Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas

The Lord has been so good to us this year. Yes I know we have all had trials and tribulations that we just haven't understood but God has been faithful to seeing us through each trial. The year has flown by I can't believe that next Sunday is the start of a new year. Sometime next week I will be putting a post up on Godly Resolutions that we all may put in our life. I know this Christmas weekend is going to be busy. With all the wrapping of presents and then going to peoples houses, then eating all the food, and then opening all the gifts. ( Just in case someone comes by and reads this that normally don't let me interject something in here. Going to church inspite of all the churches taking the day off.) The closing of the church on Christmas day to me helps exactly what the liberals are trying to do. Take e Christ out of Christmas. The one day out seven years we can go to the house of God and worship him and adore him, and praise him, and tell him how good he is, and thank him for coming many that name the name of Christ will just stay home and opened gifts and spend it with family without even mentioning the Lord's birth. Shame on those Christians. I look forward to being in the house of God on that day. Now that my preaching is out of the way. I wish all those that may read this site a Merry Christmas. And on Christmas day may I give a challenge before you get out and opened the presents may each of us have a personal quiet time with the Lord that morning and thank him for what the day really means to us Christmas. There are many that have lost family this year that it will be the first year without that loved one. There are many that are fighting for are freedom that won't be home celebrating Christmas. There are many that will have no food on the table so much to be thankful for this Christmas. Again have a Merry Christmas until next time God bless.

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sis. julie said...

Merry Christmas to you to Bro. Tim. We will see you Christmas morning when we come to Sunday School. We just heard how one church is having ONE service Sunday and then is cancelling Sunday School on that day too. How sad that is that people would do things any different in church this Sunday than any other Sunday. I'm looking forward to being in church on the Lord's day that just happens to be celebration day of the Lord's birth. We love y'all!!