Thursday, September 29, 2005

What Will He Find Us Doing When He Comes

The Word of God tells us Jesus is coming back. We are probably on the brink of this all being over. I believe I will not see the grave, but I will see the Lord. We know when he comes back there will be many who are not ready for his coming. There probably is over 80 percent of the world that don't even know Jesus. In AMerica most people believe in heaven and believe they are going. WHat a sad day that will be when Jesus comes and they have no more hope. THey spread they false doctrine and then realize they miss it. THe sad thing is that probably in the independent baptist church over 50 percent is lost. Many hold to a profession and they don't even remember the date, or what Jesus did for them. I remember when I was lost and they date I thought I got saved I just remember praying but I don't remember the Lord doing anything. HOwever the day I was saved I remember about everything that happen that night.

I want to talk about Christians. WHat will he find those that name the name of Christ doing. I think of three things and there are plenty more.

I. SOme he will find sinning.
He will find a lot of those that are his probably not doing what they are suppose to do. He will find them out of fellowship with him which is sin. I believe the reason Jesus comes and gets his church is because so many Christians are bring shame to the name of the Lord.

II. SOme he will find Sitting.
We were not saved to be a pew sitter. We were saved to do something for the Lord. There are people I know that just decided it was time to sit, and the cause of Christ suffers because of this. You have heard the phrase 10 percent of the people do 100 percent of the work. That is in mega churches and small churches.

III. SOme he will find Serving.
I pray this is where he finds me when he comes. By the grace of God I want to be doing something that will effect the cause of Christ when comes. We serve in many ways. We can serve by what we do at the church, we can serve by being a witness, we can serve by helping our brothers and sisters in Christ.

SO my question is what will he by the grace of God find you doing? If he came tonight what will he find you doing. God bless you till next time.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Lies from the Devil

John 8:44
Please read this verse before checking the post. The devil has many names and he is a liar. He lied in the garden, and since he has lied probably every day of his life. As a Christan we know the devil has a three fold purpose he wants to steal, kill and destroy.
He wants to steal the seed of the Word of God from us when we God deals with our heart to get it right. This is why it is so important to deal with the Lord before we leave the church. He wants to literally kill us, but thank God he can't do that without God's permission. Lastly he wants to destroy our testimony. He wants to make us a powerless christian and that is what happens when we lose are testimony. However he likes lying to us Christian in other areas of our life. He is very good at what he does and I am not giving credit to the devil but look how many people are out of church that name the name of Christ. He whispers a few lies to us christians even today.

I. He whispers Saved can't live seperated lives.
He knows when we live holy and right people are affected by it so he tries and does a good job and getting christians to act like the world, talk like the world, go to worldly places, and just to be like the world. However we know God wants us to live seperated unto him. He wants us to seperate from things, and when we don't do this we are in rebellion, and then God has to chasten us because he loves us.

II. He whispers Strength doesn't come from Scriptures.
He does his best to keep us out of the Word of GOd. The reason we have so many weak churches is because we have christians that don't get in the Word. Strength only comes from the Word. WHen we grew up the only way got stronger is by eating physical food. Spiritually the same way the only way get stronger as a christian, and make it through trials in when we are in Gods word. Satan does not want us in the Word. THerefore he will whisper you won't get nothing out of it so why read it.

III. He whispers Satisfaction is not in the Savior.
Satan puts so much out their for us to get satified with. The only satisfaction we will ever find is in Jesus. We go through things that we don't understand and he whispers Jesus don't love you, Jesus don't care for you, Jesus don't even know who you are and unless we are right with GOd we sometimes do believe him. But this is one thing I have found out in my life. Jesus Satisfies. He is the only one that truly satifies.

In closing let us just tell the devil to hush and trust and believe God. Till next time God bless you.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Revival: Now or Never

Our church is going to have revival next week. I believe our church really does need revival. We have to be able to affect our community and the only way that is going to happen is if we get a revival started in the community. It starts with each member of our church. Our country also needs revival however in my opinion our country may have gone to far with us telling Israel they had divide the land that God gave them. However in this post I want to get it down to a personal level. We need revival. We need a shot in the arm to keep going until Jesus comes. We go through many trials some from the Lord, and some from our own doing. I believe we are in the end of end times look at what is going on. I believe most of the body of Christ don't want revival they just want to keep living the way they are without God getting in their business. How sad but true with most saved people. I personally have been a many of good meetings, but I have never seen God get a hold of a person for any length of time and start a fire of revival with that person. The post title is for a reason. We don't know how much more time we are going to live as matter of fact we are not promised tomorrow. So we either have revival now or we may never have revival. The Word of GOd says are life is like a vapor. We know the Lord wants us in close fellowship with him. When was the last time you talked to the Lord and it seem like he was in the room with you? Why do we always wait for Revival meeting to have revival? I was talking to someone and they said the greatest revivals are the ones not plan by man but when God sweeps in without a revival meeting. THis is what we must see in our personal lives. He wants us to love him so much that he can use us mightily. The only thing that stops God from using us in us. For those that may not go to our church that reads this you can have revival. We turn from our will, way, and turn to God's will, and God's ways. In closing how long will God give out the call to revival and we keep turning it down before he moves on and finds someone who really wants revival. I pray that he gives me this chance and that for the first time I would experience a holy ghost sent revival in my heart. God bless you till next time.

Monday, September 12, 2005

God is Good

Psalm 107:1

O Give Thanks unto the Lord, for he is good;for his mercy endureth forever.

A short post tonight but as I was sitting here thinking about what to put on my post I thought I just brag on the Lord for a few minutes tonight. God has been so good to me. Though many times I am not what I need to be for God still is good in spite of me. HE can't help it tonight it is his character to be good. Our character is not always to be good to people or to God. There are so many area he is has been good to me. He Saved my Soul when I was 17. He called to preach when I was a young Christian. He called to the ministry when I was 24. He gave us his Word so we can walk in the light and not in darkness. He allowed me to be born in this great country. He could of allowed me to be born where the Gospel is not preached. He has been so good. He allows me the health so can provide for my family. He gave me a submissive wife. I know preachers who their wife don't submit always to the authority of the husband. I also know Christians whose wifes don't sumbit to the authority of their husband. I don't have to worry about that. He gave me good friends who I can confide in that I don't have to worry about blabbing my business to everyone. He gave me a great Pastor who preaches the truth and stands on the Word of God. YOu see he has been very good. Even when we go through tough times he is still good to us. A little different tonight but I feel this is what the Lord would have me put on the blog tonight. How has God been good to you? After reading this post take a few minutes and do what the verse since give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. Until next time God Bless YOu.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

God wants our best

Col 3:23

And whatsoever ye do,do it heartily as to the Lord, and not unto men;

THe apostle Paul wrote this book of Colossians. As we read this verse let me say first of all this is a easy verse to read and preach but it is definitely a hard verse to live by. The modern church sometimes preaches that it is o.k. to mess up and it is o.k. to not give your best because GOd understands. God doesn't understand our disobedience. When we are not doing everything in our life unto the Lord we are disobedient. Whatever task the Lord has for us he expects us to put our whole heart into it. The sad thing is many saved people give God their left overs.

I was thinking of some areas God wants our best. THese are in no means all of what God wants our best in but a couple.

I God wants our best in Worship.
Most people have no idea what worship is. We know for us to worship the Lord we must do it in spirit and in truth. We worship someone or something everyday. I pray that it is the Lord. Some worship family over the Lord. Some worship sports over the Lord. SOme worship leisure time over the Lord. We should have a desire in our heart to worship the Lord with all our heart. He deserves it, and he demands it.

II. God wants our best in Works.
What we do for the Lord we need to put our whole heart into it. There have been times that I have preached that I did not put my whole heart into it. I know this because the last time I preached I did and the next day I had a spiritual hangover. I was drained the next day. But how about when someone teaches they should put their whole heart into it. How about when someone sings in the church they should put their whole heart into. We must realize that when we don't we are not right with the Lord. May the Lord help us to put our whole heart in everything we do it the church.

III. God wants our best in Witnessing.
SO many time saved people only witness verbally at visitation. However it we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit there are people everyday that the Lord wants us to witness to. I want to talk about are life. We are a witness for God everyday by how we live, act, speak. Whether we are a good or bad one is up to us. When we get up in the morning what we put on either shows Christ or shows the world. How we deal with people at work either show Christ or show the world. How we act when the world seems to be crumbling at our feet either shows Christ or shows the World. What kind of witness are we verbally and daily?

These our just a few thoughts the Lord gave me this morning. May he help us all give him our very best in everything. I know there are areas I must to better in. I want to everything heartily unto the Lord. May God bless you until next time.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Word of the Lord Came

Just a short post this evening. I was thinking about this thought throughout the scriptures we find this phrase the Word of the Lord Came. In the old testament when ever the Word of the Lord Came the people had to make a decision for the Lord. The people in the Old Testament did not have the Word of God. THe way they heard from God is through his men or directly from God himself. We have the WOrd of GOd. How precious is it to us today. Many countries do not have the WOrd of God and we have several copies. People die daily around our world for the Word of God. The sad thing is most church people don't spend no time in the Word. The majority of people expect the Pastor to do their studying for them, or they expect their Sunday School teacher to teach them all they need to know. I believe it is sad that most Saved people can't quote more than 10 verses, some don't know where to find all the Books of the Bible, SOme don't even know how many books of the Bible are in the WOrd. People would rather spend time watching T.V. or going shopping or reading a carnal book than learning from the HOly Spirit. If I seem upset I am not really just I too am guilty of not spending more time with the Lord. Our teenagers in churches would rather spend time with video games or playing sports or spending time with the opposite sex than to spend time with the Lord. We need Revival in so many area's in the church. We need to Soul win more, we need to Pray more, we need to give more and not just financially, but we need to have a Revival in this area of Studying the Word of God. How much time have you read today? I would have to say I am convicted because I haven't read none yet today. How many days did you miss reading last week. We wonder why we have no power in our lives and this is the reason we spend little time in the Bible and thus it is not able to change us into the image of Christ. Just a little thought this evening may the Lord help us all spend more time in getting know him in His Word. Till next time God Bless YOu.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

It is Time to Wake Up

I Cor 15:34
Awake to righteousness; and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God. I speak this to your shame.

It has been a a few days since I have posted. I have been pondering over what has happen in our nation. I don't know all who read this post but I hope many do. The disaster that happened in the gulf coast may be the judgement of God on this country. I want to deal with three groups of people in this post today. Everyone that reads it will fall in to one of these groups of people today. America needs Revival we know this, our churches need revival we know this, but how many will agree and say they need revival. When you asked people how they are doing oh everything is fine in my life and most people are living outside the will of God.

I. THe Sinner
To those that are lost that may read this post it is time to wake up. The scripture tells us that life is but a vapor. We don't know if we have tomorrow. THe sad thing is many people intend to get saved and many think they have plenty of time, but as we see with the disaster breathing one minute death the next. Too many people in the church are playing with the Lord. They can fool the pastor, they can fool the church, and they can fool their family but they can not fool the Lord. If there is one thing that the disaster in our country should do it should make the sinner realize they need to get right with God.

II. The Backslider
Then in the church we have those that are saved but they live their life outside the will of God. THe Christian should want to stay in the will Of God. However many Christians are out of the will of God thus they are backslid. I believe it would amaze of us of how many of our church people are actually backslid. IF we are not closer to the Lord than any point in our life we are backslid. I know we fail the Lord but Our love for him should be so much greater than for anything in this world. For those that are saved in that disaster the only place those that have lost everything can do is turn to the Lord. It is time to to Wake up Church it is time for us to get close to our Lord again. We have been so blessed of God that we have taken it for granted.

III. Christian Right with God.
IF those that are saved and living right I believe it is time for us to also wake up. We need to stay right with God. We need to get as close to our Lord as possible. We don't know what may come with this disaster but we know as long as we are living right that the Lord will see us through. He will meet our needs and he will take care of us. But the reason I think it is time for us to wake up that is to those that are lost. We need to reach the lost. We must make this an important issue in our life. Jesus is coming soon and we need to do our best to get as many people the Gospel to give them that chance of trusting Christ. If they think the disaster in the Gulf was bad wait until they go through the tribulation. The charge to us as Christians from God is to give people the Hope of the Gospel.

In closing we don't know what this disaster really means to us. We don't know the future of our great country. We do know we serve a great God. We know he can take care of us. As Christians we need to pray more than ever that God for show mercy and longsuffering on this wicked country again. May the Lord bless you till next time