Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Hardships of Life

I haven't wrote for a few days but I feel that what I put on here tonight will help each that read it. The Word of God tells us that man is born of woman full of trouble. The Bible tells us to count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations. The Bible tells us that God won't let us go through anything that we can't bear. With all this being said what kind of hardships do we face in our lives. We face love ones passing on to be with the Lord. I was able to preach my fathers funeral 4 years ago Sunday. It was a hard thing but God helped me go through it. My father died because of sin in his life but the hardship was trying to help the family cope without a father. Sometimes we don't understand why God allows us to go through a love one dying prematurely but I think that alot of times the reason is for us to put our trust in the Lord knowing that he will help us through. When we got saved we were not promise a bed of roses. People have hardships with sicknesses that sometimes we just don't understand and this effects all in our families. I was thinking why do we go through hardships. I have a couple of reasons the Lord allows to go through things.
Hardships build Character
We go through things to build are character. Our character is what we are when no one is around. We as christians are to have character. When we go through things who do we go to. Everything that happens in our lives is for a purpose many times we don't understand this.
Hardships shows that God wants Control.
God wants control of our lives. He wants to be king in our lives. He wants to control through the Holy Ghost are every moment of the day. SOmetimes he lets hardships come in because He knows this is the only way he can get are attention many times.
Hardships conform us to the Image of Christ.
The reason we breathe today on this earth is to bring honor and glory to Christ. The Lord is the Potter and many times he has to put pressure to bring the vessel where he wants it. Everyday we live we should be looking more like Jesus. We should be talking more like Jesus would and we should be acting more like Jesus would. When we are comforming to the world that is when the Lord has to bring hardships in our lives to get back on track.
I know tonight I am kind of scattered brain but if I didn't get my point cross in what is written then maybe we would understand that we need to thank God for the hardships because that means that he is working on us. Till next time God Bless.

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