Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Test of a Haughty Spirit

Prov:18:12 Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.

I normally don't put back to back posts up but I could not get away from this one today. I was reading this morning and this verse jump out at me in my devotions. What a sobering verse. The Bible also tells us in Prov: 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. So what is the definition of haughty I am glad you asked. Haughty in the bible means to show onself above others. If this doesn't describe our world I don't know what does and if this doesn't describe people in churches maybe I am missing it this morning. I look up the word in the dictionary and means to act disdainful or arrogant. Before we say we don't have a problem I believe there is a test we can take. Before I get started I found some interesting things out about myself.

I. The first test is How do we look at the Christian who isn't that close to the Lord. I passed this test today. We should look at the brother or sister who is having trouble with love and and compassion and be humble that it is by the grace of God I am not in this same position as they may be. We as children of God can not look down on other christians I believe when we do this we have a haughty spirit sometimes.

II. The second test is that I am always right no matter what someone else thinks or says. I kind of failed this test. Sometimes I have a way of being a little haughty when it comes to telling people they are wrong even if they are in the wrong way. I esteem myself higher than I need too. I know people that always believe they are right and they will always try to get the last word in.
III. Have you passed the first two if you have praise the Lord. The third test is I am always criticizing those that don't have the same talents or same skills that I have. God gives each and everyone of us a talent that we must use for the Lord. SOme have the talent to sing. I hate when people who can sing every note right thing they are more special than that one that can't sing and has the power of God. I would rather hear someone with the power of God. Or someone that can disect the scriptures in teaching or preaching and they think they are something better than that one that studders or doesn't always get his point across the way the other does.
In Closing Pride is the root of all sin, and one of the fruits of pride is a haughty spirit. Our churches in AMerica are rotting from the inside out because of a haughty spirit. If we find ourselves always wanting to be right or always in a judgemental attitude we may need to repent of this sin and humble ourselves before the Lord. God can humble us and that is not very fun. If you have no problem in this area please pray that the Lord will keep you humble and pray for the other 99 percent of saved people that probably do. May the Lord bless you till next time.

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sis. julie said...

OUCH!!! Excellent post Brother!! I thought of two people just off the top of my head that need to read this post and let the Lord help them in these areas. Am I wrong for doing that? Am I being judgmental or critical when I say that? If so, Lord forgive me please...and you too and anyone else who might read this. I know I have had a problem in a couple of these areas in the past but praise the Lord I don't now. I do pray for others that do though. I have to be careful not to get back there once again though. I pray that I always be humble in my attitude toward others and about myself. Unfortunately...I am not. Once again....excellent post!!!