Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hiding God's Word

Psalm 119:11
Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.

This is one of the first verses I ever memorize as a Christian. A powerful verse that every christian needs to get ahold of. If we really learned this verse like God wants us to we would be able to combat our enemies in this Christian Life. We know we are to read the Scriptures but I believe most Christians miss this idea of hiding God's Word in our heart.
How do we hide his word.
I. We need to memorize the Word.
When Jesus was tempted by Satan he used the Word of GOd to combat Satan. We should try to memorize so much scripture a year. Maybe one verse a week. That would us 52 verses a year, and 520 after ten years. I don't know how many verses God has allowed me to memorize but it could be more.

II. We need to meditate.
The Bible says in Joshua to meditate, and the Bible says in The Psalms to meditate.
Meditate is to thing upon. Muse over, keep letting go over and over in our mind.

We learn some things about meditating.
Joshua says we will have good success, and the psalms say we will be planted like a tree by the Water.

A real short post tonight but a powerful thought. HOw is our Bible Study going?


the perkins(es) said...

Good thoughts... P :-)

sis. julie said...

You are so right about this thought Bro. Tim. I lack in this area myself. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of Bible Quiz last year. The Lord helped me to realize what the devil had me believing...that I couldn't memorize scripture. God helped me to memorize entire chapters. And that is such a blessing to know. I have been doing better with that area of my life since then but I still have a long way to go before I am where God wants me on this. Would I could be like Bro. Sammy Allen!!!

Kristina said...

Good Post Bro.Tim. Keep it up.