Thursday, August 04, 2005

An Awesome Responsiblity

I Thess 2:4
But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak not as pleasing men, but God which trieth the hearts.

This will be a short post. My fellow worker I were talking about this very thing of being trusted with the Gospel. So then I opened my Bible and came to this passage of scripture. We know that gospel means good news. We also know that it is the death burial and ressurection of our Savior Jesus Christ. As I write this post. Do you realize that each Christian as the responsibity of spreading the Gospel everyday of their life. It don't matter if you are young or old, God wants us to spread His Gospel.

We know that people are lost. What if someone didn't give us the Gospel? What if God told someone to be obedient and give us the Gospel and they disobeyed we may be in Hell or heading that direction? What gives us the right to think that we don't have to spread the Gospel? We can do this a couple of ways I believe everyday of our life.

I. By Speaking the Gospel.
We know the Lord has commanded us to be witnesses. This should be an everyday thing in our life. Sometimes I forget that I have this responsibility of the Gospel and someones very life can hinge on if I obey the Lord. We should speak to people about the Lord. This is the very reason I believe that we are not in heaven it is because PEOPLE NEED THE LORD.

II. By Living the Gospel
We should live what we preach. I am not saying we don't make mistakes but people should see a difference in us that makes them question what do they have that I don't have. We can live the gospel several ways.
A. Our Daily Devotion
People know if we walk with God. They can see in our actions.
B. Our Dress.
Do we trust like the world or do we have a difference about us.
C. Our Demeanor.
When someone is cussing do we in meekness tell them that is not right.
When someone doesn't treat us right do we blow up or do we have the love of Christ and react like Christ would.

Just a few thoughts today just to get us to think of the awesome responsiblity that God has given us. Our we doing everything we can to keep people out of Hell if not then lets do better. God Bless You till next time.

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