Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What a Day That Will Be?

I was thinking today of this song. What a great song and I love what it says today. We face so many things in this life. It seems like we are so busy that is will be good when this all ends. I was thinking of all the heartaches people face. They face the heartache of love ones being lost and not being able to do anything about it. They face the heartache of love ones being out of the Will of God and not being able do anything about it. We get so stressed in this life with the bills that just don't go away. We face the sorrows of seing people that we love go by the way of the grave and even though we know they are in a better place it still don't make it easy on us. We face the letdowns of people in our life. People we thought were strong and there to help us and then we see them falter forgetting that we all can get bogged down. We have pains in places that sometimes no medicine can help and we have to suffer through the pain. I am glad today that I am saved and that I know that one day it will be worth it all. What a Day that Will Be?

When all Work on earth is Done.
We will not have to work for a paycheck anymore, we will not have to clean, cook, take care of the kids when he comes back. I am not saying those things are bad but I know that they sometimes can get burdensome.

When We Can Worship Forever in the Right Spirit.
I have to admit there are times that I don;t worship in the right spirit. There have been times to where I just didn't feel like worshipping the Lord.
What a Day that Will Be?

I. No More Sin
We will never sin again. We will never say a cross word to someone. We will never have another a bad attitude again. We will never have an ungodly thought, deed, or action ever again. It will be great to be able to think right all the time.

II. No More Satan
The reason there will be no more sin is because we will not have to deal with Satan ever again. The one that has caused so much grief will never again be able to do anything to us.
In Closing I thank the Lord that we are coming to an end of all of this mess on this earth, but I thank God What A day that will be when I see the Savior face to face. When I see the one who died for me and loves me even when I haven't loved him back. When I see the One who has watched over me since I have been saved. When I see the One who has been a friend when I haven't had a friend to turn to. When I see the one that I get to spend eternity with forever. Truly What a Day that Will Be. Till next time God Bless You.

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sis. julie said...

I love that song too!! And you are so right....what a day that will be!! I can't wait till I don't have to battle the flesh and the devil anymore. I can't wait till I don't have to carry burdens anymore and have to watch loved ones choose to live apart from God yet say they love Him!! But more importantly I can't wait till I can see my Savior face to face and kneel at His nail pierced feet and worship Him as He deserves to be worshipped.

Sorry to seem a bit perturbed in my post about the religious bookstores. But it does bother me when they put the name of Christian to it and it is so worldly. No different than those that call themselves Christians yet they live as ungodly as they can.