Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I wasn't going to put nothing up until tomorrow, but I can not get this thought off my heart. One of my co workers and I were talking to day and the Lord showed me some things about this thing of temptation.

I Cor 10:1-14
First we know that temptation in itself is not sin, we can fight against temptation in our life the Scripture tells us. The thought I have is What is the greatest temptation a Christian faces in their life. The Lord spoke to my heart and here is what I think is the greatest Temptation. Falling into Idolatry. A Idol is anything that takes the place of Our Lord in our hearts. We are faced with so many things that can detour from the Lord having his rightful place.

People put Jobs as Idols. They live for the Job, they put everything to the side accept that job.
People put family as an Idol. Family takes the place of God in many Christians lives.
They don't only put that part of family but sometimes the Husband or Wife takes the throne in our life.
People put all kinds of things. But here is what I wanted to get to.

Verse 12 says Wherefore let him that thinketh take heed lest he fall. When we think we have arrived or think that we are not succeptible to Idolatry is the day that we will fall.

Verse 13 has tremendous truth in it. Here is the key to combatting Idolatry. We must look for the way to escape out of it. verse 14 talks about Idolatry. We all everyday our faced with the temptation of Idolatry. The sad thing is many of us fall into Idolatry. If there is sin that is plaguing our churches in America it is this and many people don't realize they have fallen into it until it is to late. God wants the throne in our life, if he don't have we are committing Idolatry. We are putting something above are Lord.

May the Lord help us to see if we are committing this act in our life, and if we are repent and get right. If are not praise the Lord, but let us be careful and not think that we will not have trouble with it. Just a few thoughts tonight, pray it is a help.

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sis. julie said...

This is so true in so many people's lives. I don't know about you but this is a daily struggle for me not to commit idolatry in my life. We must be on guard against this in our Christian lives on a daily basis.