Thursday, October 06, 2005

In Everything Give Thanks

In Everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I thess 5:18

Wow! This is a powerful verse. We have so much to thank GOd for. We can thank for the air we breathe, we can thank him for the country we live in, we can thank him for saving our souls, we can thank him for the blessings of live. The sad thing is the church shows ingratitude towards the Lord. I am in my own life just as with anyone else easily give thanks when things our going well. We can praise him, and brag on him when we are on the mountain but what happens when we end in the valley? What happens if someone we are close too leaves the will of God? What happens when as I did this week you overdraft your checking account and you live from pay check to paycheck and now you have to figure in those overdraft charges. It is not very easy to praise the Lord or gives thanks for all these things in our lives. I know the Bible tells us to learn this but it is very hard to do sometimes. Most the time in our lives we put us in the situations that we are in. It wasn't Gods fault a friend left the Will of GOd, it wasn't God's fault that the checking account got overdrafted it was my fault. How do we learn to obey the Lord in this area of giving thanks for everything. This is the will of God,if we aren't giving thanks for everything we are not right with God.

I. We Realize he is God.
God can get us out of messes that we get in if it will bring him glory. He is God if he doesn't do another thing for me the rest of my life he is still worthy to be thanked. It should not matter on our circumstances of whether we give thanks, we should give thanks because he is God.

II. We Rely on God.
When the things happen in our lives that we don't understand we just realize that GOd is control. It is easy to praise him when everything is falling alright finacially, physically, emotionally or spiritually, but when we get in that valley that is where our character is built.

In closing give thanks, I promise you I have the last couple of days sinned in this area. I know what I am talking about but the Bible hasn't changed it still says to gives thanks for everything. Till next time God bless.

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sis. julie said...

Amen!! That is why the song the girls and I sang last night is such a blessing to me. I find myself singing it alot of times and I know it is the Holy Spirit reminding me to Praise His Name!! Things have looked dark around here for several months now. And just when I think things are looking bright then it goes dark again. But I'm going to keep on praising His name. That is the Lord encouraging me through my troubles and trials. I'm sorry to hear that you did the same thing I did. We are going through a tough time as a result of MY mistake but I know God will see us through!! He ALWAYS has!!