Thursday, July 28, 2005

Forgiveness Concerning the Family

This is continuing with my thought on forgiveness. The topic is our earthly family. If the Lord would allow me I want to another post on are church family and then on are foes.

The bible says in Ephesians 4:32
And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's Sake has forgiven you.

Before we start for all those that read this we all make mistakes we all get on each others nerves in our families. There is not a perfect family. Now that being said I want to look at some aspects of this. We must remember is their is unforgiveness in our hearts we will hold back the blessings of God on our life. I want to look at some relationships.

Husbands and Wives.
We know what the Bible says on the roles of each in God's Eyes. But how many times has a husband and wife went to bed mad at each other. Their was no forgiveness. This is not good. I have been guilty and it seems like until that is right God is no where to be found. We know that all relationships must grow to survive. Then I look at this What sins are not forgiveable between a husband and wife. Many people get divorce because they say that what the other did is unforgiveable but God says all things are forgiveable. He forgave us of all our sin, only the Lord know what all that was, but we have been forgiven. For the home to be right their must be no unforgiveness in that home.

Children and Parents.
Again realize their is not perfect family. I believe one reason why are Christian Homes are in a mess in America is because when a parent wrongs child they want to play high and mighty and never go to the child and ask forgiveness. That is not right in God's sight. If parents do something that merits forgiveness they must forgive, and go to the child and get it right. I believe until this happens their will be no power of God on that family. Now for the childs part if they do something do the parent that their should be forgiveness given they better go to the parent and ask forgiveness. A child will never have God on them until their relationship with their parents is right. I believe in America our teenagers and children in church look alright on the outside but on the inside they have never dealt with issues with their parents therefore their is no power of God until they get it right.

Children to Children.
This is very needful. When was the last time you saw a child go to another of their brothers and sisters and asked forgiveness. I have never seen it, but if I read by Bible if their was an offence it must be dealt with biblically. So many times I hear kids get in arguments with one another and I never see them get it right. I believe for a child to have Gods Power they must get that forgiveness. I just don't see happen very often. How many of our church kids and teenagers have never dealt with this in their family and they wonder why God power is not in their life.

To conclude I know that unforgiveness hinders God's Power on our lives. When we have wrong someone in our family and I don't asked forgiveness I believe God's hands our tied until they get it right. May the Lord help us to search are hearts and see if any relationship in our families need to be dealt with on this subject of unforgiveness.


sis. julie said...

This is such a needful topic in every aspect of our lives. I know that I have been guilty of letting pride get in the way of me going to my own children to get forgiveness cause I think "I am their parent and I'm allowed to be the way I got" but that is simply not true. There is no excuse and being wrong is being matter who it is to. As for my husband and I that has not really been a problem. With the kids going to the other sibling to get you really think that happens...I know it should but it is a rare thing. We try to teach it in our home but it doesn't get practiced with a true sorrowful heart. They go to one another but with an attitude of "I'm doing this cause Momma or Daddy said I have to but I don't really mean it". That is a sad attitude to have. I hope lots of people read your posts on this subject.

Crystal said...

This was very good. I pray lots of people read it and get help from it as i do.