Friday, August 26, 2005

Open Rebuke

Proverbs 27:5
Open Rebuke is better than secret love.

Our topic today is something that is not talked about very often. The scripture tells that the preacher is to rebuke, reproof and to exhort with all longsuffering. The word rebuke means to chastise, point out, or to reproof. This is something that most people never practice in their lives. This verse so many times is just looked over but it really is a powerful verse in Bible.

I believe when we see someone in sin we are to rebuke them if they are a child of God. When we rebuke we must do it in a spirit of love and meekness. We must realize we could be doing the same thing. I have been rebuke before and though my flesh didn't like it. It was needful and I was able to get closer to my Lord as result of it. Remember our flesh craves doing wrong, it crave living carnal, and when we rebuke someone that flesh bows up and is ready to fight. Most of the time the phrase I hear alot is It is not your place to judge me. We are according the scripture if we see a brother overtaken in a fault restore them, before there is restoration most of the time there is rebuke. What we like doing is say we will pray for them to get right, and not say anything and just love them. When we don't rebuke and we know they are doing wrong we are committing a greater sin by not rebuking them. Rebuking is not fun when a person enjoys rebuking someone they need to get their heart right. I have had to rebuke people before. I have had to rebuke friends that weren't doing right and now they don't talk to me because I rebuked them. I have had to rebuke teenagers that were doing wrong and some loved me for rebuking them but some have not talked to me since. It pains my heart to lose friendships and to lose people in my life when I practiced a Biblical principle. I realize today that we are not in a popularity contest to see how many people we can get to like us. However we are in this life to help one another live for Christ. This is sometimes in answering questions, providing needs, or this thing of rebuking. In closing this is not a popular subject but it is needful. Whenever we rebuke it should hurt us in sense of having to do it, but we must do it. As a preacher of the Gospel the Lord gives messages for rebuke and these are some of the hardest messages to preach but it must be preached. A little thought from the heart. God Bless YOu till next time.

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mrs. julie said...

You are so right about the flesh not liking biblical rebuke. And it does cause others to not want to talk to you anymore. However, they don't realize or fail to see that we are trying to help them. As is the case with parents with their children. Our children don't always see that we are trying to protect them from harm. They get angry and buck against us, and it hurts tremendously to know you are doing what is right and they respond with anger and sometimes hatred. If only people and kids would see it is for their own good and that we as well as God are trying to protect them and not hurt them. It does have to be done in a spirit of love though or it will most definitely go in a direction that we nor God ever intended for it to go. Good article!! I pray some of our teens and people read this article and get a better insight on this thing of rebuking and reproving.