Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lets Get a Vision!!!

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Prov 29:18
There are so many ways we can take a thought like this. I know we have other denominations that major on this thing of a vision. They have a vision of being rich, or they have vision of some spirit telling them something contrary to the Word of God. I believe tonight in my heart there is one area I as a Christian am failing in, and I know many of our fellow brother and sisters are failing in and that is the area of as the preacher put it last night at church soulwarning. We as the people of God must get burden about peoples souls. The best way I know that we can get a burden for souls is allowing the Lord to give us a vision of Hell. Now I want us to take a trip together to Hell. I want you for a short few moments to imagine this. I do know if this thought don't burden my heart I don't know what else will. We are traveling through Hell and I want you to recognize first the Place of Hell. It is dark, and you can see nothing. The flames are very hot and it feels like it is scorching our skin. I hear the screams and they are to much to bear. People crying out help me, God give me one more chance, God give me something to drink. I hear people being tormented. There is no relief for them. I wish that I could do something for them, but I can not. Friend this place is a whole lot worst that is describe. Now lets go to the next step and the people of Hell. First realize that the Satan is not in Hell nor scripturally will he ever be there. He will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Now some people. There is John my co worker. The one that God put me on the job to warn about Hell. He was rude and mean and now He is in Hell. He was not nice so therefore saw fit not to talk to him about the Lord after the last time he turned the Lord down. There are other co workers that nothing was ever said about the Lord Jesus and now they are in Hell. Another person there is Aunt Jodie. I was scared to talk to her about the Lord and now she is here in Hell screaming out my name and saying Why didn't you tell me. ( Many of Christians families are roasting in Hell because there loved one was afraid to say something) and we move to the next person it is my friend. The one that I was afraid to say anything to because of our friendship. I thought it was better to keep a friend than to tell them that they would die and go to Hell. Now we go to the last phase of that trip and that is the Penalty. Why are these people here? They rejected the Lord Jesus Christ. As I listen to the screams I now wonder if those people would love to have a second chance. Maybe it was a family member, maybe a friend, maybe a co worker. I wonder would they like another chance. The penalty is there fate is sealed forever there is no getting out of Hell. As we leave this vision of Hell tonight let me asked you who do you know is going to Hell and is worth staying quiet and knowing because you were quiet people are in Hell because you had no vision of this awful place. I thank God that we don't have to go to this place but what are we doing to keep people out. To close tonight may the Lord help us to get a reality of Hell tonight. Till next time may the Lord bless you.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Give Glory to God

This is going to be one of two posts today. I was having a minor problem with my blog but it seems like it is now fix. I have a post God gave me last night saved at home on Lets Get a Vision.

I Cor 10:31
Whether therefore ye eat, or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

THis is a powerful verse. I thank God that he saved me when I was 17 but God did not save me just to sit on a pew. GOd expects us to give him glory in this life. He is worthy of all glory. I also know reading the Bible that GOd will not share his glory with anyone. I heard a preacher one day say that the reason he doesn't believe we have seen a sweeping revival is because we have to many preachers that take the glory just before God does something. THis is sad. God wants us to bring glory in several area's of our life.

Does are Lips bring God glory?
We should praise the Lord everyday we get up because the Lord has given another day of breathing his air. It is easy to praise God when everything is alright but we are too bring him glory when the walls are caving in on our life. Besides praise how about the way we speak to others. Does our conversation bring God glory or does it appease the flesh. We should have a godly conversation. It is hard to bring him glory when one gossips, or backbites or just cuts people down. THis shouldn't happen as a Christian but I know I have been guilty of this in my own life. Shame on me.

Does our Labour bring him GLory.
We either labour in the power of the flesh or Labour in the power of the Spirit. The reason people get burn out is because they are trying to bring glory to what they have done instead of bringing glory to God by what God has done through them. When we sing does it bring him glory or self glory, when we teach does bring him glory or self glory, when we lead people to Christ does it bring him glory or self glory. If it brings self glory then it is just burned up works.

Does our Life bring him Glory
The only way my life brings him glory is when it is surrendered to him fully. He wants our lives more than anything else.
Does my daily habits bring him glory.
Does my dress bring him glory.
We either bring glory to his name in everything we do or we bring shame to his name in what we do.
To close May the Lord remind us today to bring glory to his holy name because he is worthy and is the least I can do for everything he has done for me. GOd bless till next time.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Free Free Free

John 8:36
If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

I was thinking of the song Thank God I am Free. We use to sing that song a lot at our other church. Sometimes I think we forget that we are free this morning. Think about the chorus Thank God I am Free, free, free from this world of sin, what a powerful thought this morning that when I trusted Christ as my Savior I gain freedom from sin in my life. We choose to sin against the Lord. He has set us free. I thank God that we have advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ but the more we see what Jesus did for us the more we should be living for him. I am not free as a christian to do what I want the Bible tells us that we have been bought with a price. We have so many christians that are in bondage to something in their life, or they have a stronghold in their life. Some struggle with smoking, some struggle with music some struggle with worldly entertainment and I am sure there are many other things people struggle with this morning. I am reminded in Romans that we are dead to sin, alive to God. When we got saved the old man was buried and we have a new nature. We choose to ressurect to old man when ever we sin. Please don't get me wrong we will not have sinless perfection but I do believe this morning that we can probably sin less than we do. What is the key to conquouring sin in our life, or what is the key to living a spirit filled life. THis is so simply stated in the Bible but it is probably the hardest thing we have to do in our CHristian lives. This thing has been preached many times since I have been saved but I still struggle with it on a daily basis. It is Crucifying the flesh. The reason we don't have victory in every area of our life is we are not dead to the old man. THe reason we have attitudes, or we have rebellion, or we have wrong conversations is because we have not crucified the flesh. When we die to self nothing will bother us. If you go up to a dead body and talk to it, it is not going to say anything back. This is where we as Christians need to be we can not lot our feelings dictate how we treat other people. You think about whenever I have attitude with family, friends, or co workers it is because I am not dead. I have seen what happens when I crucify the flesh, and I have seen when I haven't. There is a big difference. We are free this morning. If you have an area in your life that you are struggling with the old man must die before you have victory. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Somebody is Always Watching

II Cor 3:2
You are our epistle written in our hearts, know and read of all men.

After the last post I wanted to put something that would be encouraging but it doesn't seem like the Lord wanted to go that direction. Maybe next time. We have all heard the phrase you are the only bible some people ever know. We are not perfect and we make mistakes but we are to be a light in a dark world at all times. Easy saying hard living. We are the salt of the earth and when we get saved we get a testimony I wonder how many times we have damaged the name of Christ by what we said, what we do, where we go. Somebody is always watching us there is no exception to the rule. We should have a hearts desire to bring glory to the name of our Lord but sad to say I know have brought shame on more than a couple of occasions. Who is watching us?

I. Our Family is Watching Us.
This includes the wife watching and seeing if the husband is the spiritual leader he needs to be. If husband are honest we all fail some in this area. This includes the husband watching the wife to see if she has a meek and quiet spirit and if she is submitting to the authority of the leadership of the husband. This includes the Children watching the parents to see if they are the same at home as they are at church. Children read the parents like a book I believe this is why we see so many of church kids in up in the world because Momma and Daddy were hypocrits. The includes parents watching their saved child to see if they are living for God or if they are just playing church. I know parents who have been saved because of a child's faith and I know parents who have turned church away because of a child's behavior.

The Church watches Us.
There are people in church that always watching to see if Bro Or Sister so and so is going to stay with God. They watch are faithfulness, attitude, and they way we present ourselves. It pains my heart when someone starts missing church because I know where it is heading. The church watches the preachers kids to see if they are living and acting right. Sometimes this gives someone a reason to leave the church.

The World watches us.
They know if they can discredit us that they will continue to live anyway they want. They watch to see if we are faithful to going to church. THey watch to see what kind of places we are going too. THey watch to see the way we dress. The world watches to see what kind of reaction we will have if someone does us wrong. THe watches to see if we are different like we say we are. I wonder how many people have not been saved because of some saved person acting or going to the same ungodly places they do. This is not an excuse that God is going to put up with but we ought to stay faithful to the Lord's cause.

In closing we must understand that someone is always watching us. This is why we must have a guard up and we also must be careful to not bring shame to his Holy name. If we have today is a new day and yes we will have to start over but we can start today trying to repair the testimony we have left on someone. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Test of a Haughty Spirit

Prov:18:12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.

I normally don't put back to back posts up but I could not get away from this one today. I was reading this morning and this verse jump out at me in my devotions. What a sobering verse. The Bible also tells us in Prov: 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. So what is the definition of haughty I am glad you asked. Haughty in the bible means to show onself above others. If this doesn't describe our world I don't know what does and if this doesn't describe people in churches maybe I am missing it this morning. I look up the word in the dictionary and means to act disdainful or arrogant. Before we say we don't have a problem I believe there is a test we can take. Before I get started I found some interesting things out about myself.

I. The first test is How do we look at the Christian who isn't that close to the Lord. I passed this test today. We should look at the brother or sister who is having trouble with love and and compassion and be humble that it is by the grace of God I am not in this same position as they may be. We as children of God can not look down on other christians I believe when we do this we have a haughty spirit sometimes.

II. The second test is that I am always right no matter what someone else thinks or says. I kind of failed this test. Sometimes I have a way of being a little haughty when it comes to telling people they are wrong even if they are in the wrong way. I esteem myself higher than I need too. I know people that always believe they are right and they will always try to get the last word in.
III. Have you passed the first two if you have praise the Lord. The third test is I am always criticizing those that don't have the same talents or same skills that I have. God gives each and everyone of us a talent that we must use for the Lord. SOme have the talent to sing. I hate when people who can sing every note right thing they are more special than that one that can't sing and has the power of God. I would rather hear someone with the power of God. Or someone that can disect the scriptures in teaching or preaching and they think they are something better than that one that studders or doesn't always get his point across the way the other does.
In Closing Pride is the root of all sin, and one of the fruits of pride is a haughty spirit. Our churches in AMerica are rotting from the inside out because of a haughty spirit. If we find ourselves always wanting to be right or always in a judgemental attitude we may need to repent of this sin and humble ourselves before the Lord. God can humble us and that is not very fun. If you have no problem in this area please pray that the Lord will keep you humble and pray for the other 99 percent of saved people that probably do. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Just a Closer Walk with Him

James 4:8 Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you.
I was thinking as I put this post up there are many people in our world that profess to know Jesus. You asked them if they are saved and they yes. It don't matter if they are partying up a storm or if they are immoral but they yes they know Jesus. I have a problem with that we all make mistakes and fail the Lord on a normal basis but we as children of the king have the Holy Ghost living inside of us. The Holy Ghost is there to reprove us of our sin. He is there to make us feel guilty when we sin against the Lord. I believe every child of God has a desire inside them to just walk close to the Lord. We sometimes let the circumstances whether they are financial problems, family problems, health problems detour us from a healthy and closer walk with the Lord. My hearts desire even though my flesh absolutely hates it is to be close to the Lord. We are bombarded with so much junk today on t.v., places we go, or just things are families do that a lot of times we are distracted from are most important thing we can do in our life and that is to be close to the Lord. When we get close to the Lord it does a few things.
I. Our Family Life will be Different
When we are not right with the Lord, or as close to the Lord as we once were we sometimes let it affect are families. We are not very nice people when are fellowship is broken with the Lord. Sometimes the wife or husband suffer but most the time the children will suffer.
II. Our Church Life will be Different.
We will be more into the service. We will sing that song unto the Lord, we will teach the class with renewed desire.
How do we get close to the Lord. It gives clear way we draw nigh to God he will draw nigh to us. We can be as close as we want to be. The sad thing is many christians don't desire to be close to the Lord they would rather stay where they are and that is just what the devil wants. I believe the devil only goes after those that are really sincerly seeking the Lord. May we get as close to him today as we have ever been in our life. Till net time God Bless.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A New Start

Ps 51:7b wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
The psalm here is written by David after he commits sin with Bathsheba. This is one of my favorite passages in the whole bible because I have to use it often. The bible tells us in I John 1:9 that if we confess our sin he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I was thinking about when we get saved. We all have a past that we are not very fond of. I know there are things in my past no one but the Lord and I know about. I don't tell people what things I use to be involved in that is no one business. When we got saved he wash us from all our sins. Jesus when he died and shedded his own blood made away for all those sins to be washed away. I don't understand how he did but the Bible tells us as far as the east is from the west so far hath he removed our transgressions. It also tells us he don't remember our sins anymore thank GOd for that. I just thank GOd for the day he saved me it was a brand new start.

However, we all get our feet soiled again in this world we all make mistakes in this world. We all have times that we must get that clean feeling again. This is why it is so important to keep short accounts of sin in our lives. I am glad that GOd in his faithfulness doesn't give up on me as a person. I fail him so many times and I get so tired and weary of doing it, but he always there in his love and his mercy and puts his arms around us and says he still loves us. That is the greatest blessing we have as Christians besides being saved which is the most important blessing. I thank GOd when I sin I can get under that blood and be whiter than snow.

THen there is the last new start. That is when we leave this world in the rapture or in death. We get a new body like until the Lords. THere will be no way of sinning ever again. There will be no Satan trying to get us to fall every day. There will be no dealing with the flesh anymore that will be a great day. We will finally do Phil 4:8 we will think pure thoughts all the time. It will be a brand new start in the heavenlies that day.

In Closing thank the Lord that we can get a brand new start each and every day. All we have to do is go to him in repentance tell him what we did and asked forgiveness and he forgives. THis is why we should try our best each and everyday to yield to the Holy Spirit so we can be used of him in mighty ways. Until the next time God BLess.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Jesus Loves Us

I was sitting here and on my screen saver at work my screen has Jesus Loves Us, Praise the Lord. I am so glad that Jesus loves me. He loves me inspite of my failures, lack of faithfulness to him, inspite of my faults. He loves us today. I think of people since I have grown up who have loved me. I know my mom and dad loved me even though they didn't attend church, I know my brother and sister love me, I know my wife loves me, and I know people at my church love me, but there love is not comparable to the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes for people in our life we have to do something to be loved, but with Jesus I don't have to do nothing to be loved. How does Jesus show that he loves us.

I. Because of His Sacrifice.
He died a sinners death so we might go free.
He realize we had no chance without him dying for us.
He let nothing detour him from dying for the sins of the world.
I am so glad he came to die and so glad that he sent the holy ghost my way to convict and so glad he didn't give up on me when I rejected him.

II. Because of His Supplying Hand.
He is all we need. He has come through so many times inspite of my lack of faith. When ever I need something he comes through for me whether be spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. May the Lord help us learn that he is all we need this day and in our everyday lives.

In Closing I just wanted to remind us today Jesus loves us. He is so good very good to us. A little short today but since he loves us we should love him with all our heart, soul, and mind. God bless till next time.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

In Everything Give Thanks

In Everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I thess 5:18

Wow! This is a powerful verse. We have so much to thank GOd for. We can thank for the air we breathe, we can thank him for the country we live in, we can thank him for saving our souls, we can thank him for the blessings of live. The sad thing is the church shows ingratitude towards the Lord. I am in my own life just as with anyone else easily give thanks when things our going well. We can praise him, and brag on him when we are on the mountain but what happens when we end in the valley? What happens if someone we are close too leaves the will of God? What happens when as I did this week you overdraft your checking account and you live from pay check to paycheck and now you have to figure in those overdraft charges. It is not very easy to praise the Lord or gives thanks for all these things in our lives. I know the Bible tells us to learn this but it is very hard to do sometimes. Most the time in our lives we put us in the situations that we are in. It wasn't Gods fault a friend left the Will of GOd, it wasn't God's fault that the checking account got overdrafted it was my fault. How do we learn to obey the Lord in this area of giving thanks for everything. This is the will of God,if we aren't giving thanks for everything we are not right with God.

I. We Realize he is God.
God can get us out of messes that we get in if it will bring him glory. He is God if he doesn't do another thing for me the rest of my life he is still worthy to be thanked. It should not matter on our circumstances of whether we give thanks, we should give thanks because he is God.

II. We Rely on God.
When the things happen in our lives that we don't understand we just realize that GOd is control. It is easy to praise him when everything is falling alright finacially, physically, emotionally or spiritually, but when we get in that valley that is where our character is built.

In closing give thanks, I promise you I have the last couple of days sinned in this area. I know what I am talking about but the Bible hasn't changed it still says to gives thanks for everything. Till next time God bless.

Monday, October 03, 2005

What are you pressing for?

I press toard the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:14

The apostle paul is writing here. Paul in verse 19 said that I might know him. As I sit here this evening typing this is should be are hearts desire. The sad thing is many Christians are aiming at nothing in their life. They like staying right where they are at. I am convinced that if we stay in the same place we will eventually die. God don't want us living an average Christian Life. He wants us to live a spiritual life. He wants us to have victory in all areas of our lives. We choose how far we go with God. We can be as close as we want to the Lord. The sad thing is there are only a handful that yield to the Lord to acheive this in their lives.

There is a prize at the end of this when all is said and done. HOw many will truly get this prize. I was just thinking of a few things that we should be pressing for in our life.

I We should be pressing to be a Better Student of the Word of God.
We are suppose to read the word, study the word, meditate on the word and memorize the Word. We will never know everything in the Bible, however I believe we can know more than we do. There should be goals in our life concerning the Word of God.

II. We should be pressing to be a Better Servant in the Work of God.
I pray all who read this are doing something in the house of God. We weren't saved to sit in a pew. We all can do something in the house of the Lord. It could be teaching, it could be singing, in could be cleaning the church or anything else concerning his work. It could be us just being a servant to one another. THe christian should have the mind set of trying to be a blessing to someone else.

III. We should be pressing to be a better Soulwinner in the Witness of God.
I am going to take this from a different direction. How many times do we stop when someone says they are not ready to get saved. The key ingredient to be a soulwinner is to have the power of God in our life. If we don't have his power in our life we will never be the soulwinner we could be.

To close these are just a couple of thoughts that the Lord has given me. You ask me how I am doing on these and I need to do better in all areas in my own life. I pray the Lord would help us to rely on him more, as we endeavor to do these things in our lives. May the Lord bless you till next time.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Watch Out The Devil Is Coming

I Peter 5:8
Be sober, be vilgilant, because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom he may devour.

This will not be a very long post. As we just came out of Revival this last week we have had people make decisions for Christ. Some have decided to give things over, some have decided to get right with the Lord, some have decided just to keep going on for the Lord. I know this as a preacher God spoke to my heart with me being discouraged about our church, he did a work in my life. However as much as God loved helping us spiritually this week, the devil hated all the God did in our lives. He hates us, and we should hate him as much as he hates us. The devil will try his best to get us to give in to whatever it is that we decided to give in our life. So we must get prepared for him coming because he is coming. There are some things that we must be reminded of.

I He is our Adversary.
He hates us. He is our enemy. THere are things he wants to do in our life that when we open door leads to destruction.

He has an Approach.
It is decietful
He will put something there that seems alright just to get us hooked again, and getting us to live defeated.
It is dangerous.
I believe and some may disagree but when God does a great work in our life, that is when the devil is whispering and adding pressure to our life to make sure that great work doesn't get done.

He has an Appetite.
His appetite is to devour us. It says he walks about as a lion seeking whom he may devour. Who does he devour.
He devours the wicked.
He devours the weak.
He devours the wavering.
If we waver in our faith, or if we waver in our decisions we make that is when to devil has the best chance of devouring us.

In closing I hate the devil but I also know he hates me and is looking for a spot in our lives to where he can make his presence known. WATCH OUT HE IS COMING. God bless you till next time.