Wednesday, September 07, 2005

God wants our best

Col 3:23

And whatsoever ye do,do it heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men;

THe apostle Paul wrote this book of Colossians. As we read this verse let me say first of all this is a easy verse to read and preach but it is definitely a hard verse to live by. The modern church sometimes preaches that it is o.k. to mess up and it is o.k. to not give your best because GOd understands. God doesn't understand our disobedience. When we are not doing everything in our life unto the Lord we are disobedient. Whatever task the Lord has for us he expects us to put our whole heart into it. The sad thing is many saved people give God their left overs.

I was thinking of some areas God wants our best. THese are in no means all of what God wants our best in but a couple.

I God wants our best in Worship.
Most people have no idea what worship is. We know for us to worship the Lord we must do it in spirit and in truth. We worship someone or something everyday. I pray that it is the Lord. Some worship family over the Lord. Some worship sports over the Lord. SOme worship leisure time over the Lord. We should have a desire in our heart to worship the Lord with all our heart. He deserves it, and he demands it.

II. God wants our best in Works.
What we do for the Lord we need to put our whole heart into it. There have been times that I have preached that I did not put my whole heart into it. I know this because the last time I preached I did and the next day I had a spiritual hangover. I was drained the next day. But how about when someone teaches they should put their whole heart into it. How about when someone sings in the church they should put their whole heart into. We must realize that when we don't we are not right with the Lord. May the Lord help us to put our whole heart in everything we do it the church.

III. God wants our best in Witnessing.
SO many time saved people only witness verbally at visitation. However it we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit there are people everyday that the Lord wants us to witness to. I want to talk about are life. We are a witness for God everyday by how we live, act, speak. Whether we are a good or bad one is up to us. When we get up in the morning what we put on either shows Christ or shows the world. How we deal with people at work either show Christ or show the world. How we act when the world seems to be crumbling at our feet either shows Christ or shows the World. What kind of witness are we verbally and daily?

These our just a few thoughts the Lord gave me this morning. May he help us all give him our very best in everything. I know there are areas I must to better in. I want to everything heartily unto the Lord. May God bless you until next time.

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Sis. Julie said...

Good post Brother!! I look at it this way....God gave us His best in giving us His Son so we owe Him nothing short of our best!! I fail oftentimes to give Him my best...but our desire should be to do so in every area of our lives.