Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We Need to Be Prayer Warriors

The bible commands to pray in more than a dozen passages of scripture. I was emailing and told someone that the greatest way they can be a servant to the church is by being a prayer warrior and of course the Holy Ghost showed me I needed to be a prayer warrior. Now don't get me wrong I know we probably all pray to the Lord but I asked do we pray until we touch heaven. I heard a message last night on The Power of Praying Church and God convicted me for my lack of praying. I won't go into details on the message because the Lord has given me the ok to either preach or teach the message. As I sit here this morning I asked the question what kind of praying person am I. I realize the church is as strong as its members. We have to have a church that is getting ahold of the Lord on a daily basis. We have all heard messages on the prayer changes things and you know what it does. Some say I just don't have a lot to pray about I have to say we can spend an hour in prayer and still not get everything prayed for. I know that the only way you have power with God is through prayer. I was convicted last night that I know people that have lost family members and I don't pray for them shame on me. I know people that have family out of God's will and I don't pray for them shame on me. I am just telling how the Lord convicted my heart last night. I was thinking when we pray we need to pray several ways. Just a quick outline.

We need to pray Consistently.
We must have a quiet time everyday to pray for the needs of people. We all have needs but we must be an intercessor for our loved ones, and church family. I pray but consistently I can do better in praying for people.
Consistently pray for the church.
Consistently pray for lost loved ones.
Consistently pray for family.
COnsistently pray for the Man of God.

We need to pray Believing.
We need to take God's promises and believe them. I lack faith in area's of my life that God has promised that I can have the victory in. I pray for a loved one's salvation yet many times I pray not believing. The reason we don't have more prayer requests answer is because we don't believe God like we should.

We need to pray Fervently.
We must pray until we get a hold of heaven. We must pray because peoples lives our at stake when we pray. When we pray fervently that is when I believe God really comes through in our prayers.

In closing remember God wants to answer our prayers for us more than we want them to be answered. My question to you as you read this is Are you A Prayer Warrior if not lets strive to be prayer warriors by the grace of God. Till next time God Bless You.

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sis. julie said...

Oh me!! I love to pray but I sure do have to say that I am guilty of not praying like I should. In the thing of praying for other people's lost loved ones or those out of God's will...I try to keep the mentality that I want to pray for their requests like I would want them to pray for my requests. We have no right to request prayer for our loved ones or other requests if we aren't going to be willing to pray for other people's requests. I agree also that a church that has individuals that will pray like they should that it will show in the church and in the services. Thank you for this post Bro. Tim. Can't wait to hear you preach or teach this message!!