Thursday, October 20, 2005

Somebody is Always Watching

II Cor 3:2
You are our epistle written in our hearts, know and read of all men.

After the last post I wanted to put something that would be encouraging but it doesn't seem like the Lord wanted to go that direction. Maybe next time. We have all heard the phrase you are the only bible some people ever know. We are not perfect and we make mistakes but we are to be a light in a dark world at all times. Easy saying hard living. We are the salt of the earth and when we get saved we get a testimony I wonder how many times we have damaged the name of Christ by what we said, what we do, where we go. Somebody is always watching us there is no exception to the rule. We should have a hearts desire to bring glory to the name of our Lord but sad to say I know have brought shame on more than a couple of occasions. Who is watching us?

I. Our Family is Watching Us.
This includes the wife watching and seeing if the husband is the spiritual leader he needs to be. If husband are honest we all fail some in this area. This includes the husband watching the wife to see if she has a meek and quiet spirit and if she is submitting to the authority of the leadership of the husband. This includes the Children watching the parents to see if they are the same at home as they are at church. Children read the parents like a book I believe this is why we see so many of church kids in up in the world because Momma and Daddy were hypocrits. The includes parents watching their saved child to see if they are living for God or if they are just playing church. I know parents who have been saved because of a child's faith and I know parents who have turned church away because of a child's behavior.

The Church watches Us.
There are people in church that always watching to see if Bro Or Sister so and so is going to stay with God. They watch are faithfulness, attitude, and they way we present ourselves. It pains my heart when someone starts missing church because I know where it is heading. The church watches the preachers kids to see if they are living and acting right. Sometimes this gives someone a reason to leave the church.

The World watches us.
They know if they can discredit us that they will continue to live anyway they want. They watch to see if we are faithful to going to church. THey watch to see what kind of places we are going too. THey watch to see the way we dress. The world watches to see what kind of reaction we will have if someone does us wrong. THe watches to see if we are different like we say we are. I wonder how many people have not been saved because of some saved person acting or going to the same ungodly places they do. This is not an excuse that God is going to put up with but we ought to stay faithful to the Lord's cause.

In closing we must understand that someone is always watching us. This is why we must have a guard up and we also must be careful to not bring shame to his Holy name. If we have today is a new day and yes we will have to start over but we can start today trying to repair the testimony we have left on someone. May the Lord bless you till next time.

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sis. julie said...

Good post....I too have damaged my testimony at times. It should be a humbling thought that others are watching us. And alot of people lost and saved alike have us under a spiritual microscope watching our every move and reaction. We must stay close to the Lord to guard against those times that we might not do as we should. God help us all to be mindful of this very important truth in our lives!!

PS....preacher's kids and especially pastor's kids are under a very big microscope...if people would only realize that they are human too and will make mistakes!!