Thursday, December 01, 2005

Birthmarks of Salvation

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shalt be saved. Rom 10:13

There are so many people in our churches across America that struggle with the fact if they are saved. I believe most Christians at one time or another in their life struggle on whether they are saved are not. I have on a couple of occasions struggled with this very fact in my own life. We have so much repeat a prayer after me salvations that many believe if they say a little prayer they are going to heaven. I once said a prayer growing up almost every night before I went to bed but never found satisfaction in my Savior. You have preachers that preach if you doubt then you must not be saved. You have preacher preach that you must have some experience that is awesome to be saved. You preachers preach that you must weep, rejoice or show other signs to show that you are saved. The reason we are saved is because of the fact of God's Word. I am not saved by some experience I had but I am saved by what God says in his word. I remember the time I was convicted of my sins, and I remember the time that I knew I was going to Hell and after years of thinking I was saved I remember the peace I had once I got saved. This post is not to make people doubt, but I hope it strengthens the fact that we are saved. There are several birthmarks that are in the scriptures to show us that we are saved.

I. Our Love Changes.
Before we got saved all we loved is ourselves and what we could do to get ahead. When we get saved God gives us the Holy Ghost and the first thing he changes in our love toward this world.
A. A Desire to Love the Word.
Every Christian that is saved as a deep desire to know more about God. A desire to read and study God's Word. A person that is saved and says he doesn't want to learn God's word needs to check up.
B. A Desire to Love and Worship.
Our desire for loving the Lord changes , every born again person has a Love for the Savior.
We have a love for the house of God and a desire to be around God's people. We want to be in church, and we need to be in church. There are many in homes across America that have prayed a prayer yet they sit at home and never go to church. I need church to make it through in this life, and I know this is one area after I got saved that I wouldn't let anything stop me from being in the House of the Lord.
C. A Desire to Witness.
A Christian has a desire to witness to others so don't have to go to that awful place called Hell. We developed a burden for peoples salvation.
A. We have a burden for Family to be saved.
God gives us burden for loves ones to be saved.
B. We have a burden for friends.

II. Our Labour Changes.
Before we got saved all we work for is bettering ourselves but after we get saved we get a new commander and work.
God gives us desire to work in his church and for his name.
III. Our Look on Sin Changes.
Before we got saved it didn't bother us when we sinned. But after you get saved the speech that you used to be ungodly changes. The Lord showed me that I was a new creature one day when I cussed at someone after being saved and it seemed like my heart was going to burst from when the Lord spoke to me about my language. Needless to say he took the vile speech and replaced with godly speech. Many areas in our life that were sinful that the Lord starts changing our look and shows us that we don't have to fall into those sins anymore.
When I have doubted if I was saved God has put these birthmarks there for me to go back to and shows me that I am saved. He gives us a verse to examine ourselves whether we be in the faith, I use that verse alot and do go back often to see if I truly have been born-again. Whenever I have every doubted I go to his Word and pray and asked him to give me a peace in my soul, and he has never failed once. My question is can you go back to a time that you know he convicted you of sin, and showed you your need to be saved, if not then chunk whatever you have and called on his holy name. This preacher believes sadly that there are many that have prayed a prayer that if they don't give saved they are going to hell off a pew. Thank God that I know, that I know I am going to heaven. Till next time God Bless.


Robbyn said...

Bro. Tim, Thank you so much for your post but more importantly for your willingness to listen, to hear, to talk, to understand and to pray. You are such a blessing and I pray your posts and your life continue to be a blessing to others.

Sis. julie said...

Bro. are so right about so many struggling with the thing of whether they are saved or not. I have many times. I was basing my salvation experience on the testimonies of others. The devil would tell me because I didn't say what they said or I didn't react the way they did that I wasn't saved. God finally gave me peace and assurance about my salvation a few years back. I didn't pray and ask the Lord to save me when I prayed that Sunday morning. I thought I was already saved. But where my mind didn't know I needed to cry out to God to save heart knew it!! My heart cried out to God and I repented of my sins. That was the key right there...I saw my need for Him in my life on that morning and I REPENTED of my sins. That is why I'm saved today!!! When I got up from that altar I was a changed person. And I had been under conviction for weeks before that day....I just didn't know I was!! I thank God for His Word that tells me how I could be saved and how I can know that I am!! The devil is not only doing a good job of deceiving lost people to thinking they are saved but he is also doing a good job of keeping the child of God from knowing for sure they are by that tool of doubt that he uses.