Thursday, September 29, 2005

What Will He Find Us Doing When He Comes

The Word of God tells us Jesus is coming back. We are probably on the brink of this all being over. I believe I will not see the grave, but I will see the Lord. We know when he comes back there will be many who are not ready for his coming. There probably is over 80 percent of the world that don't even know Jesus. In AMerica most people believe in heaven and believe they are going. WHat a sad day that will be when Jesus comes and they have no more hope. THey spread they false doctrine and then realize they miss it. THe sad thing is that probably in the independent baptist church over 50 percent is lost. Many hold to a profession and they don't even remember the date, or what Jesus did for them. I remember when I was lost and they date I thought I got saved I just remember praying but I don't remember the Lord doing anything. HOwever the day I was saved I remember about everything that happen that night.

I want to talk about Christians. WHat will he find those that name the name of Christ doing. I think of three things and there are plenty more.

I. SOme he will find sinning.
He will find a lot of those that are his probably not doing what they are suppose to do. He will find them out of fellowship with him which is sin. I believe the reason Jesus comes and gets his church is because so many Christians are bring shame to the name of the Lord.

II. SOme he will find Sitting.
We were not saved to be a pew sitter. We were saved to do something for the Lord. There are people I know that just decided it was time to sit, and the cause of Christ suffers because of this. You have heard the phrase 10 percent of the people do 100 percent of the work. That is in mega churches and small churches.

III. SOme he will find Serving.
I pray this is where he finds me when he comes. By the grace of God I want to be doing something that will effect the cause of Christ when comes. We serve in many ways. We can serve by what we do at the church, we can serve by being a witness, we can serve by helping our brothers and sisters in Christ.

SO my question is what will he by the grace of God find you doing? If he came tonight what will he find you doing. God bless you till next time.


Anonymous said...

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sis. julie said...

Good post Bro. Tim. I meant to comment sooner but didn't have the time when I thought about it. I pray the Lord finds me faithful and serving Him when He comes. I know that day is coming very soon and I can't wait. I pray it is tonight!! I also see that you figured out how to set this thing up to keep the spammers out!!