Thursday, November 10, 2005

Whom do you obey?

We ought to obey God rather than man. Acts 5:29b

I was thinking about this verse the last couple of days. The passage here is when Peter and the Apostles were told not to preach Jesus and then Peter said this to those people. We all face a decisions sometimes when we choose who we are going to obey. Sometimes it comes in a work situation, sometimes it comes in a political setting, and sadly sometimes it comes in a family setting. We must learn as Christians that we are to obey God no matter what. We are to do things that please the Lord and not man. I want to look at these settings for a couple of minutes.

I. Work Situations.
I was thinking at work sometimes you have to make a decision on whom you will follow. For instance when it comes to the boss coming and asking you something about what someone did. You have to make a decision. If you follow man you will probably lie, but when you follow God you will always tell the truth. Or another scenerio what if you asked to go somewhere you shouldn't. IF you go you are following man, but if you don't go then you follow God. Whom will you obey?
II. Goverment Situations.
When is right not to obey the government when they step against God's Word. We are suppose to obey the government but if they say you can't carry God's Word anymore then you are to obey God. God is are final authority. There is not prince, king, president, leader that supercedes God. If we are put in the position of whether we live or die over the Lord. We should choose God. Whom will you obey?

III. Family Situations.
I want to give a little more on this. Normally our family is the closest to us. Sometimes family wants to go a different direction and we must follow God. I have had this happen a few times since I have been married. It was a decision on whether we stayed or went somewhere with family or if we followed God and went to the HOuse of God. Sadly many put family above the Lord. There are many Christians who would spend time with family instead of being faithful to the LOrd. How about this situtation where you know something is not right in your family and you must stand against your family because of what God's word says. This is hard but we must do it. We must realize that there a lot of carnal saved people who would rather obey man and particapate in things against GOd's Word than obeying the Lord. What God wants is for us to take a stand and always obey him in everything . Whom will you obey?

In closing God allows us to make this choice in our lives. I would love to say that I have always obeyed God instead of man but this is not true, but it is my hearts desire to obey from this day until I die or he comes in everything. Till next time God Bless.

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sis. julie said...

Good post Bro. Tim. I too have been guilty at times of not going with God and His Word on some things in my life. But I desire to do better in this area and I do a whole lot better than I ever used to. This is a truth I am trying to impress upon my kids. They don't always listen to me or God on things but I have a responsibility to teach them and guide them in the way they should go. I know that if my kids make choices that are against God it will not be my fault and I will have nothing to answer to God on in this area. This is a very important thing to do in a Christian's life. Afterall....I know I can say that none of those that we go with against God ever died for us!! That is something to think about.