Friday, July 22, 2005

When the Lord Departs

Judges 16:20b
And he wist not that the Lord was departed from him.

What a powerful passage of scripture we read in Samson's life. Samson probably the strongest man in the world thought he would go out as he did at other times and do the same thing as before. If there is one thing that is missing from most saved people and that is the presence of the Lord. The Lord says he never will leave us nor forsake and we know the Holy Spirit indwells us but if we are honest everytime we open the Bible we don't feel his presence and everytime I pray I don't feel his presence. The problem that we left him. Most saved people would not know if the Lord sat down next to them because they have no fellowship. I hear preachers say I can not live without his presence. We can't live without it, but most of the time we are operating in the power of the flesh. What causes his presence leave or why is God not moving in my life?

I. Sin
We can not have his presence in our life and have unconfessed sin in our life. God hates sin. He don't want us in sin, or being entertained by the flesh. The sad thing is many of us don't have a move of God in our life because he has showed us what to get out, and we don't listen so God's hands our tied until we listen. What is the sin in our life that God can't move.

II. Self
God will not share any glory with anyone. When self is in control God can't and will not move in our lives. We so many times allow self to dictate us. Self loves the things of the flesh, self lusts after the things of this world. When self is on the throne God can't move in our lives. Who is on throne of are lives today?

If you are like me I believe I need to be honest and say to the Lord I need his move back in my life. I get tired of me. I am in the way of what God wants to do. God will not force him self on us. He will sit back and let us run the show knowing that eventually will come back. The question to conclude is this Why does he put up with us?

He Loves Us.
He is Faithful.

To conclude:

Is He Moving in Your Life?

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mrs. julie said...

I know He isn't moving in my life like I would like Him to. I know that it is me that hinders that moving of God in my life. But I do know that the first step to getting that problem taken care of in our life is realizing that SELF gets in the way. God help me to get SELF out of the way and let GOD have His way in my life!!!