Saturday, July 30, 2005

Forgiveness Concerning Church Family

Matthew 18:15
Moreover if your brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone; if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained a brother.

As begin this post this is a problem in many churches today. We got preachers that have never asked forgiveness when they tear a man up from the pulpit and we wonder where the power of God is at in our churches. We have many people that have been hurt by preachers that don't attend church anymore and many of them harbor unforgiveness. This is a subject close to my heart because I had been one that has not forgiven someone for wronging before. It is our duty from the Lord to forgive people. He was our example. Before a Holy Ghost revival can start in a church they must not be any unforgiveness between the member or pastor holding unforgiveness in his heart for any reason. We always hear you don't know what they did to me, or how they treated me no we don't but how did they treat our Savior they beat him, mocked him, and did many more horrible things, but he said Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

The Bible tells us clearly how to deal with this issue in the church. Many churches do not use this formula or they use it out of context. If read this whole chapter from verse 15 on it deals with forgiveness. Here is the correct way to deal with someone that has wrong you in a church whether it was a member or it was a Pastor.

I. Go Alone.
The Biblical way to deal with this is not to spread to everyone in the church or to even go to the pastor. It is to go to that brother that trespass against you and try to get it right and to never bring it up again. A person that will not forgive you of sinning against them, he will not get in touch with God until he gets that right with you. Most people that have ought against one another never go to the person first they like running mouth and slamming that person in the ground. Then once this happens that person must get right also with his brother. It is sad thing when brothers and sisters can worship in unity because they are to stubborn to forgive. Now if this don't work then you go to the second step, and only if the first step don't work.

II. Take Another Person with You.
I believe this should be the pastor or another leader in the church. The reason for this is so every word is established that way it isn't he said, she said. They is someone else that witnesses the problem. I believe it should be the Pastor or Deacon because most likely they will not run the mouth about the situation. If you just take your average church member it probably is not a good idea. If this step don't take care of it then you go to the last step. This is the sad step.

III. Bring it before the Church.
The sad thing is when I have seen this happen in a church they never did it biblical way. They did it their way. I believe God is a God of order and I believe that if he said to do it this way then we must. There is no exception to the rule in the church. Most people won't approach there pastor because they are afraid of ridicule. This is sad because the Pastor should be approachable. The whole point for a person to be kick out of the church is for Restoration. We want the unforgiver to get right and come back. This Biblical way is neglected in a lot of churches. Sometimes they take right to the church. I have heard if I saw in public then I deal with in public that is not the Bible way. My idea on this would make many preachers mad but this is Gods Way.

To Conclude there is verse at the end of this chapter that we all to need to memorize and hide in our heart. It is verse 35 So likewise shall my heavenly father do unto you, if ye from the HEART forgive not EVERY ONE his brother their trespasses.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Forgiveness Concerning the Family

This is continuing with my thought on forgiveness. The topic is our earthly family. If the Lord would allow me I want to another post on are church family and then on are foes.

The bible says in Ephesians 4:32
And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's Sake has forgiven you.

Before we start for all those that read this we all make mistakes we all get on each others nerves in our families. There is not a perfect family. Now that being said I want to look at some aspects of this. We must remember is their is unforgiveness in our hearts we will hold back the blessings of God on our life. I want to look at some relationships.

Husbands and Wives.
We know what the Bible says on the roles of each in God's Eyes. But how many times has a husband and wife went to bed mad at each other. Their was no forgiveness. This is not good. I have been guilty and it seems like until that is right God is no where to be found. We know that all relationships must grow to survive. Then I look at this What sins are not forgiveable between a husband and wife. Many people get divorce because they say that what the other did is unforgiveable but God says all things are forgiveable. He forgave us of all our sin, only the Lord know what all that was, but we have been forgiven. For the home to be right their must be no unforgiveness in that home.

Children and Parents.
Again realize their is not perfect family. I believe one reason why are Christian Homes are in a mess in America is because when a parent wrongs child they want to play high and mighty and never go to the child and ask forgiveness. That is not right in God's sight. If parents do something that merits forgiveness they must forgive, and go to the child and get it right. I believe until this happens their will be no power of God on that family. Now for the childs part if they do something do the parent that their should be forgiveness given they better go to the parent and ask forgiveness. A child will never have God on them until their relationship with their parents is right. I believe in America our teenagers and children in church look alright on the outside but on the inside they have never dealt with issues with their parents therefore their is no power of God until they get it right.

Children to Children.
This is very needful. When was the last time you saw a child go to another of their brothers and sisters and asked forgiveness. I have never seen it, but if I read by Bible if their was an offence it must be dealt with biblically. So many times I hear kids get in arguments with one another and I never see them get it right. I believe for a child to have Gods Power they must get that forgiveness. I just don't see happen very often. How many of our church kids and teenagers have never dealt with this in their family and they wonder why God power is not in their life.

To conclude I know that unforgiveness hinders God's Power on our lives. When we have wrong someone in our family and I don't asked forgiveness I believe God's hands our tied until they get it right. May the Lord help us to search are hearts and see if any relationship in our families need to be dealt with on this subject of unforgiveness.

Monday, July 25, 2005

God's Forgiveness

If the Lord will help me the next few posts I want to deal with this subject of forgiveness. This is something each of us must practiced in our lives. God commands us to forgive one another no matter what the hurt, no matter what the sin. We as Christians our not to carry any unforgiveness in our hearts. The sad thing is the body of Christ as much unforgivness today, and we wonder why we don't don't see God show up like he wants too. I don't want to deal with us today I want to talk about the Lord's forgiveness on this post.

IJohn 1:9
If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

God is plentious in forgiveness. He willing to forgive anyone if they come on his terms.

His Forgiveness in Salvation.
We have to ask him to forgive us of our sin. We all had a sin nature and sin people go to Hell for is the Sin of Unbelief. When God forgave us he forgave us of all our sins. When God saved us he knew what I was, and what am, and what I am going to be.
A.He forgave Past
B.He forgave Present
C.He forgave Future
Psalm 103:12
As Far as East in from west so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. When we got saved he see's Christ blood.

His Forgiveness in Stumblings
We all stumble in our Christian walk. We all make mistakes and fail our Lord. We are not perfect. Just because God's forgiveness is their it does not mean we should cheapen his forgiveness. God is plentous in forgiveness but we should not abuse his forgiveness. We shouldn't sin just because we know God will forgive us. We probably have all been guilty of this in our lives.
Confess in the verse at the top of this post means to agree with God. For us to get forgiveness we have to agree with God that it is sin. That is our part. God's part is he is faithful, and just, to cleanse from all unrighteousness. Thank the Lord that he does forgive even when we do cheapen his forgiveness.

To close this post on God's forgiveness. We know the reason we have forgiveness is that Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins, he shed his blood and then took it to heaven with him. This is going to lay the foundation for the next couple of posts. We need forgive because God forgave us of everything. When God forgives he forgives, may the Lord help us to be like Christ in this area.

Friday, July 22, 2005

When the Lord Departs

Judges 16:20b
And he wist not that the Lord was departed from him.

What a powerful passage of scripture we read in Samson's life. Samson probably the strongest man in the world thought he would go out as he did at other times and do the same thing as before. If there is one thing that is missing from most saved people and that is the presence of the Lord. The Lord says he never will leave us nor forsake and we know the Holy Spirit indwells us but if we are honest everytime we open the Bible we don't feel his presence and everytime I pray I don't feel his presence. The problem that we left him. Most saved people would not know if the Lord sat down next to them because they have no fellowship. I hear preachers say I can not live without his presence. We can't live without it, but most of the time we are operating in the power of the flesh. What causes his presence leave or why is God not moving in my life?

I. Sin
We can not have his presence in our life and have unconfessed sin in our life. God hates sin. He don't want us in sin, or being entertained by the flesh. The sad thing is many of us don't have a move of God in our life because he has showed us what to get out, and we don't listen so God's hands our tied until we listen. What is the sin in our life that God can't move.

II. Self
God will not share any glory with anyone. When self is in control God can't and will not move in our lives. We so many times allow self to dictate us. Self loves the things of the flesh, self lusts after the things of this world. When self is on the throne God can't move in our lives. Who is on throne of are lives today?

If you are like me I believe I need to be honest and say to the Lord I need his move back in my life. I get tired of me. I am in the way of what God wants to do. God will not force him self on us. He will sit back and let us run the show knowing that eventually will come back. The question to conclude is this Why does he put up with us?

He Loves Us.
He is Faithful.

To conclude:

Is He Moving in Your Life?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hiding God's Word

Psalm 119:11
Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.

This is one of the first verses I ever memorize as a Christian. A powerful verse that every christian needs to get ahold of. If we really learned this verse like God wants us to we would be able to combat our enemies in this Christian Life. We know we are to read the Scriptures but I believe most Christians miss this idea of hiding God's Word in our heart.
How do we hide his word.
I. We need to memorize the Word.
When Jesus was tempted by Satan he used the Word of GOd to combat Satan. We should try to memorize so much scripture a year. Maybe one verse a week. That would us 52 verses a year, and 520 after ten years. I don't know how many verses God has allowed me to memorize but it could be more.

II. We need to meditate.
The Bible says in Joshua to meditate, and the Bible says in The Psalms to meditate.
Meditate is to thing upon. Muse over, keep letting go over and over in our mind.

We learn some things about meditating.
Joshua says we will have good success, and the psalms say we will be planted like a tree by the Water.

A real short post tonight but a powerful thought. HOw is our Bible Study going?

Monday, July 18, 2005

When the Glory of the Lord fills the House

I Kings 8:10-12
And it came to pass, when the priest were come out of the holy place, that the cloud filled the house of the Lord. So that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of the Lord.

I reading through some scriptures and got a couple thoughts for this. If there one thing that every Christian needs and every Preacher needs and every Home needs and every Church needs it is the Presence of the Lord. When Gods presence showed up in this place the priests couldn't even minister because the Lord was so thick. Would God help us to see his presence so thick that all we can do is stand still and see his glory.

I. We need is Presence in our Hearts.
I know were are saved, but having his presence is essential in our lives. I know I have lived my life without his presence, and I know when I have his presence. I have prayed and just felt like that was useless.
When we have is Presence in our heart
Sin will be Confessed
Self will be Crucified
Spirit will be in Control

II. We need his Presence in our Homes.
When his presence is not in our Home that means that most likely their is Rebellion going on. Rebellion is wrong no matter the reason rebellion is going on.

Husband will be Spiritual Leader.
Wife will Submit
Children will be Suborninate.
This is the way home must be for our churches to see his presence. The Lord will help us get to this point in our homes if we let him. Our churches will only be as strong as our homes.

III. We need his Presence in the House of God.
His presence there but we need the move of God in his House. What happens when he gets in the house.
Sinners Repent. People will get Saved.
Sliders Get Right. When God's presence shows up they have no where to run but to the altar.
Saints Revive. We get are shout and excitement back when he fills the House.

In closing may the Lord help us to see his glory fill these three areas in our lives.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

What to do when you have had Enough

I Kings19:4
But he himself went a days journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree, and requested for himself that he might die; and said It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers

The prophet Elijah had just performed many miracles and proving Baal a liar, and then Jezebel says she is going to kill Elijah. THis is one of the greatest prophets in the Scripture later on he is taken up without even seeing death. However this woman causes him to flee and he goes into the wilderness gets under a tree and tells the Lord I have had enough let me die.

As Christians sometimes I believe we get to the point of saying Lord would you just take me home. I am tired of all that I am going through.

We go through Financial Problems.
We go through Self Problems.
We Go throught Situation that We don't Understand.
I am sure there are many others that we go through. We just get tired in living right in this sinful world, and get to the point where we wonder is anyone else trying to live right.
I was thinking of some things we can do when we have had enough.

I. We could just give up.
We could just throw the towel in and say that is it Lord I want no more apart of this, I am just so tired of this. The sad thing is many Christians get to this point and do throw the towel in. Oh they still go to church, pay money, sing, teach but inside they have just given up. THis is the Easy thing to do giving up, but we can't give up we must keep lifting high the royal banner and proclaim Jesus is Lord.

II. We could just run.
We could do what Elijah did run from the problem, run from the situation. We could just go on and never deal with the problem. We could act like it was never there. This don't work either because until we deal with the problem it will always come back until it is dealt with.

III. We could just Rely.
Here is what we do when we have had enough.

A. Get Spiritual Food.
We need to get in the Word of God. We must seek the Lord and seek an answer to our problem.
B. Get on our Knee's.
Get ahold of the Lord of hosts in our life.
C. We must hear the Voice of God.
God fed Elijah and then took him into the mountains and he heard the voice of God. The only thing that gets us out of this mold is we must hear His Voice. People can try to get us out. The Pastor can try to get us out, but the only one that will get us out is God. When we hear his voice it gives us strength to go on.

IN Closing We must realize that God knows everything we are going through. He knows what we need to make it through the I had Enough times. We must never give up, We must never run, but we must rely on him this may be the Lord's way of getting back in that sweet fellowship with him.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Getting Out of the Boat

I listen to a message today my Dr David Gibbs and the Lord gave me a few thoughts of my own after his message. Matthew 14:22-32

In Our Christian Life so many times we have a hard time getting out of the boat. The day the Lord talked to Peter there were eleven in the boat with him. The other eleven stayed in the boat. Most Christians stay in the boat. They want to live their life status quo. The One that got out of the boat was Peter. he got out of the boat in the middle of a huge storm. It doesn't say Jesus calm the Storm they were in but Peter did get out of the Boat.

Why we don't get out of the Boat?

We are Comfortable.
When you are in the boat it is comfortable. To many Christians want to live there life in comfort. They don't want God to shake there life up. They would rather just make it through life.
They get Comfortable in things of this World.
They get Comfortable in living stale.

We lack Courage.
It takes courage to get out of the boat. When Peter got out of the Boat he didn't know what was going to happen. (Don't miss this) He had to totally rely on Jesus.
Would the Lord help us to totally rely on him tonight. When Peter had his eyes on the Lord he didn't sink but as soon as he started looking at the circumstances he began to sink. When we get out of the boat we must keep our eyes on Jesus.

We desire no Change.
I know I am tired of the same things defeating me in my life. I am tired of just getting hot for a while and then cooling off. If we are going to do great things for God we must get out of the Boat. Our we content where we are at as a Christian? Many good Christians are content. They read they pray they witness they go to church but are they effecting the cause of Christ like they are suppose to. Many Christians bring more shame to Jesus by what they don't do, than those that bring shame by what they do.

In Closing Bro Gibbs asked this question and I have asked this question to myself and now I asked to all who read this post.

Why do we only asked for the great, or the incredible when God wants to do the impossible through us? I do not know what that entails but may my heart be ready for God to do the impossible through me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I wasn't going to put nothing up until tomorrow, but I can not get this thought off my heart. One of my co workers and I were talking to day and the Lord showed me some things about this thing of temptation.

I Cor 10:1-14
First we know that temptation in itself is not sin, we can fight against temptation in our life the Scripture tells us. The thought I have is What is the greatest temptation a Christian faces in their life. The Lord spoke to my heart and here is what I think is the greatest Temptation. Falling into Idolatry. A Idol is anything that takes the place of Our Lord in our hearts. We are faced with so many things that can detour from the Lord having his rightful place.

People put Jobs as Idols. They live for the Job, they put everything to the side accept that job.
People put family as an Idol. Family takes the place of God in many Christians lives.
They don't only put that part of family but sometimes the Husband or Wife takes the throne in our life.
People put all kinds of things. But here is what I wanted to get to.

Verse 12 says Wherefore let him that thinketh take heed lest he fall. When we think we have arrived or think that we are not succeptible to Idolatry is the day that we will fall.

Verse 13 has tremendous truth in it. Here is the key to combatting Idolatry. We must look for the way to escape out of it. verse 14 talks about Idolatry. We all everyday our faced with the temptation of Idolatry. The sad thing is many of us fall into Idolatry. If there is sin that is plaguing our churches in America it is this and many people don't realize they have fallen into it until it is to late. God wants the throne in our life, if he don't have we are committing Idolatry. We are putting something above are Lord.

May the Lord help us to see if we are committing this act in our life, and if we are repent and get right. If are not praise the Lord, but let us be careful and not think that we will not have trouble with it. Just a few thoughts tonight, pray it is a help.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Experiencing The Move of God.

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
The day we got saved we experienced something we never had until that day. We experienced the Lord move in our life. I remember back to that day and remember the difference I felt. THe peace of God that I had. God wants to move in our lives every single day. According to this verse he wants to show great and mighty things. God is in Heaven today wanting to move in our life, however this is one thing that stops him that is us. When we are on the throne of our life, he can not move in our life. I want GOd to move in my life more today than I have ever wanted him. I see so much lukewarmness and so much complancey that I believe there are not many out there that want to get on fire for the Lord. I was thinking of some area's in my life I want God to show me great and mighty things.

I. My Personal Life.
I want God to show himself real in my personal life. I want to be so senstive to the Holy Ghost that when he speaks I listen.
My Personal Study.
In personal study of the Scriptures, I want GOd to show me great and mighty things.
My Prayer LIfe.
THis is probably one of my greatest struggles as a Christian Praying like I need to. I know that is the only way to get God's power.
In Answer prayer.
The Bible says that GOd will answer my prayers if I am right with him. SO if my prayers are not getting answered I may need to check up and make sure I am right.

II. My Public LIfe.
Work Life
I want people see Jesus in me when I work. I want people to see a diffrence I want GOd to let me see great and mighty things in people's lives at work. I am so tired of so called christians listening to ungodly music, and using ungodly words, and just acting ungodly.
Church Life.
I want to see God move in my life so it effects my church. God can use one person surrender to him to perform a great move in the HOuse of GOd. The reason God don't move in church may be because we are not yielded like he wants us to be.
Witnessing Life.
I want to experice the move of God in my soulwinning life. I want to see people get saved as result of my obedience to the Lord. The more we give to the Holy GHost and get filled with his power the more we will see people saved.

We have a promise from God's word that if we call on him he will answer us. Lets pray that Lord shows a move of God in our lives.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Waves of Life

Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts; all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me. Ps 42:7

We are coming upon the time of the year where we are about to have a chance at Hurricanes once again. During this time of year when the hurricanes come the waves get really big anywhere from 10 to 25 feet during a storm. I was thinking that many times when the storms come into our life we sometimes feel like the waves are going to overtake us. We must always remember that Christ is still able to speak peace to our storms.

I Waves of Distraction.
Waves come in our life to distract us from our fellowship with the Lord Jesus. We seem to get distracted from many area of life. Satan is the master at distracting God's children. I believe the church of God is allowing the devil to distract a whole lot more than before. Sometimes he uses family to distract, sometimes health problems, or sometimes even financial problems. We must keep our eyes on the Lord.

II. Waves of Doubt.
I remember for a while I use to doubt if I was even saved when I was in Bible college. However sometimes the doubts come in what we are doing with God's Will. We know God see's the final picture but we don't understand always what he is doing in our life. The main thing is our service for the Lord. Where we go to Church what we do in the church, these things sometimes are used by the devil to get us out of the Will of God.

III. Waves of Discouragement
We all get to points in our life when we get discouraged. We are not to live in it, but we are all bother by it.
We get discourage where we are with the Lord. We look at our life and think man I haven't grown very much and we get discouraged.
We get discourage when things in our families life are not going the way of the Lord and it discourages us.
We get discourage with the way things in churches go. We want to see the move of God and then it don't come, and Satan gets you to the point whether you believe anything is ever going to happen.

I am sure there are many mores waves that come in our life but I thank the Lord that he can to something for us that are spouses or children can't do, and parents can't do, our pastor can't do.

HE CAN SPEAK PEACE TO ANY WAVE THAT COMES IN OUR LIFE. This is what keeps us going in life. He is a Friend that knows our needs and I believe he hurts when we hurt. He loves us and knows when we can't handle any more of the wave and he speaks peace.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

What Kind of Influence do you Have?

I look throughout the scriptures and find many men and women of God that had influence. We can look at both the old testament and the new testament and see how we can have influence. The greatest thing we can do as children of God is to have a godly influence and people. I am reminded that we influence people one way or another. We either influence them for the cause of Christ, or we push them away from the cause of Christ. I am thinking tonight of some groups of people we must have influence with.

I. We must have influence with the Foes.
We all have people that rise up against us in our walk with Christ. SOmetimes it is family or friends, sometimes it is the God deniers. We must keep a right spirit(hard to do in the flesh.). We must keep a meek spirit and we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. As a Christian we are to love everybody not like everybody but we all have people that rub us the wrong way.

II. We must have influence with Our Friends.
We should only have godly friends. We are to be around those that want to do something for God. The Natural Crowd hangs with the Natural the Carnal hangs with the Carnal, and the Spiritually hangs around the Spiritual. Our Friends should know we walk with Christ and should be able to see it. Our influence with are friends is very important.

III. We must have influence with Our Family.
As Children of God we have to families in our life now. We have are Natural Family and we have our Spiritually family.
The hardest people to reach as Children of God our those in our family. They know how we were before we got saved. They know what we did, how we treated them, how we talked to them. They are very skeptical when we name the name of Christ. We also know that when we get saved something happens that is different. We must have influence with them. Not only that are families know how we live outside of church they know how we really are. Let be said of those we live with he/she live in their home like they do in church. That is great influence.

Our Spiritual Family we must also have influence with. We must always remember no matter if we are in position in the children or not people are always looking up to us. They are always influence by us.

Our prayer is that we are a great influence on all those we are around. I know I need to work in area's in my life. When I leave this world I want to be said that I had a great influence on many people.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Waiting on the Lord

First I would like to apologize for not putting anything new on my post. I have been having trouble getting on my computer.

The thought for this post in Waiting on the Lord. The Bible has some things to say about this waiting.
Ps 27:14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart, wait I say on the Lord.
Lam 3:25 The Lord is good for them that wait for him, , to the soul that seeketh him.

In my Christian Life this is one of the hardest things for me to do. However I believe it is one of the most important things a Christian must learn to do. In society we are so use to doing things when we want to, and getting the answers we need when we want to. There are somethings that God wants us to wait for sometimes we can't handle God doing it for us right now.

Sometimes God wants us to wait for his Will in our LIfe. I know that we have somethings in the scripture we know that are God's Will. We know it is God's Will for us to be saved, We know it is God's will for us to be surrendered, we know it is God's Will for us to be Seperated, and We know it is God's Will for us to be Spirit-filled.

I. It hard to wait for God's Place of Service in the Ministry.
I have a deep desire to pastor a Church, and I want to so bad, but so far I am in a waiting period. God's knows my heart but I want it done in God's Time. Sometimes many preachers step out of God's will and try to help him along and get a church and destroy their Christian Life because they were not ready for it. Even missionaries jumping out of God's will and they just were not willing to wait on the Lord.

II.It is hard to wait for God to Save Our lost family members.
God tells us that we are to believe by faith that God will do things in our life. One thing that is close to many Christian's life is seeing family saved. We get discouraged sometimes that God don't save them when we want him too, or when it seems like they will never get saved, but we must pray harder, weep harder, and I believe we will see them save. It says he will perform everything that ask according to his will and it is will for them to be saved. We must learn to wait on this in our lives.

III. It is hard to wait for God to Move in Church.
One thing lacking in most churches is God's presence. We beg God to move and then nothing happens. People stay lost, People stay in their backslidden condition. However we know God wants to move it is just matter of waiting on God to see what he is going to do. God may be just waiting for group to get alone with him and seek him a little bit more.

IV. It is hard to wait on God to answer prayer.
God sometimes waits to answer prayers in our life. Sometimes I believe just so we seek him a little harder in our life. We know Abba Father wants to answer our prayers, it is just a matter of us waiting on his timing. Child of God be encourage that as long as we are right with him he will give us an answer. Sometimes no, or yes, or wait.

To close everything that God does in our lives has to be in his Timing. Somethings we just couldn't handle if he did them right now. As the Pslamist said We must wait on him and again we must wait on him.