Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Word of the Lord Came

Just a short post this evening. I was thinking about this thought throughout the scriptures we find this phrase the Word of the Lord Came. In the old testament when ever the Word of the Lord Came the people had to make a decision for the Lord. The people in the Old Testament did not have the Word of God. THe way they heard from God is through his men or directly from God himself. We have the WOrd of GOd. How precious is it to us today. Many countries do not have the WOrd of God and we have several copies. People die daily around our world for the Word of God. The sad thing is most church people don't spend no time in the Word. The majority of people expect the Pastor to do their studying for them, or they expect their Sunday School teacher to teach them all they need to know. I believe it is sad that most Saved people can't quote more than 10 verses, some don't know where to find all the Books of the Bible, SOme don't even know how many books of the Bible are in the WOrd. People would rather spend time watching T.V. or going shopping or reading a carnal book than learning from the HOly Spirit. If I seem upset I am not really just I too am guilty of not spending more time with the Lord. Our teenagers in churches would rather spend time with video games or playing sports or spending time with the opposite sex than to spend time with the Lord. We need Revival in so many area's in the church. We need to Soul win more, we need to Pray more, we need to give more and not just financially, but we need to have a Revival in this area of Studying the Word of God. How much time have you read today? I would have to say I am convicted because I haven't read none yet today. How many days did you miss reading last week. We wonder why we have no power in our lives and this is the reason we spend little time in the Bible and thus it is not able to change us into the image of Christ. Just a little thought this evening may the Lord help us all spend more time in getting know him in His Word. Till next time God Bless YOu.

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