Monday, December 19, 2005

Where is Christ?

Matt 2:2 Saying Where is he that is born King of the Jews?

I love this time of year where we celebrate Christ's birth. I love everything about Christmas. I love the beauty of Christmas, and I love to give during Christmas. THere is something that saddens me this morning and that is the attack on taking Christ out of Christmas. Society hates Christ today, and I believe the majority of our government hates Christ today. This time of the year people lose the meaning of the season so many times. The lost looks at Christmas just as a time of family getting together and giving gifts to one another. As I sit here this morning I was thinking in our lives where is Christ this morning. What a wonderful time of the year to either get saved if someone is not saved, or to get right with the Lord. I just have a couple of thoughts.

I. Is Christ the Love of your Heart.
THis can entail two things. The first question is are you saved? I know the majority of people that get on this site are saved but maybe a stranger comes by just to check it out and they may not be saved. To be saved and make him Lord in your heart. You must repent of your sins and trust Jesus by faith to be saved. Now what about the Christian this morning is he Lord of our heart or do we have someone else on the throne of our heart. Christ wants to be on the throne of our hearts this morning. He wants us to give him full control of lives but he gives us that choice this morning. This time of year many put family on the throne of their heart. It saddens me that I have family that will not go to church because family is going to be in town. The one day we can serve the Lord on the day we celebrate his birth and many churches and christian will be closed for business that day.

II. Is He Leader of Your Home.
Are we giving him control of our homes this morning or do we have control of the home. If people come to our home who would they find in control today. Would they find A Father who may make mistakes but gets on his knee's before he makes a decision for his family. Would they find a wife before she gets started taking care of the needs of the family in God's presence. Would they find children who honour their mother and father. I am asking if a lost person would follow during the day and see how you act in your home would it bring them to Christ or push them away from Christ. Either the Lord has control of your home or Satan has a foot in the door of your home.

In closing this week before we celebrate Christmas may we all examine ourselves and find out where we are with the Lord. I like many Christians can love him more than I do this morning. I can let him lead and direct me more this morning. I know I can pray more and I know I can read more and i know I can tell more people about Jesus. Where is Christ at in Your Life? Till next time God Bless.


Sis. Julie said...

Good post Bro. Tim. I know that I desire to keep my focus on Christ at all times. However, the flesh gets in the way at times. Whose fault is it when this happens....its not the devil's fault. It is my fault!! I choose to let other things take the place that God deserves in my life. May we all come to the realization that we don't always keep Him first. The first step to making a change in any area of our life is to first realize there is a problem in that area. God bless you Brother and thank you for the posts you have been putting up lately!!

Jim said...

Bro. Tim, thanks for stopping by and posting a comment on my blog. My wife and Sister Julie are good friends, and I have checked out your excellent blog from time to time from a link on her site. Maybe we will get a chance to meet someday down at Faith Baptist Camp. Thanks for reminding us to focus on Christ this Christmas!!!