Monday, October 17, 2005

Just a Closer Walk with Him

James 4:8 Draw nigh to God and he will draw nigh to you.
I was thinking as I put this post up there are many people in our world that profess to know Jesus. You asked them if they are saved and they yes. It don't matter if they are partying up a storm or if they are immoral but they yes they know Jesus. I have a problem with that we all make mistakes and fail the Lord on a normal basis but we as children of the king have the Holy Ghost living inside of us. The Holy Ghost is there to reprove us of our sin. He is there to make us feel guilty when we sin against the Lord. I believe every child of God has a desire inside them to just walk close to the Lord. We sometimes let the circumstances whether they are financial problems, family problems, health problems detour us from a healthy and closer walk with the Lord. My hearts desire even though my flesh absolutely hates it is to be close to the Lord. We are bombarded with so much junk today on t.v., places we go, or just things are families do that a lot of times we are distracted from are most important thing we can do in our life and that is to be close to the Lord. When we get close to the Lord it does a few things.
I. Our Family Life will be Different
When we are not right with the Lord, or as close to the Lord as we once were we sometimes let it affect are families. We are not very nice people when are fellowship is broken with the Lord. Sometimes the wife or husband suffer but most the time the children will suffer.
II. Our Church Life will be Different.
We will be more into the service. We will sing that song unto the Lord, we will teach the class with renewed desire.
How do we get close to the Lord. It gives clear way we draw nigh to God he will draw nigh to us. We can be as close as we want to be. The sad thing is many christians don't desire to be close to the Lord they would rather stay where they are and that is just what the devil wants. I believe the devil only goes after those that are really sincerly seeking the Lord. May we get as close to him today as we have ever been in our life. Till net time God Bless.


Kristina said...

That is good. I have lacked in that area of not being as close as I need to be here lately. I am trying really hard to be close. That pride always seems to get in there and mess up everything! I have let that get into my life and I am trying my best to take care of it. Thanks for the post. keep it up!

sis. julie said...

This is my heart's be as close to the Lord as I possibly can. And it seems the more I try to get the more fierce the battles get. The devil doesn't want us close to the Lord and he puts up a hard fight to keep us from it. But my God is mightier than any enemy....including and especially the devil!! Thank you for your posts lately. I know I haven't posted comments but they have been very helpful.

Bro Tim said...

It is good to get a comment to see if it is helping people but I believe the Lord uses these even without responses. I am glad they have been a helpful.