Monday, November 07, 2005

What God Wants?

I was thinking and just pondering on how great a God we serve. He knows everything we do or say before we ever say it. I was thinking how he saved us and how he has guided us to learn more about him. I was also thinking about this question. What does God want today from his creation. He created everything for his purpose and for his glory. God is so good to us. As I have read posts today some talked about how the Lord allows the beauty of the seasons to change. There are several things that God wants from his children tonight. God always wants something from the lost man.

To the Sinner God wants them to seek forgiveness of Sin.
Remember according to Peter 3:9 God wants all to come to repentance. God wants all to be saved even though all will not be saved. He made a way through Jesus for all to be saved. He gives everyman the choice of being saved but sadly so many reject the Lords call to Salvation. I believe it will be a sad day for God when he has to cast some of his creation that rejects him to be cast into the Lake of Fire.

To the Saved God wants fellowship.
God desire from the time he created Adam was to fellowship with man. God has always had a desire to talk to his creation. We know sin stopped that fellowship so can allowed the sacrifices of animals to atone for sin, but one day he sent his son to die and then sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in his creation so we can have fellowship with God. I know in my life I don't fellowship as much as I can with my Lord. I wonder how many Christians in the world hasn't even fellowship with God today. God is waiting to hear from us today.
To Saved God wants us to have Faith.
If there is one area I believe sometimes I lack in it is trusting God. He wants his children to be able to come to him at all times. The sad thing is most of the time we come to him when he is the last resort. The bible tells us in I John whatsoever is not of faith is sin. It is also tells us it is impossible to believe God without faith. We have saving faith but sometimes we lack that living faith.
To the Saved God wants us to Forgive.
This is what God wants from his children we must learn to forgive when someone hurts us. This was something that I had a problem with for a while and allowed myself to get bitter. That is always a bad thing. Remember the word tells us to always forgive no matter what the pain that was caused. We can not be right with God and not forgive. God wants his children to learn this principle of forgiveness. When someone don't accept our forgiveness that is on them. It is sad when God children hold grudges for years. There is no joy and there is no peace when we hold grudges.

In closing there are many other things that God wants from us but this is what the Lord put on my heart tonight. If we are lacking in any of these areas may we ask the Lord to help us he will not turn us away. Till next time God bless you

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