Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lets Get a Vision!!!

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Prov 29:18
There are so many ways we can take a thought like this. I know we have other denominations that major on this thing of a vision. They have a vision of being rich, or they have vision of some spirit telling them something contrary to the Word of God. I believe tonight in my heart there is one area I as a Christian am failing in, and I know many of our fellow brother and sisters are failing in and that is the area of as the preacher put it last night at church soulwarning. We as the people of God must get burden about peoples souls. The best way I know that we can get a burden for souls is allowing the Lord to give us a vision of Hell. Now I want us to take a trip together to Hell. I want you for a short few moments to imagine this. I do know if this thought don't burden my heart I don't know what else will. We are traveling through Hell and I want you to recognize first the Place of Hell. It is dark, and you can see nothing. The flames are very hot and it feels like it is scorching our skin. I hear the screams and they are to much to bear. People crying out help me, God give me one more chance, God give me something to drink. I hear people being tormented. There is no relief for them. I wish that I could do something for them, but I can not. Friend this place is a whole lot worst that is describe. Now lets go to the next step and the people of Hell. First realize that the Satan is not in Hell nor scripturally will he ever be there. He will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Now some people. There is John my co worker. The one that God put me on the job to warn about Hell. He was rude and mean and now He is in Hell. He was not nice so therefore saw fit not to talk to him about the Lord after the last time he turned the Lord down. There are other co workers that nothing was ever said about the Lord Jesus and now they are in Hell. Another person there is Aunt Jodie. I was scared to talk to her about the Lord and now she is here in Hell screaming out my name and saying Why didn't you tell me. ( Many of Christians families are roasting in Hell because there loved one was afraid to say something) and we move to the next person it is my friend. The one that I was afraid to say anything to because of our friendship. I thought it was better to keep a friend than to tell them that they would die and go to Hell. Now we go to the last phase of that trip and that is the Penalty. Why are these people here? They rejected the Lord Jesus Christ. As I listen to the screams I now wonder if those people would love to have a second chance. Maybe it was a family member, maybe a friend, maybe a co worker. I wonder would they like another chance. The penalty is there fate is sealed forever there is no getting out of Hell. As we leave this vision of Hell tonight let me asked you who do you know is going to Hell and is worth staying quiet and knowing because you were quiet people are in Hell because you had no vision of this awful place. I thank God that we don't have to go to this place but what are we doing to keep people out. To close tonight may the Lord help us to get a reality of Hell tonight. Till next time may the Lord bless you.

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sis. julie said...

Good post Bro. Tim. You are so right...we aren't doing enough to warn people of their eternal destiny. I have witnessed to my family as much as I can for now. They have told me not to say anything anymore. It has been so hard to not say anything though. But in spite of my not being able to witness to them sister has gotten saved. I have honored their wishes and God saw fit to still convict and save one of them. I know God is working in the hearts of my mom and dad. I'm just going to continue honoring their wishes and let the Holy Spirit do His work. But while I can't say anything more to them I have an obligation to warn my other loved ones and friends and even those I don't know. How else will they know if I don't tell them? I may be the only one they will ever hear about the Lord from. May we all keep that in mind. And if we fail them then teir blood will be on our hands!!