Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pursuing God

Phillipians 3:10 Paul writes that I may know him. I thank God that I know him in Salvation today. I am so glad that I don't have to pay for my sins in the Lake of Fire. This is wonderful but I wonder this morning how many Christians are just using the Lord as a Fire Escape. I started reading a book this week that I bought two years ago The Pursuit of God. How many of us today are pursuing after the Lord. This should be the desire of every Christians heart. The man that wrote the book said that many are happy with living the mediocre Christian Life. That is going through the motions. That is just reading the bible, and praying and soulwinning and going to church but never letting God have full control of our lives. God already commanded us in Romans through Paul to present our lives a living sacrifice which is our reasonable service. When we go on this journey of knowing God it is not easy, but I believe that the things we go through are needful in this life. I believe there are three things missing from most Christians lives and the reason we are missing them is because we are not pursuing the Lord. I am guilty have to say in areas of my life.

I. Presence of God.
I wonder when was the last time we felt the presence of God real in our lives. I know he with us always but I am talking about when the Lord is so thick that you can't help to praise his holy name. I am talking about the presence that if you could you would touch God in the prayer closet with you. I am talking about the presence that is so refreshing that it gives you strength to go on. I believe in our young people they haven't seen this presence because many parents have not even been in His Presence.
II. Peace of God
When we get saved we make peace with God according to Rom 5:1. In this time that we live in there are so many Christians that have no peace in their lives. We have preachers, missionaries, evagelists that are men of God committing suicide because they can not find that peace. So many Christians me included wring our hands over the most insignificant things that come in our lives. There are many Christians that are worried over things that God has in control.
III. Power of God.
This is the thing that seperates the majority of Christians from those that are on fire. Most today do not live with the power of God on their lives. As I am reading this book the man that wrote you could tell had the power of God on their lives. This is my hearts desire and let me tell you that old flesh fights this in my life everyday and that is to have a touch of God not to brag but so people can see a difference in me and trust Jesus. That is the reason we are here to bring as many people with us to heaven as possible.
In Closing if you are like me these areas in my life can be stregthen. The only way we can strive to do better is to know are God. He wants us to know him in and itimate way to where He is All we Need. I pray this was help to all who read just a few thoughts from the heart this morning. May the Lord bless you Till next time.

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sis. julie said...

Good post Bro. Tim. We have that book you are referring to. I've read it once already and you have sparked it in my heart to pick it up and read it again. I want God's power and His presence to be so real in my life. I'm just really struggling with a couple of things in my life that make me think I can never have it. I'm trying to pray my way through these things and I am just really having a hard time getting victory in them. Please pray for me about that. This is what our church needs is for each person to pursue God and let Him be more real to them than ever before. When we all do that we will see His power manifested in our services. I miss that and I want that so desperately. Thank you for this post.