Friday, August 26, 2005

Open Rebuke

Proverbs 27:5
Open Rebuke is better than secret love.

Our topic today is something that is not talked about very often. The scripture tells that the preacher is to rebuke, reproof and to exhort with all longsuffering. The word rebuke means to chastise, point out, or to reproof. This is something that most people never practice in their lives. This verse so many times is just looked over but it really is a powerful verse in Bible.

I believe when we see someone in sin we are to rebuke them if they are a child of God. When we rebuke we must do it in a spirit of love and meekness. We must realize we could be doing the same thing. I have been rebuke before and though my flesh didn't like it. It was needful and I was able to get closer to my Lord as result of it. Remember our flesh craves doing wrong, it crave living carnal, and when we rebuke someone that flesh bows up and is ready to fight. Most of the time the phrase I hear alot is It is not your place to judge me. We are according the scripture if we see a brother overtaken in a fault restore them, before there is restoration most of the time there is rebuke. What we like doing is say we will pray for them to get right, and not say anything and just love them. When we don't rebuke and we know they are doing wrong we are committing a greater sin by not rebuking them. Rebuking is not fun when a person enjoys rebuking someone they need to get their heart right. I have had to rebuke people before. I have had to rebuke friends that weren't doing right and now they don't talk to me because I rebuked them. I have had to rebuke teenagers that were doing wrong and some loved me for rebuking them but some have not talked to me since. It pains my heart to lose friendships and to lose people in my life when I practiced a Biblical principle. I realize today that we are not in a popularity contest to see how many people we can get to like us. However we are in this life to help one another live for Christ. This is sometimes in answering questions, providing needs, or this thing of rebuking. In closing this is not a popular subject but it is needful. Whenever we rebuke it should hurt us in sense of having to do it, but we must do it. As a preacher of the Gospel the Lord gives messages for rebuke and these are some of the hardest messages to preach but it must be preached. A little thought from the heart. God Bless YOu till next time.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Servant of Christ

Phil 1:1
Paul and Timothy the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi with the bishops and deacons.

I will again be short tonight. I was just sitting here and thinking about what Paul started some of his letters out with. He said he was a servant of Jesus Christ. Paul probably the greatest Christian in the Bible said this. I was thinking are we really servants of Christ. I was just thinking for a person to be a servant they must have a greater love for the Master than anything else in this world. Do we love Jesus more than any other. The bible says we either serve God, or mammon. Just a couple of thoughts on being a servant.
I. We must be Humble.
If there is one thing that I believe the Lord wants us to do in our lives that is is humble ourselves. To Many people are prideful. The only way God can use us is when we are humble. When we enter the throne room of Grace we must come humbly before the throne. Are you humble?

II. We must be Honoring.
We must bring honor and glory to our Savior in our daily lives. The bible tells us Whether therfore we eat or drink or whatsoever we do. do all to the Glory of God.
I. We must honor him in our habits.
II. We must honor him in our homes
III. We must honor him in our hearts.

III. We must be Helpful
Wherever you see Jesus he is trying to help people. There are many people crying out for help tonight. A servant helps others.
Souls Cry out for Help.
People are dying every second and meeting God in the judgment.
Sliders Cry Out for Help.
The backslider most of the time is crying out for Help. They may like living in the sin for a season but I believe they are always looking for away back to God.
Saints Cry Out for Help.
We need one another in the Body of Christ. We all need people that will rejoice with us, cry with us, and just be there for us. I believe this is being a servant.

Are we a servant tonight. After you read this really think about it. Because remember what Jesus said. Well done thou good and faithful servant. The greatest words we can hear when we get to heaven. God bless you till next time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Prayer in Our Life

The Bible over and over tells us to pray. We can look at many passages of scripture and it says pray. I also know this is an area I really struggle in. I want to so much be a prayer warrior. THis is a desire of my heart. The men of old when they prayed they know how to get a hold of God. Sometimes I pray and I think the only thing I got a hold of was the ceiling. I am not saying I don't pray but I do not pray enough. The messages I got to heart on prayer from camp was for me. There are reasons we don't pray. I am not really going to give a big post but just something from the heart. I wish our young people in churches would get ahold of God when they pray. There are reasons we don't get prayer answered
Lack of Faith
Lack of Forgiveness
Lack of Fervency.
I know Faith is something I need more of in my life. Forgiveness I do alright with by the grace of God. Fervency I don't have a fervency most of the time when I pray. I do know this that for us to be what God wants us to be we have to be able to get a hold of heaven. When was the last time you got a hold of heaven. It is not the quantity of time, but the quality.
Now for the reason I posted this. If anyone has got a prayer request they would like for me to pray for please let me know. You can post it here or I know this can be dangerous but you can post at one of my email accounts. And by the Grace of God I will pray until God answers that prayer in you life. We need to pray for one another as children of God because we don't know what is around the corner in our life. May the Lord bless you until next time

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part.
The story here is the story where Martha is working and working and Mary is at the feet of Jesus learning from Jesus. The Lord speaking here says that mary chose the needful thing.

As I write this post so many saved people have forgot the needful thing. We do so much of the Lord's work in the flesh and we wonder why we get so tired in our lives. We wonder why we get to the point where we are ready to quit on God. We probably have all been there but hopefully none of us in our heart have quit on God. We have to learn that we can not live this life in the energy of the flesh. THere are some things that happen when we sit on the feet of Jesus.

I. We have a Better Appreciation of the Savior.
One of the greatest myths that are baptist preachers preach in this country is the more I serve the closer I get to God. That is so false. I know there was a time in my life that I serve and I was probably the furthest I have ever been from God. When we sit and learn from the Lord what he done for us. We appreciate him more. We need to appreciate most of all for our Salvation, but we have much to brag on our Lord for. He gives us strength through the hardtimes. He gives us stability when we are falling apart. He is a great Savior. We must get to know him like Paul said in Phillipians 3. THe only way we do that is sitting at his feet.

II. We have a better Attitude toward Service.
What I mean is it seems like when we don't sit at his feet we get to a point where we have a poor attitude and people see it. THey see our poor attitude and we damage our testimony for Christ. WHen I sit at the Lord's feet it gives me the attitude of graditude and I want to serve my Lord the best I can. THe attitudes we get are the following.
We can get a selfish attitude.
We can get a sour attitude.
But the Lord wants us to have a spirit-filled attitude and the only way that happens is when I get to his feet and learn how to live that kind of life.

There is nothing wrong with a Child of God just stopping for a little while and sit at Jesus feet. As matter of fact I believe the only way we live a victorious Christian life is not by how much I do for my Savior but by how much time I spend at the Saviors feet. God bless you till next time

Thursday, August 04, 2005

An Awesome Responsiblity

I Thess 2:4
But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak not as pleasing men, but God which trieth the hearts.

This will be a short post. My fellow worker I were talking about this very thing of being trusted with the Gospel. So then I opened my Bible and came to this passage of scripture. We know that gospel means good news. We also know that it is the death burial and ressurection of our Savior Jesus Christ. As I write this post. Do you realize that each Christian as the responsibity of spreading the Gospel everyday of their life. It don't matter if you are young or old, God wants us to spread His Gospel.

We know that people are lost. What if someone didn't give us the Gospel? What if God told someone to be obedient and give us the Gospel and they disobeyed we may be in Hell or heading that direction? What gives us the right to think that we don't have to spread the Gospel? We can do this a couple of ways I believe everyday of our life.

I. By Speaking the Gospel.
We know the Lord has commanded us to be witnesses. This should be an everyday thing in our life. Sometimes I forget that I have this responsibility of the Gospel and someones very life can hinge on if I obey the Lord. We should speak to people about the Lord. This is the very reason I believe that we are not in heaven it is because PEOPLE NEED THE LORD.

II. By Living the Gospel
We should live what we preach. I am not saying we don't make mistakes but people should see a difference in us that makes them question what do they have that I don't have. We can live the gospel several ways.
A. Our Daily Devotion
People know if we walk with God. They can see in our actions.
B. Our Dress.
Do we trust like the world or do we have a difference about us.
C. Our Demeanor.
When someone is cussing do we in meekness tell them that is not right.
When someone doesn't treat us right do we blow up or do we have the love of Christ and react like Christ would.

Just a few thoughts today just to get us to think of the awesome responsiblity that God has given us. Our we doing everything we can to keep people out of Hell if not then lets do better. God Bless You till next time.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Forgiveness Concerning Enemies

Matt 5:43-44
Ye have heard that it hath been said Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

Before I get started on this post I want to let all that read this is one of the biggest area's I struggle in. This is an area that the Lord has been teaching me in. I work with people that our enemies of Christ so therefore they can't stand someone standing up for right. The Bible is very clear in this area. Our Savior is giving the Sermon on the Mount and he addresses this situation. As Christians we have to realize that we do have enemies it is not the person but it is the spirit in the person.

Why must we forgive our enemies?

I. Because Christ Commands Us.
The Lord tells us that we must love our neighbor, this is the law of God. Christ tells us in this passage what to do when we have enemies.
Love our enemies
The flesh wants to get back and pay back but we know this is not right. The bible tells us to turn the other cheek. If we our Spiritfilled we will love everyone. We may not love what they do but we can love them as a person.

Bless Them that Curse Us.
One of the things that gets on my nerves is when someone does curse at me. I have had happen twice in the last week. I handled myself right but I wanted to knock him upside the head. The sad thing is this person claims to know Jesus as his Savior. We are to bless them

Do good to them.
When they are evil to us,then we our to be good. How can we be good. By the way we treat them. We are nice to them we speak them there are a number of things. There is another verse used twice in the Scriptures. Rom 12:20
Therefore if thine enemy hunger feed him, if he thirst give him drink for in so doing thou shat heap coals of fire on is head.

Pray for Them.
This is the best way to deal with someone that is an enemy pray for them. However not only that pray that the Lord will give you the grace to deal with the situation.

II. Because We our to be Christlike.
The best way to see how much Christlike you are is your reaction to an enemy. I strive toward Christlikeness but I have a long ways to go. How can we be Christlike.

A. We forgive.
Christ forgave all them that took part at the cross. If Jesus can forgive them that nailed him to the cross we can forgive someone that does us wrong.

III. Because of Their Condemnation
Even though they misuse me or try to be the devil that person still has a soul and maybe if we forgive them they may end up getting saved. They will be judged one day on how they treat us, and may the grace God find them before they stand before the Judge. Sometimes people our turned off by the way a Christian reacts to them. But the Lord does say that vegeance is his. He will repay our enemies the pslams talks about may times how God subdued the psalmist enemies.
In Closing many people that don't work jobs probably don't have someone that is enemy but Biblically I believe this is how you deal with an enemy. May our prayer be that when someone does these things that we would do what Jesus did.

I pray that these thoughts on forgiveness were helpful. The Lord has taught me quite a bit the last week on this subject. I pray you continue to look back on this site who knows what the Lord will speak to my heart to put on here next. God Bless You!