Christ or Yours. Till next time God bless

Friday, September 15, 2006

He is Worthy

Revelation 5:9 And they sung a new song saying, though art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof.

I know this passage of scripture takes place in heaven. And I know it precedes the opening of the tribulation. What a glorious time it it will be when we get to heaven. When we get to worship the one who died for us and gave his life for us. Before I get to the thought we are worthy of death, and hell, and the grave. We are not worthy for what the Lord has done for us. Even after we have been saved we have made a mess of things in our own life that God could have given up on me a long time ago. But thank God as Mrs Julie put for His unending mercy. I was thinking this morning about how worthy he is. I want to give a couple of thoughts and then let you muse upon them and hopefully they will be a challenge and a blessing to those that read this.

I. He is Worthy to be Persude.
He is worthy for me to go after him. He is worthy for me to make him my all in all as Paul said in Colosians. He is worthy for us to follow him with all our heart, soul, and mind. I know I could persue in more in my life this morning. I know I can love him more this morning, I know I can follow him more this morning. I know I could be led by him more this morning.

II. He is Worthy to be Pre-eminent. Col 1:18
He is worthy to have first place in my life. He is worthy to have in over the following areas of my life.
A. My family. I love my wife and two foster daughters. I love my parents and in-laws,but if he don't have first place over them then he is not where he is suppose to be.
B. My Friends. I love those that I call friend. I thank God for the friends I have now. How they lift me up and help me to stay in the narrow way, but he must have first place over my friends.
C. My Focus. I know in my life I have a tendency to focus on the circumstances in stead of the Christ. The reason we don't have peace sometimes is because our focus in wrong. Is 26:3
D. My Fun. I love to have fun and love to have good etertainment, but if he is not first place in the area of fun then I have missed it. It is so much better when you can have fun with Christ the center of the fun. Too many Christians keep Christ out of the fun part of their life.

III. He Is Worthy to be Praised.
The thing that lacks in many Christians lives is this area of Praise. We praise when everything is alright, but when we get sick, or have no money, or someone dies our praise sometimes lacks. It would do some Christians good to let loose and let God be God in their life.
A. From where he brought from.
B. From where I am at. By his grace he has brought me along way.
C. From where I am going. We get to spend eternity with the Savior.

To CLose how is worthy this morning. Has he been worthy enough this morning for you to spend time with him? Is he worthy enough to to you that you would give your life completely to him? Till next time God Bless you.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why do people make multiple professions?

This will be a different post today. I hope to get plenty of feedback on this post. I was thinking about this morning after finding out two more people that I used to go to church with have made another profession. I am not saying whether that is good or bad. What i am saying is our bible tells us that we may know we have eternal life. I John 5:13. I wonder how many in our churches today truly know they have eternal life. Now to get back to the post I am not talking about one that makes a profession and has no fruit behind their profession. I am talking about one that gets saved lives for God and then two or three years they make another profession. Why do people have so much trouble believing what God said? He said Whosoever calls upon his name shall be saved. I remember is my own life where I made a private profession of faith after I got saved. I remember struggling with doubt. Doubt is real in many Christians lives. What causes people to doubt their salvation. Well sinful living should cause people to examine theirselves. If a person lives in sin and gets away with they should check up. However I am not talking about that kind of person. Let me put something else in before I go on. You have those that seem like they are living for God get saved, but then you got those that take God's name in vain, never go to church, never read the bible, never pray and you asked them and they say they know they are saved. That is what boggles my mind this morning. I am talking about the ones that I have seen get faithful, get into Gods Word, and have a prayer life and they make another profession. I believe in churches sometimes our emotions can get the better of us. A preacher preaches and people start getting saved and sometimes someones emotions can start bothering them into another profession. Sometimes people make another profession because their salvation testimony don't line up with other testimonies in the church. God saves the same way, but he sometimes goes deeper down to get some. Some he saved from an early age before they get messed up, but some he has to saved after they have scarred their lives, but thank God he still saves the same way. By his blood. I know I made two public professions of faith one when I was 12 years old which was without conviction, and one when I was 17 years old that I remember the conviction. So I asked you this morning why do you believe people make multiple professions of faith. I look forward to hopefully seeing your answers. May God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Worth of A Soul

I tried to put this post up yesterday but it not let me. I was thinking about this yesterday. I wonder if we really have ponder the fact of what someone's soul is worth in the eyes of God. I know I don't witness like I should but I do try to give the gospel to people. I was sitting in the warehouse yesterday and started to think about the people I work with and realized that many are going to Hell. Not that I have not tried to talk to them about the Lord, but believe as long as they go to church and try to do good God will let them into heaven. It is very difficult to witness to those because the devil has blinded their eyes. NOw lets look at a couple of things that I hope encouraged us but also move us to do more in this area of telling the lost about Christ.

I. What is a Soul Worth to God?
It was worth is only begotten son Christ. Remember Jesus was at the beginning and created all things according to Col 1:16. This was the first time that Christ was away from the father. A soul was worth God allowing his Son to come to this earth and die for the souls of man.

II. What is a Soul Worth to the Son of God.
It was worth his blood. He shed his precious blood on the cross of Calvary. It was worth being spit upon, and smoted in the face. It was worth him getting his beard plucked out. It was worth them taking the cat of nine tails across the back multiple times to where you could see his insides. It was worth them taking nails and nailing his hands and feet to the cross. It was worth every laboured breath he took as he was on the cross. What love the Son of God showed us on the Cross. He died for the souls of the whole world. What a great Savior.

III. What is a Soul Worth to Christians?
A. Is it worth us taking the time out of our life to try and talked to someone about Christ.
B. Is it worth putting in a little more time of prayer praying for lost loved ones, of co-workers or just people we know that need Christ.
C. Is it worth us shedding some tears as the Bibles tells us in Ps 126:5-6 to see someone trust Christ. ONe thing that is missing in most Christians lives is weeping for lost souls. I know I am guilty of this in my own life.
In closing I believe if a soul is worth Christ dying on the cross then it is worth me trying my best to reach one soul for the cause of Christ. I hope this challenges us. May God bless you till next time.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Trials Are Good for Us

I normally try to do different posts on my two sites but I really impressed today to put this on both sites. I almost preached something on this last night but could not get liberty on this thought. This is something we all will either now or later need.

Trials are Good for Us.
I Peter 4:12
Beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to TRY you as thought some strange thing happened unto you.
What a subject we will try to tackle this morning. This is something that all who read can relate too. We all go through trials no matter what age we are. It was said a long time ago that we are entering a trial, in a trial or leaving a trial. My title don't sometimes make since but the truth of the matter is trials really are good for us. ONe thing we know is if we go through trials then we are a child of God. The one man in the Bible we can learn much from about trials is Job. He got attack in all areas at one time.
We have Physical Trials. Health issues.
We have Family Trials.
We have Financial Trials.
Job had the right answer The Lord giveth and he taketh away blessed be the name of the Lord.
I would like to give a few thoughts this morning about trials, and I hope they are a blessing and a help.
I. The Reason for Trials.
We have Self-Brought Trials. When we don't listen to God sometimes God has to bring trials in our life for us to get right with him. I believe many ways God chastens us is to bring trials in our life.
We have God-Brought Trials.
God also brings trials for us to get closer to him. Remember we are to conform to the image of Christ our Savior. God wants us to reflect his son. Therefore he brings trials in our lives.
Why Trials?
1. To build our faith. We have trials so we can lean more on God and less on ourselves.
2. To bring honor on glory to God. The whole point of trials is for God to get the Glory.
II. Our Reaction to Trials.
1. We can run away and turn our back on God. I pray none of us will do this but their have been many good saved people that have done this in their life. They can not handle the pressure of the trial so therefore they crack under pressure.
2. We can praise God through the trial. No matter what we go through we can still praise God. He loves us and he knows what is best for us.
In closing thank God he may not get rid of the trial when we pray but he will go through the midst of our trial with us. So when you look back in your life you realize that trials really were good for us. Till next time God bless you.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Please Pray

Hello I know it has been a while since I have blogged. I have had a lot on my mind the last couple of weeks. We are moving this Saturday, and then the Lord been dealing with me on some things and then we had court this morning. This is where my prayer request comes in. March of this last year we welcome to foster children into our home. There names were Savannah who is 4 and Kassidy who will be 6 months in Sept. I can go into details about why they were in care, but we found out this morning that the momma of the kids was able to get weekend visitation. This was a real surprise this morning, and we took it kind of hard. My prayer request is that you pray that if it is God's Will for the kids to go home, that you would please pray with me that God will give us the peace and grace to get through it. For those that don't know my wife is not able to have children of course God can bless us in that way if it is his will. We know God makes no mistakes and the kids were not in home for no reason. The judge has not ordered reunification yet. So we know we will have them on the weekdays for the next 5 weeks at least. If you have never went through this it makes you wrenched in you heart. Again I just asked that you would please pray for the Ellison family before you go to bed this evening. I still know this that we have to Thank God and Praise God inspite of the situation. Your brother in Christ Bro Tim.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When God Puts Us to the Test

I was thinking this morning after reading Mrs Julies post about Michelle about this very thought. Sometimes I believe God puts us to the test to see what we are made out of. I know there have been times in my life that I have preached, or taught, or made a decison for Christ that the next week he definitely put me through a test. God does things in our life for him to get the glory. We as Christians need to get a understanding that we need to allow God to do whatever he needs in our lives to get us to the point where he wants us. If we want to be surrender he is going to test us, if we want to be seperated he is going to test us, here is a big one if we truly want the filling of the Holy Ghost God will test us. As our preacher puts we will never be filled with the Holy Ghost until we allow God to do want he wants through us and to us. If your flesh is like mine I hate when God puts me to test, but I know it is needful. I was thinking of several areas God will put us through a test in.

Our Faith.
Remember there is verse in the Bible whatsoever is not of faith is sin. That is one of those toestomping verses because we don't have the faith we need to have in our lives. If there is area I struggle in my Christian Life is believing that God can. We believe he can do for others but we do not belive he can do for us. We know the Bible tells us the only way we can can be pleasing to God is if we have faith. I wonder where our faith is today. We have faith for us to save our soul and Praise God for that, but do we have faith when the bad health report comes that God will heal me, do we have faith when the bills need paid. I thank God that he still blesses me inspite of my faith because remember the disciples who walked with him lack faith many times.

Our Followship
You ever been in a meeting or a revival and you really made you mind up that you wanted Jesus to be your all in all. YOu wanted to breathe upon by the Holy Ghost. That was your hearts desire. You finally got tired of being in control and gave God the reins in your heart. What happen God tested you? How many times have I made a decision and the Lord tested the substance of that decision. If you open your mouth to the Lord testing will definitely come.

Our Fervency.
How fervent our we in our prayer life? I wonder if it came down to my prayer life to help a brother or sister in need. Would my prayer do? That is a tough question. If it came down to my prayer life if God would move in the service. Am I fervent enough. If it came down to my prayer life if God would saved a lost loved one. Am I truly fervent in my praying.

In Closing I am guilty of being weak when the testing comes. I again thank God that he gives me the chance to serve him and to love him inspite of what I am, and inspite of the fraility of my Faith, Followship, and Fervency. May God help us when the test comes to be ready for what is going to come behind. Till next Time God Bless.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Spiritual Birthday

I have been really busy lately with dealing with certain downfalls in my life. I still been looking at everyone's pages just not responding as often. I appreciate Bro Jerry's and Sisters Kates posts this week. I do plan on starting a series soon just needing liberty to do so.

This post is a little different but I didn't want today go by without out saying something about the greatest day in my life. That is when I met the Lord. I thank God for a bus captain by the name of Burl Skiles that first started picking me up to go to church at a Baptist Church at the age 11 or 12. I thank God for a Sunday School teacher by the name of Bro Taulbee who at 60 years old told us the truth about God's Holy Word. I thank God for a man by the name of Bro Dale Hibsman that took an interest in a troubled teenager. He was my youth pastor. He also was the one the really wanted me to go to the Wilds camp in NOrth Carolina. I thank God that he kept encouraging me to go to camp. It was on a Tuesday Night 13 years ago that the sweet Holy Spirit came down and convicted my heart and showed me my need for a Savior. I thank God for the preacher Bro Steve Pettit that preached on the Spirtual Mask. I am so glad that I gave the Lord my life that night. What a peace I felt for the first time ever in my life. I realize that I have family that right now are alcoholics, drug addicts, adulters, and fornicatiors but God saved me from that mess of junk. Yes I had sin but I thank God that I can stand say I have never drank liquor, smoke a cigarette or done drugs. That is the testimony of the grace of God in my life. I do thank my Lord that he changed my life. I was a brand new creature. I stand to testify that I am not where I want to be but thank God I am not what I use to be. Thank God that I know that I know I am going to heaven when I die that is the greatest hope any of us could ever have. God bless you till next time.
Bro Tim-

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Shaking From God

The Bible tells us over and over that we need to be right with God in all area's of our life. We can look at People like Noah, Moses, Peter, Paul that God did use in mighty ways even inspite of their failures. We all sometimes get into Christian ruts in our life. What I mean by that is we all get cold on God sometimes. There is none of I believe can say I am always on fire for the Lord. I am always being directed by the Holy Ghost of God in all areas of my life. We all have times where we are stronger for our Lord. In my own life I have got the point where I am tired of failing the Lord in the same area's of my life and I am ready for God to shake me. I want my life to be different than the normal Christian life. I know people that enjoy living in mediocre or lukewarm as Revelation Chapter 3 tells us, but there are some that want excell in the Christian Life. I know that this comes with a cost. I know most that read my blog read Mrs Julies posts. It should be the desire and motivation of all our hearts to live spirit-filled. The reason more people don't come to Christ isn't because of the day we are living in because the Holy Spirit is still convicting hearts, it isn't because everyone is saved. It is because when we walk in this world people don't see the presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. We need a shaking from in God in Several areas of our life I will hit them and then let you allow God to work in your life.

We need a Shaking in Our Study.
We need to be students of the Word of God. We don't just need to read it, it needs to be a part of our everyday life. I know this is area where I have struggle so far this summer but God has shown me and I am trying to study his word more. I want to know him in my life in more intimate way.

We need a Shaking in Our Supplication
As a Christian I humbly have to say that this has been an area where I have struggle almost my whole Christian life. We need to power of God and the only way that comes is through Prayer. We have to have a stable prayer life. I have preached and taught on this subject because even though I pray I can not say I have a prayer life that is always effective for the cause of Christ. I humbly asked all those that read this When was the last time you got ahold God?

We need a Shaking in Our Soulwinning.
I am not going to spend long on this thought. Just that I fail in this is area and need to do better. We need to reach people for the cause of Christ before it is too late in our lives. When was the last time you led someone to Christ?

Just a quick thought that was on my heart that God has been working me over on. Will you allow God to shake you to the point that you would be a more effective Christian. God Bless Till Next time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Reality of His Coming

I Thess 4:16-17
I have really been thinking these last couple of weeks of how close we may be the coming of Christ. If we look at what is going on in the middle east prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. Am I saying he is coming on a specific date no I am not. I believe we are about to go home to be with our Savior Jesus Christ. 90 percent of me wants to go but there is still a percentage that I would love to see him be longsuffering because I have lost family members that would go to Hell. Now the thought we need to be ready for his coming as Christians. The Bible tells us that their is crown for those that love his appearing. The only way we will love his appearing is if we are right with him. I just wanted to give some thoughts of motivation for the soon return of Christ. Whether that be one day, two days, a week, a month, or a year or more.
I. Repentance of Sin.
We need to make sure our hearts our right with our God. I know I have just went through a battle of complanency but Thank God I am over that. We need to confess all our unconfessed sin. We need to make sure our fellowship is right with God. We need to make sure we are right with all men that we are able to get right with. I believe Christians live mostly a carnal life, and I believe God is going to find many ashamed when he comes.
II. Reaping of Souls.
We need to make sure that we have done all we could to reach our family. I KNow in the case of my family that people have rejected Jesus and I have had the priviledge to give them a clear cut presentation of the Gospel of Christ. We don't only have to reach our families, but we need a bigger burden on reaching the lost for Christ. If he came back today would you be in heaven with someone you personally led to Christ. What a question? I believe most Christians never win one person to Christ. What a shame? I thank God by his grace I will have some up in heaven that God gave the increase to while I was on this earth. Are you a Soulwarner?
III.Rejoice in the Santuary.
Rejoicing is missing in the church. I believe if we do the first two things that we will be able to rejoice. The reason we don't have more rejoicing is one because of sin or two because of storms. The church should be rejoicing that Our Savior may be on his way to get us. The sad thing is many in the church are not ready to go to heaven. Yes they are saved but there are things between them and the Savior. We need to rejoice in our salvation, but also we need rejoice because we will finally see the one who died for us.
In Closing Are you ready to meet God? If lost you need to get saved, but if you are saved you need make sure you are right with him, and try your best to live for him the rest of the days of your life, or until he comes. May God Bless You till next time.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Storms of Life

Mark 4:35-41
This story takes place while Jesus is in the ship sleeping. The disciples come across a storm and are afraid they are going to die. We all know the story here. The post this morning comes from my heart. We all face storms. A preacher one time said we are either in the storm, getting ready to go into a storm or leaving a storm. We could be going through a financial storm, emotional storm, physical storm, or we may know someone that is going through a storm right now. We know we are going to go through storms, it is matter of how we react when we are in the storm.
The cause of the Storm.
Self brought. When we get away from the Lord we sometimes put God in the place of sending something are way so we can get back in fellowship with him. The Bible tells God is not mocked whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. When we are in the storm we need to look and see if we are in the storm of our own doing.
God-brought. Sometimes God puts us through storms to get us closer to him. We need to be conforming into the image of his Son Jesus Christ. WHen God brings a storm we should always go to our knees and get help from God. The sad thing is that we most of the time run from the storm and try to figure things out our own way. Not only is it to conform us it is also there to build our faith. This is a area that I struggle at times in my Christian Life. I have saving faith but sometimes I don't have living faith.

II. The Calm of the Storm.
Thank God that storms do pass. We look at hurricances they do lots of damage but eventually it does go away. In our life we may think sometimes that this is it, but we must realize this too shall pass.

III. The Captain of the Storm.
Thank God that we are saved and when we go through storms we have one that will go through them with us. Thank God that He will never leave us nor fosake us. Thank God that he will not allow us to go through something that we are not able to bear. God sometimes sends storms just so we will put Jesus back as the captain of our life. He wants first place in all that we do. Thank God that at any moment he can calm the storm in our life, but if he don't at least he is going through the storm with us.

The next time we go though the storm lets identify why we are in the storm and learn what God wants us to learn to make us a stronger Christian. May God bless you till next time.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Is Repentance Neccesary for Salvation?

Acts 17:30 And at the times of this ignorance God winked at;but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.

I know the subject I am dealing with today has split the independent baptist movement. I know great men like Jack Hyles, Bob Gray texas, in their writings disagree with what I am saying. I never heard say Hyles say what he believed about repentance in person but I have read enough to know where he stood. Bob Gray on the other hand I heard from his mouth that repentance is a change of unbelief to belief. Is this really true. Is it true for a person to be saved all they have to do is belief on the Lord Jesus Christ only. Those that believe in repentance are told that they are making salvation to hard. Does that mean that if a drunkard gets saved and never gives us drinking he is saved? Does that mean when I lead someone to Christ that if they never ever have a desire for godly things that they are going to heaven just because they believed? These are some great questions that if you asked most preachers would say yes they are going to heaven because God know there heart, or have we got to number hungry leading people down the romans road and them praying and pronoucing them saved and they still live like the devil. Something is very wrong with someone whose life never changes. Lets look at this thing of repentance from a Biblical standpoint and hopefully we will understand better what repentance is.

I. What is Repentance?

Metanoia is the greek word. change of the mind, repentance, the of changing any or all the elements composing of ones life; attitude, thoughts, and behaviors, concerning the demands of God for right living.

II. Who preached Repentance?
Paul preached repentance. Acts 17:30, Acts20:21.
Peter preached repentance. Acts 2:38, and then he tells us in II Peter 3:9
Jesus preached repentance. Luke 13:3
There are other passages that show each of these men preaching repentance.

III. Why preach Repentance?
Because it is the Scriptures. The bible tells us that a person that is saved is a new creature.
Because it is neccessary for Salvation.
Unless a person repents they will perish.

IV. How do I know if I repented of my sins. The best way I know how to say this is through the scriptures.
I. First you got lost. No one ever repents without being lost first.
Because the Holy Spirit came and lived inside of you. God can't move in and nothing change.
Second you desires change. A person will now desire to read, and pray, and go to church.

I close with this repentance is a gift that God gives us after we have been convicted of our sins I believe we truly want to turn from sin unto a Holy God. The reason their are so many shallow professions is most of the time that person has not been convicted. NO conviction then no repentance, and lastly no salvation. I hope this helps because yes I do believe a person must change after they are saved. Till next time God Bless You.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Danger of just a Profession

And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Jesus was winding down his sermon on the mount when he gets to the passage that is Matthew 7:21-23. This should be a sobering thought to all those that read this. Some that may read this may just have a profession, and some that read this may think they know someone that may be in this state. As the pastor preached the other morning I just started thinking about someone having a profession and not the real thing. I believe our churches in America are filled with these type of people. I remember making a public profession of faith at the age of 12 but that is all it was. I remember going to bed at night and asking Christ to save me, because one thing I knew even at that age is that I did not want to go to Hell. I believe the ones we really should be concerned about are those that under the age of 12 that have made a profession. The more I have been in this Christian way the more young adults or teenagers I see getting saved after making a profession of faith. I am not saying people can't get saved under this age but what I am saying is that people that make a profession at a young age should at least examine theirselves to see in they be in the faith. I talk to people all the time that say they were saved at a young age, but they have no desire for the things of God. Now to the thought for the day there are a elements I believe must be present for someone to truly get born again. If you have not had these elements I pray you at least seek God and make sure of your profession. If you know someone that may only have a profession I pray you at least pray harder for them. Now lets look at this thought a little further.

I. A person must realize they are Lost.
This is the key to anyone being saved they must first be lost. We have kids that have raised their hands popping bubble gum coming down the aisle or people that just get saved because they had a parent or friend get saved. This person is still as lost as can be.
II. A person must be under conviction.
The Bible tells us unless the spirit draweth. The reason my profession was in vain was because I never was under conviction. That is what bothers me about the easy believism most of the time they don't give the person time to be under conviction. You asked how do I know if I was ever under conviction. All I can say you would of known.
III. A person must REPENT.
This is a word that is misinterpeted by some great preachers. There are preachers that say repentance is a chage of the mind from unbelief to belief and they are right to a point, but it is so much more than that. Repentance is a change of the mind which consitutes a change of heart, which then changes the action. Repentance is necessary to be saved. A person that makes a profession and has no desire to change has missed it. I am not saying you change at one moment and drop all the bad things in your life, but what I am saying is now you have the Holy Spirt and you desire a change. Also John preached repentance, Jesus preached repentance, Peter preached repentance and Paul preached repentance. I believe that is enough of an example.

IV. Faith. Faith in who Jesus Christ. We must realize he is the way. John 14:6. I don't get to heaven on good works, baptism, my prayer. I get to heaven by trusting Jesus Christ. Romans 10:9, and Romans 10:13. Faith is I stop realying on myself or things I do and totally rely on Jesus Christ.

In closing I said all this for this reason. The danger of just a profession is this standing before the Lord and saying BUT LORD I was faithful to church, I read my Bible, I prayed, I gave to the church, I taught Sunday School, I sung in the Chior, I sang solo's, I preached the Word, and the Lord say DEPART I Never knew you. You trusted those things instead of me. I ask you dear friend Where do you stand with the Lord? May God bless you till next time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Seriousness of Our Christian Walk

Before I get started this post is not done in a mean spirit. This post is not to throw stones at anyone that reads my blog. This post is specifically from the heart on this issue. How serious are you about walking with God? How serious am I about my walk with God? This a great question. THis last weekend I taught on Sunday about fellowship. We had a few people testify that God had dealt with them about the area of fellowship. It seems like today that many Christians have used God as a fire escape. It is great that I am not going to hell, and that I am going to heaven, but our Christian Life can be so much more than that. I see so many professing Christians that have no joy, or no peace, or sometimes not even a sound mind. I believe this has to do with their walk. I myself have been guilty of having no peace or joy at times in my life. I believe it is time for Christians to get serious about their walk for Christ. We need to get more faithful for the cause of Christ. Everyday we have people quitting the battle. The reason many quit the battle is because they try to live life their own way. If we live our life it is hard and full of burdens if we let Christ live through us it may be hard, but at least we have one to walk with us through the hard times. I believe there are a couple of areas I believe we need to get serious about in our Christian Walk. Again if you are doing these things praise God however I believe none of us have arrived and we all can do better.
I In our Scripture Time.
How much time do we spend in the Scriptures? Or better yet Why am I reading? Is it because I love Jesus and want to get closer to him, or is it because of obligation. We should all have a reading time in our walk. This time is for reading, meditating, and memorizing God's Word. As I told those in church Sunday if we don't read we will not grow, and when something does not grow it dies from the inside out. When a Christian quits it always starts on the inside.
II. In our Supplication.
HOw much do I pray? Or better yet when was the last time we got ahold of God in our Prayer life. I read much on prayer, and it amazes me that it is preached, taught but seems like the least practice in most people's lifes. If I have sin in my heart God will not hear me. If I am praying out of obligation most likely my prayer life is stale. The closer and more serious we get about praying the more we will grow in our CHristian Walk.
III. In Our Soulwinning.
Now lastly this is area where I know I have struggled in lately. The reason we are here as Christians is to make disciple out of those that are lost. If I fail in the two area's above then most likely my soulwinning is naught. It will be sad one day when countless millions will stand before God empty with no souls to their account. This is a area I believe we must get more serious in our lives. People every second go into eternity and have to face a Holy God. What are we doing to help them find Christ.

In closing I hope this is a reminder, and that it strengthens us to do more for Christ. If we are lacking in any of these area's I hope God will help us to do better in them. Remember people are always watching us when we say we are a Christian, and maybe if people see we were more serious about being Christian more people would turn to Christ. Till next time God Bless You.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dealing with Weariness

I have another site on xanga and normally I will not put the same thing on here but I feel the leading of the lord to put in on my blog I pray it is a blessing and a help to all who read.

Dealing with Weariness
Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.
We all get weary. The preacher preached on this thought last night. We get weary in well doing. As a preacher, or teacher we give and give and give and sometimes we don't get back and it causes us to get weary. There is not a preacher alive that does not get weary. I hope we all try to live for our Lord. The goal of my heart is to stay in fellowship with my Lord at all times. Do I do this no but so want to be an intimate disciple of Christ. What do we get weary of?
I. Weary of the Flesh
We all battle our flesh everyday of our lives. I get tired of my flesh. I get so tired of me in my life. We realize that Paul told us we should crucify the flesh. Crucify means to put to death. We must put our flesh to death every morning we get up. If we do not do this the flesh will have control, and the spirit will be envying for that control. I wonder how many of us live in the flesh. If I do things my way and allow my flesh to have control then that means I will get weary. The reason so many Christians faint and give up is because they have not learn the truth of abiding. If we abide in Christ we realize we can do nothing without Christ. Who has control today in your life? Flesh or the Spirit.
Weary of the World.
We are not be wordly. John 2:15-17 tells us this. I know I have people that visit my site that believe it is alright to dress like the world, listen to the world music( that is what contemporary christian music really is), go to worldly places but God tells us we need to be Holy. The world may make fun us for if you are lady for wearing dresses and skirts all the time, or if you are a man wearing pants at all times but they need to see a difference. The problem with the church today is there are too many worldly people in the church therefore the power of God does not fall on the church. I also get weary of the world by what goes on in the world. I am tired of seeing Homosexuals flaunt their lifestyle in front of us, I am tired of seeing millions of babies being aborted, I am tired of seeing a corrupt government. This sometimes will make us weary. The only way we can deal with the weariness of the world is by setting our affections on things above.
Weary of Fighting
I am tired of fighting the devil and his demons. I am tired of the devil winning in Christians lives. The last time I check we are to be different. The devils fight us on our faithfulness to the Lord. This is all areas. Our Church Attendance, Our Bible Reading, Our prayer time, Our soulwinning time. He fights us.
ANother fight I am tired of fighting is this fight of Promoting Truth. We have so much spiritual deception going on in churches today, that so many people have been decieved.
That is what I am weary of So how do I deal with weariness.
I. Lean on Him
He is in control. He knows everything about us. He wants us to trust him 100 percent with our daily lives.
II. Lay my Burdens down.
My burdens are the Lord's. We as Christians get weary so many times because we struggle with the burden instead of relinquishing it to God.
I pray this was a blessing and a help. One day we won't be weary anymore and that is when we get to heaven, but until then lets stay in the fight. Till next time God Bless.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Reality of Persecution

II Timothy 3:12 Yea, all that will live godly shall suffer persecution.

Our brother Paul here is writing this book to a young preacher by the name of Timothy. If there is one person that knew about persecution it was Paul. Before he became Paul he persecuted the church of the living God. After he became Paul Jesus told him he would suffer persecution. The post comes from a website I just read a few minutes ago. Here in Atlanta they have the gay pride parade. Well there was a preacher by the name of Billy Ball and two other preacher, and 20 people from those churches that decided to preach the Gospel on the street. They were arrested and thrown in jail with the charge of criminal tresspassing. THey say the arresting officers were lesbians. This is happening in America. I know in other countries like India, and Russia, and the Sudan people are killed for their faith on a daily basis. People can not go to church, read the bible, get caught praying or they will suffer the consequences. We have it made up to this point in America but those rights are getting taken away quickly. I wonder how we would react if we were thrown in jail in this country for the propegation of the Gospel of Christ. I wonder if people came into our home and told us to deny the Lord Jesus or die. WHich would we choose? I wonder what I would choose. God has been so good to us today in America that we ought to praise God for the freedom we have in this country. What if it was all gone tomorrow how would we react? The reality is most saved people would not suffer persecution because they are not living godly. If there is one thing missing in the church it is godly people. Sometimes Christians forget that they are to be Christ-like in every aspect of their life. Now to the thought that I want to get across. If we do the following things we will suffer persecution.
I. Our Conversation.
We are to have a Godly conversation. I work with people today that say they are a Christian but some of the most ungodly filth comes out of their mouth. I am telling that person is bringing more shame to the name of Christ. A Godly man is not going to use sarcasm(ouch), or cuss words or the words that sound like cuss words, or how about slang boy is that preach in pulpits across America.

II. Our Conduct.
We are to have a Godly conduct. How is our conduct today. Do we get angry of fly off the handle that is not Godly. We can be angry and sin not.

The Reality today is persecution is coming to our country. When we can not preach the Gospel on streets that is persecution. When I can't go to the mall and talk to people about Jesus that is persecution. The closer we get to his coming I believe we will see more persecution. The question is are we godly enough to suffer for the name of Christ. Till next time God Bless.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Servants Heart

John 13:14
If then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one anothers feet.

This is the passage of scripture where Jesus washed the disciples feet. The deity of heaven lowered himself you be a servant to his disciples. Some people use this passage as a reason for footwashing in the church. I do not personally believe that was the message Jesus was trying to get across. You can disagree with me and that is fine. Jesus is to be are example in everything. He gave us a wonderful example of servanthood. We are to be servants to one another. This is totally opposite of what the world thinks.
The world believes you do whatever you have to, to get on top and to stay on top. Jesus taught if you humble yourselves then God will lift you up. How do I have a servants heart?
I. Humble myself to the Savior
I will never be a servant until I humble myself to the Lord. The way I humble myself to God is I give him my life. As long as I have control of my life I will not be the servant that God expects me to be. Pride has cost many men their ministry, marriage, and jobs etc.. Pride is a sin that everyone of us deal with on a daily basis. The greatest test of pride is in this area of our life. Phil Jesus humble himself even to the death of the cross. I believe we can humble ourselves before God. The Lord gave me another thought another way I humble myself before God is the crucifying the flesh. We must die daily to live humble. AMEN THANK YOU LORD!!!

II. Humble myself to the Saint.
We are to be servants one to another in the house of God. My job as a Christian is to try my best to help my brothers and sisters in Christ. There is so much that goes on in the house of God between brothers and sisters in Christ that has hurt the cause of Christ. If I humble myself to the saint there will be no gossip( boy is that in alot of churches), no backbiting, no unforgiveness and no bitterness. THose are a couple of things that can zap the power of God in any church. As a preacher of the Gospel of Christ I realize that I am a servant to all those that are in the house of God.

III. Humble myself to the sinner.
Now this is hard. THis is one I need to work on in my life. I must learn to be a servant to those that are without mostly to those that try to cause harm to the cause of Christ. How do I become a servant to these kind of people by being careful of how I act, or most importantly how I talk to those that are without. What can I do to help that one that is without Christ? Can I help them financially, or help them spiritually. Christ was humble to all those he came in contact with. He spoke hard sometimes but he came to minister to all mankind. This is one area that we should strive to do better in. You never know how many people would come to Christ if Christians had a servants heart to the lost.
In Closing the question to us today is Do we have a Servants heart? If there is one thing that I would love people to say about me when I leave this earth it that Bro Tim done his best to be a servant to those he came in contact with. May God bless you till next time.

Friday, June 16, 2006

A new Site

I have started a new site on xanga. THis site is going to be a weekly sermon that will help us in our lifes. The site is PreachersPulpit. Please visit. God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How we Can Know We Are Going To Heaven

As I begin this post I would first say I thank God I can Know I am going to Heaven. I thank God that is not depended on what I do for him, but what he has done for me. We have too many people in Religious circles that say you can not know you are going to heaven. I reminded of a verse this morning in I John 5:13 it tells that we may know we have eternal life. I thank God I don't have to think, hope, or worry about knowing I am going to heaven. This post is for all but me and a gentlemen have been going back and forth for almost a week on things about the Bible. He says the Bible has many inaccuricies. My Bible is perserved by God. So I hope the Lord will use this post to help someone get saved. Now to the post.

I. The Proof of Eternity.
People say you can not know you are going heaven. Our whole salvation experience is built on faith. A person that is looking for a physical proof of heaven will not find it. I put my faith in the Son of God.
The Scriptures declare it.
Rev 21, 22.
Until someone believes that God is the author of the book they will not be saved. The devil has blinded the eyes of them that have not the truth. That is why we have evolution, that is why we have atheist, that is why we agnostics because Satan has blinded those peoples eyes.
The Savior declare it.
He preached more on Hell than he did heaven but he still preached on heaven.

The Profession to get to Eternity.
First we must realize it is not what we do that gets us their. People say good works get us their but the Bible says in Rom 3:10 There is none good no not one. GOD EXPECTS PERFECTION TO GET TO HEAVEN. None of us are perfect. The Bible says FOr all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We all have missed the mark. If we rely on ourselves to get to heaven we will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. I don't care what some religion teaches, or some theologian teaches, or what some preacher preaches God said we have missed the mark. So how to I get there. First I realize I am a sinner until I know that I can not be saved. Then I realize their is a punishment for sin even if I think I am good I still have broken God's law and therefore I can not get into heaven so I need help. That help came in Jesus Christ who came to this earth lived a perfect live inspite of what the divinci code teaches and died in my stead on the cross of Calvary. For those that don't believe it read the Gospels. He died the death that I should have died and therefore he bridge the gap between sinful man and a Holy God. Thank God!!! I repented of my sins and trusted Jesus as the way to heaven. He says in John 14:6 He is the way the truth and the life no man cometh to the father but by him. For those that want to continue to do good to fellow man and get there I am not saying you are not doing good things i am just saying you still miss the mark. I hope all those that read this have made the decision to trust Christ.

The Promise of Eternity.
John 14:1-3 Jesus said he was preparing a place and that he would come back.
Jesus is coming soon if you not know him you need to get saved if not your goodness is going to lead straight to Hell.

To close I do not expect those that don't know Jesus to believe what I am saying as I said before their eyes are blinded. I admit our salvation is all built on faith. Believing the Bible is built on faith, living for a God we can not see is built by faith. All I know I remember what God did when I got saved and I know how he walks with me today. I can not explain the joy I have in my heart, I can not explain the peace that flooded my soul after I trusted Christ. The bible says over and over we can have eternal life. I know I have eternal life because of what is inside me. For those that don't Christ today you can know this Savior but first you must put aside your intellect, and your thinking and do things Gods way. For those that know Christ lets serve him until Jesus comes back for us and try to reach all those that don't believe in him or who don't know if he exists. For the gentleman I have been conversating with for the last week. I am praying you see the truth but I realize I can't help you understand, and as we said before we are not going to change each others minds. However I know the Lord can tough your heart and convict you of your sin's. There are things I can't answer you but if you opened you heart up to God he will show you the truth. MY HOPE IS BUILT ON NOTHING LESS THAN JESUS BLOOD AND RIGHTEOUSNESS. You can put your hope in some man that says we evolve I believe I will put my hope in one that created all. Till next time may God bless you.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Depravity of Man

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

As I was looking at some other websites about Pastors, Youth Pastors that have had some indescredtions in their ministries. The sad thing about this Pastor who fell in the independent baptist movement is how many more of these big churches have swept things under the rug. Maybe not molestation, but adultery, fornication, sexual misconduct. It makes you think about the fraility of man. This is what I want to talk about this morning. Man is frail. If we remember the garden of eden man was in a perfect enviorment and he still fell. We know that before we are saved we are dead in tresspasses and sins, but after we get saved we get the Holy Spirit in our lives. We must realize we are still sinners, but we are saved by grace. We can not play with sin, and not get burnt. I looked at men of God sometimes higher than I need too, and the Lord reminded me that every Christian is capable of committing sins like those mention. WE MUST LEARN AS CHRISTIANS WE CAN NOT CONTROL THE FLESH. We will will lose everytime. The reason we fail the Lord so much is because we do things in the energy of the flesh. Paul told us to crucify the flesh daily. Crucify means to put to death. When we get up in the morning we make a conscience decision in who we are going to serve. The sad thing is many Christians don't realize they make this conscience decision by not praying in the morning. When I don't pray in the morning and crucify the flesh I spend the whole day dictated by the flesh. Please understand I am not getting on any Christian while writing this as matter of fact what I am saying this morning is hitting me right between the eyes. Our battle is in the mind when we think we are standing that is when we need to be careful and make sure we are being led by the spirit. Many great and men have fallen because they thought they were better than they actually were. WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT CHRIST leading our lives. If I live my life for myself I am nothing. The teaching, preaching, singing, praising is all for nought if I am my own boss. If I give the Lord everything then my preaching, teaching will mean something. I do know this I thank God that he uses me inspite of how carnal my mind sometimes is. I have led people to Christ not being where I need to be at with the Lord, I know have preached and taught not being where I need to be at but God still uses me. That is amazing to me.

To close we must remember we are too hold the Man of God to high respect but not higher than Jesus. Pastor may fail you, Teachers may fail you , a godly husband/wife may fail you. SOmeone that you really look up to spiritually may fail you but thank God we know someone who will never fail us and that is our Savior. Till next time God Bless YOu.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Be Sure You Sin Will Find you Out

and be sure your sin will find you out.

It is with great sadness today that I put his post up. This morning without giving names one of my hero's of the faith has fallen. I am shocked at what has happened but I also know that God still in control. For that man that has fallen I pray for him, and for his family and for the church he was associated with for the last 50 years. But I was thinking about this thought this morning and realize sin destroys people and lives no matter how great of a man or woman you are. Sin is not a respector of persons. The devil wants all God's children to fall just like this man of God fell. I thank God that he forgives us for our sins but we still many times have to face the consequences of our actions. I am reminded of a man after God's heart David who thought he had got away with the sin of adultery and with killing a man but God used a Prophet to show David he knew. David was never the same after that day. I wonder what we have hidden under the carpet that God is trying to deal with us with privately but if we don't get it right with him, how he is going to bring it out in our lives to show he knows. I was thinking this morning that one of the greatest slaps to our Savior would be if we lose our testimony. People need to see a difference in our lives, and they need to see we back up what we preach. Christians need to stop playing with sin because eventually they will get burnt. I thank God that he is longsuffering and he will give us a chance to come clean with him. How do we deal with sin in our live.
I. We must confess it.
One thing I learned as a young Christian if we must keep short accounts of sin in our life. We have victory over sin in our life if we yield to the Holy GHost.

II. We must forsake it.
There is one thing of confessing but we must be willing to turn from the sin. If we don't forsake the sin we will never have victory. God's people are good at confessing but we have a problem with that forsaking area.

Through this happening with this brother in Christ I realize we are all capable of falling into sin as this man has if we do not keep our eyes on the Lord. May God bless you till next time.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why We Fall into Temptation?

Luke 4:1 And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the spirit into the wilderness.

In beginning this post we must remember that Jesus is suppose to be our example in everything. If we read Scripture and see how Jesus dealt with situations we would be must stronger Christians if we did as he did. We all face temptation everyday, and most of us even fall into temptation on at least a weekly basis. Last week I fell into temptation a couple times. The devil wants us to quit on God and alot of times the reason saved people quit is because they fall into temptation and get tired of fighting the battle. I believe there is a way we can get victory over every temptation and it is in this passage of scripture but first why do we fall into temptation. I believe three reasons why we do.
I. We rely on Our Strength.
Sometimes we think we our stronger spiritually than we actually are. We have to remember the only strength we have is of the Lord. We so many times face the enemy in our strength and get whopped by him. If we relied on God's strength we would get victory.

II. We rely on Our Smarts.
Sometimes we rely on what we have in our brain to face the temptation. The battle is in the mind. We fail in the mind before we ever fail in the action. We rely on biblical knowledge of so many times to get us through temptation instead of relying on God's knowledge.

III. We rely on Self.
We in the most part our self-driven people and that is the problem. We allow self to control too much of our life. We live our every day lives being controlled by self and wonder why we make a mess of things in our life. The thing we must remember is that we are not our own and that we are bought we with a price. We control too much of our lives and God will let us make our mistakes and continue failing as long as we want control of our life.

NOw I said all this for what i am about to say. The reason we fall into temptation is because we are not spirit-filled. THe Bible says Jesus being full of the Holy GHost was led into the wilderness. Most people I know are not filled with the Holy Ghost and I know this something I strive for but I have not reached in my own life. I do know that I am tired of facing temptation and falling into temptation because I am controlling things. Maybe the reason we fall so much into temptation and fail the Lord so much is because God is trying to get us to the point where we truly surrender all and live a life led by the spirit. I hope something I said here helps us to even make further in our journey but instead of us leading the way lets let the Holy Ghost lead the way. Till next time God Bless.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alive and Well

Hello all in the blog world. I figured I would write a post today letting everyone know who checks my blog that I haven't quit blogging yet just haven't really felt like blogging this week. It has been hot in the warehouse this week and I really haven't felt the greatest since Saturday. I was thinking today about how sometimes we go through periods in our life that it seems like you can't get in touch with God this has been one of those weeks. This has been a week of attacks from the enemy in my life and I have won some battles but I am sad to say I have lost some battles also this week. I thank God that he is a God of another chance that when we mess up that we can go to him and confess our sins and he will forgive us and cleanse from all unrighteousness. Do you ever get tired of failing God and you just wish he come back and get us out of this mess that we make so many times in our life well that is how I have felt this week. I don't want to leave a a pessimistic attitude so I will leave you all with this God is good when we are on the mountain and he is good when we are in the valley. God is good all the time because he can not help it. So Lord willing we will be back to our regular blogs next week. Till next time have a great weekend and remember always keep your eyes on the Lord. God bless you till next time.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Trait Every Christian Should Have

But let patience have her perfect work James 1:4
Before we look at the thought this morning, let me give a little lesson on what the word means in the greek. hypomone-perseverance, endurance. The word perfect means mature, or finished. We all know we will not be the finished product God wants us to be until we get home but we can mature in this Christian life. We have all heard the phrase Don't pray for patience because God will teach you patience. A true fact but really a false statement. God tries to teach us patience through each trial we go through that is biblical the reason I got through trials is to perfect my character. Another place in Scripture that is word is used is in I Peter where the Lord tells us we need to add to our faith certain things and one of these is patience. A good way to know if we are growing in Christ is if we are patient. In that same passage if we do not add to our faith these things then we will be unfruitful. I wonder this morning how many of us our patient. This is something God is continuing to show me in my own life that i need to be more patient. I was thinking a couple of area's we need to be patient I hope they will challenge and bless us.
The first area we need to be patient is in our home. The one person that seems the hardest to be patient with is my spouse. I have got better but we got to realize our spouses are not perfect and they will make mistakes or in my case I am sometimes hardheaded that we need to be patient with them. Sometimes as a preacher I think my wife should be as strong as I am spiritually and I forget that I have to give her time to grow. Another area that I am learning to be patient in in my home is with the kids. We must be patient with our children. We can't let them treat us wrong but we must learn to allow them to make their bone headed mistakes, and then hope that they remember what has been taught to them. Children will either help you with patience or they will drive to a place where you have no patience.

The second area we need to patient in is with other people. Sometimes we impatient with people. I know I do. I sometimes don't show my patience and work and I must learn to do that. We sometimes get impatient with other Christians that we are close to. We get impatient because of their lack of faithfulness to the Lord. We must be patient with people that are unfaithful to him because the Lord is patient with us when we make are blunders, and mistakes.

The Third area we need to be patient with is with our Lord. We are alot times like a microwave oven. We want what we pray for now, and sometimes it does not work that way. We pray for love ones to get saved or get right and we give up if we don't see results. We do not know what God is doing in their heart. The area I get impatient with is waiting for God to allow me to Pastor. I love my church, and love my pastor but I want to preach badly all the time. I am learning that I must be patient with the Lord because he knows what is best for me. The older I get the more I long to Pastor a church. The Lord knows when the time is right and I must be patient in this area of my life.

To close I asked you to examine yourselves and see if this attribute is in your life. If you are doing well in one or two areas strife to do better in the other area. I believe every saved person probably can do better with patience in their life. May God continue to bless you till next time.

Friday, May 12, 2006

What is Missing from Churches

I have a tremendous burden on my heart this morning. I went to revival last night and I realize something in my own life something I have been missing and that is excitement in church. Now don't get me wrong I love my church and I love my Pastor, but I believe most churches in general are missing the excitment of God. I hate bringing up another church I attended but I remember the excitement. I know you can't always go on excitement but does us good sometimes to see people get happy in the Lord. There are many ways people can get excited everyone don't have to shout the house down. Some get excited by laughing, and some get excited by crying, and some get excited by vocally praising the Lord. Two messages I have heard this week have dealt with this thing of excitement. People don't want to come to something dead. When you stand in a leadership position and see peoples faces it sometimes looks like their best friend has died, or that God is not alive anymore. I have also been in this place of dead as four oclock in the morning. I am here this morning to tell you God is still on the throne he knows where his children are and he wants to bless their socks off. Now lets get to the meat of the thought this morning. How does excitement come into the church. I believe three ways the Lord has shown me this morning.
I. Sinner getting Saved. The Bible tells us their is joy in the presence of the angels when someone repents. I wonder sometimes if we take for granted someone getting saved. We forget they were on their way to Hell and that without Jesus they had no hope. WHen someone gets saved their should be praise and worship because of the greatest miracle ever. Especially when someone gets saved later in life because most professions are before the age of 18 the older you get the less likely it is for that person to get saved. However remember with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.

II. Backslider Getting Right.
Another thing that should help us be excited is when someone comes home to the Lord after being in the HogPen. I know some churches people say I wonder how long it will last. They have the same attitude of the Prodigal's brother. It would probably amaze us of how many people we go to church with that outwardly they are fine, but in their heart they are cold. I know I have been there before also.

III. Saints Getting Prayer Answered.
When someone get a prayer anwered we should shout with them. God is still a God that answers prayer. We I believe sometimes get so selfish that if God don't do it for me, then why should I shout for someone else. This is not right. WHen God heals someone or God provides a need that only he can provide, or God saves a love one. We should shout with that person.

In Closing I am not a shouter but sometimes I wonder if I hinder myself because of the way I was brought up. I know after these last two messages I have heard I need to praise God more in church. I know I want to see more excitement in the House of God but if I am not doing my part how can I expect others to do their part. May the Lord help us to bring excitement into the House of God. Till next time God Bless You.