Thursday, December 08, 2005

He Is Precious

I Peter 2:7 Unto you therefore which believe, he is precious

A short post today I have been thinking about how precious he is to me today. The Lord the last few days has really been speaking to my heart. There is a song that the preacher's wife sings called Jesus is precious. We come to this time of the year that many kick Jesus out of. The government is trying to kick God out completely. The stores we shop at are trying to kick God out but God will always be uplifted by a remenant of believers because he is precious to them. Last night the Lord dealt with my heart on testifying how precious he is but I disobeyed so I thought I would take few minutes to brag on my Jesus. He is precious in his Wonderful Salvation. He gives us the greatest gift and then we can't lose it that is precious. He came and died a sinners death willingly because I was precious to him that is a Great God. He is precious in the Study to me. I thank GOd that he has shown me over the years how precious he is when I study his Word. I have failed him so many times in studying like I should but when I opened that book with a clean heart he always shows himself precious. You think of the grace he gives us daily in this life, and you think about the mercy he bestows on us and you would have to say he is worthy to be precious in our lives. He is precious in the Secret Place. I thank God that when it seems like I am alone or that I get discouraged that I can go to one that will always be ready to listen. I thank God that I can show him how precious he is to me. We should be willingly to show others how precious he is to us today. He is all we need today if we would learn that what burden would be lifted from our hearts. I asked you How precious is he to you. Mrs Julie since I know you will read this thank you for obeying the Lord in singing that song last night I was going to call and asked you too but got real busy and really forgot but God didn't forget. Till next time God bless you.

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sis. julie said...

Amen Bro. Tim!! He sure is precious. Thank you for letting me know that our singing that song was a blessing to you. I felt impressed on Sunday to sing it but I ended up taking care of Aaron and thought the devil distracted me from singing it...but I felt more impressed last night to sing it than Sunday. It must have been meant for last night. Thank the Lord for being precious. Even when others don't realize or even I don't realize or we sometimes forget....He is always precious anyway.