Thursday, July 14, 2005

Getting Out of the Boat

I listen to a message today my Dr David Gibbs and the Lord gave me a few thoughts of my own after his message. Matthew 14:22-32

In Our Christian Life so many times we have a hard time getting out of the boat. The day the Lord talked to Peter there were eleven in the boat with him. The other eleven stayed in the boat. Most Christians stay in the boat. They want to live their life status quo. The One that got out of the boat was Peter. he got out of the boat in the middle of a huge storm. It doesn't say Jesus calm the Storm they were in but Peter did get out of the Boat.

Why we don't get out of the Boat?

We are Comfortable.
When you are in the boat it is comfortable. To many Christians want to live there life in comfort. They don't want God to shake there life up. They would rather just make it through life.
They get Comfortable in things of this World.
They get Comfortable in living stale.

We lack Courage.
It takes courage to get out of the boat. When Peter got out of the Boat he didn't know what was going to happen. (Don't miss this) He had to totally rely on Jesus.
Would the Lord help us to totally rely on him tonight. When Peter had his eyes on the Lord he didn't sink but as soon as he started looking at the circumstances he began to sink. When we get out of the boat we must keep our eyes on Jesus.

We desire no Change.
I know I am tired of the same things defeating me in my life. I am tired of just getting hot for a while and then cooling off. If we are going to do great things for God we must get out of the Boat. Our we content where we are at as a Christian? Many good Christians are content. They read they pray they witness they go to church but are they effecting the cause of Christ like they are suppose to. Many Christians bring more shame to Jesus by what they don't do, than those that bring shame by what they do.

In Closing Bro Gibbs asked this question and I have asked this question to myself and now I asked to all who read this post.

Why do we only asked for the great, or the incredible when God wants to do the impossible through us? I do not know what that entails but may my heart be ready for God to do the impossible through me.

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sis. julie said...

I know what you mean about being hot then cooling off. I hate that about me as well. And it is not the Lord's fault that it happens. It is mine and mine alone. I also desire to see the impossible done in my life and in our church. In fact....I need to see the impossible done in my life. I just have to learn to stay out of the way and let God do it. I have a habit of trying to "help God out". And that is because I get my eyes off of the One in control of the situation and on the situation itself. "Lord help me to keep my eyes on You!!"