Thursday, December 29, 2005

Goals in 2006

Phil 3:14a I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

I heard a quote before on if you aim at nothing you will hit nothing. I think of 2005 and at the beginning of the year the Lord gave me a message to preach at a watchnight service on things I wanted to do better in 05. I wanted to be a better student of the Word , and the Lord allowed me to learn more about him this last year. I wanted to be a better servant and I tried with the Lord's help to be a better servant. I wanted to be a better soulwinner and I realize I could have done better. Goals in our life our good. Many people set physical goals at the beginning of the year. Like some want to quit smoking, or some want to quick drinking or this is a big one some want to lose weight. These are all good goals but I wonder if you have set any goals for this new year coming up. Not just physical but spiritual.

One goal that the Lord has really burden my heart about is in the area of soulwinning. I want to be a better soulwinner this year. I failed so miserably last year in this area of my life. I want to be able to lead people to Christ. I want to give more tracks out this year, I want to knock on more doors this year, but most of all I want to present the gospel to more people this year. I believe the more we present the gospel the more chances we have of seeing someone saved. The greatest feeling besides being saved is God allowing you to lead someone to Christ.

A Second Goal is I want to have a better prayer life. I want to be a prayer warrior. I want people to count on me to go to his Throne this next year. TO be a prayer warrior I need to be clean. To be clean I need to be in His Word and obey his Word. I want to be closer to the Lord this year than I have any other year in my Christian Life. I want people to see a difference to the point to where they know and can see that i have been with Jesus in sweet fellowship.

A Third Goal is I want to Pastor this next year. I thank God for the training I have had under on my Pastors. I have learned from each Pastor in my life from my former pastors David Hyde, Jim Preast, Nesbitt Odom, and Terrell Hopkins to my current Pastor Ron Brown. I really believe I am ready to go out and make my mistakes as a Pastor. I believe I have the training I need. If you read this please pray for me that the Lord will opened that door up this year if it is his will.

There are so many goals that we can set in our lives. I pray that the next couple of day you will find some goals and right them down in your heart and press to reach those goals with the help of the Lord. If I don't write any more which I may I want to wish all a Happy New Year may God bless you this coming year. Till next time God BLess.

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sis. julie said...

I'm so glad that 2005 is almost over and that my past mistakes of the last year are behind me. I'm looking forward to 2006. I have already made some spiritual and physical goals for the next year. I share all of the goals you have listed in my prayer life, soul-warning, study of the Word of God, being a better servant for God, etc. With God's help I want this next year to be the best year of my Christian life. My heart's desire is to accomplish more for the Lord than I have ever accomplished before and to stay in the center of His will the entire year....that one is a toughy!! I do pray for the Lord's will in your life as far as pastoring. God knows the timing. Where you might feel like you are ready to pastor there may be more things that He wants you or Sis. Crystal to learn before He places you somewhere. So just stay ready and willing and keep praying!! God makes no mistakes!! We are anxious to see God fulfill y'alls heart's desire in pastoring and parenting as much as you two are. We know these areas are very important to you both. We love you both and look forward to watching what God does in y'alls lives in 2006!!