Thursday, July 07, 2005

What Kind of Influence do you Have?

I look throughout the scriptures and find many men and women of God that had influence. We can look at both the old testament and the new testament and see how we can have influence. The greatest thing we can do as children of God is to have a godly influence and people. I am reminded that we influence people one way or another. We either influence them for the cause of Christ, or we push them away from the cause of Christ. I am thinking tonight of some groups of people we must have influence with.

I. We must have influence with the Foes.
We all have people that rise up against us in our walk with Christ. SOmetimes it is family or friends, sometimes it is the God deniers. We must keep a right spirit(hard to do in the flesh.). We must keep a meek spirit and we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. As a Christian we are to love everybody not like everybody but we all have people that rub us the wrong way.

II. We must have influence with Our Friends.
We should only have godly friends. We are to be around those that want to do something for God. The Natural Crowd hangs with the Natural the Carnal hangs with the Carnal, and the Spiritually hangs around the Spiritual. Our Friends should know we walk with Christ and should be able to see it. Our influence with are friends is very important.

III. We must have influence with Our Family.
As Children of God we have to families in our life now. We have are Natural Family and we have our Spiritually family.
The hardest people to reach as Children of God our those in our family. They know how we were before we got saved. They know what we did, how we treated them, how we talked to them. They are very skeptical when we name the name of Christ. We also know that when we get saved something happens that is different. We must have influence with them. Not only that are families know how we live outside of church they know how we really are. Let be said of those we live with he/she live in their home like they do in church. That is great influence.

Our Spiritual Family we must also have influence with. We must always remember no matter if we are in position in the children or not people are always looking up to us. They are always influence by us.

Our prayer is that we are a great influence on all those we are around. I know I need to work in area's in my life. When I leave this world I want to be said that I had a great influence on many people.

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Sis. Julie said...

Very good article Bro. Tim. I have faced persecution from family as a result of my trying to live a holy and separated life in the past. But it is sad when those same family members....who have begun to live more holy themselves....tend to attack you for taking even stronger stands for the cause of Christ. I am facing that again right now in this situation with Ronnie. It is not popular that I don't support him and what he is doing. Everyone is so "proud" of him and thinks I am wrong to be discouraging it...but I keep telling them it isn't about me but about the Word of God and what it says. God says what He means, and means what He says. Please pray for me as I continue to try to stand strong on this issue and that I don't crumble and compromise like my son is. It is so hard to deal with right now with other issues that we are dealing with...but God has been faithful in the past and I know He will prove faithful again....I only pray I continue to be faithful to Him. I can't say that I don't feel like running away...but the situation will only follow me!!