Saturday, July 30, 2005

Forgiveness Concerning Church Family

Matthew 18:15
Moreover if your brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone; if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained a brother.

As begin this post this is a problem in many churches today. We got preachers that have never asked forgiveness when they tear a man up from the pulpit and we wonder where the power of God is at in our churches. We have many people that have been hurt by preachers that don't attend church anymore and many of them harbor unforgiveness. This is a subject close to my heart because I had been one that has not forgiven someone for wronging before. It is our duty from the Lord to forgive people. He was our example. Before a Holy Ghost revival can start in a church they must not be any unforgiveness between the member or pastor holding unforgiveness in his heart for any reason. We always hear you don't know what they did to me, or how they treated me no we don't but how did they treat our Savior they beat him, mocked him, and did many more horrible things, but he said Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

The Bible tells us clearly how to deal with this issue in the church. Many churches do not use this formula or they use it out of context. If read this whole chapter from verse 15 on it deals with forgiveness. Here is the correct way to deal with someone that has wrong you in a church whether it was a member or it was a Pastor.

I. Go Alone.
The Biblical way to deal with this is not to spread to everyone in the church or to even go to the pastor. It is to go to that brother that trespass against you and try to get it right and to never bring it up again. A person that will not forgive you of sinning against them, he will not get in touch with God until he gets that right with you. Most people that have ought against one another never go to the person first they like running mouth and slamming that person in the ground. Then once this happens that person must get right also with his brother. It is sad thing when brothers and sisters can worship in unity because they are to stubborn to forgive. Now if this don't work then you go to the second step, and only if the first step don't work.

II. Take Another Person with You.
I believe this should be the pastor or another leader in the church. The reason for this is so every word is established that way it isn't he said, she said. They is someone else that witnesses the problem. I believe it should be the Pastor or Deacon because most likely they will not run the mouth about the situation. If you just take your average church member it probably is not a good idea. If this step don't take care of it then you go to the last step. This is the sad step.

III. Bring it before the Church.
The sad thing is when I have seen this happen in a church they never did it biblical way. They did it their way. I believe God is a God of order and I believe that if he said to do it this way then we must. There is no exception to the rule in the church. Most people won't approach there pastor because they are afraid of ridicule. This is sad because the Pastor should be approachable. The whole point for a person to be kick out of the church is for Restoration. We want the unforgiver to get right and come back. This Biblical way is neglected in a lot of churches. Sometimes they take right to the church. I have heard if I saw in public then I deal with in public that is not the Bible way. My idea on this would make many preachers mad but this is Gods Way.

To Conclude there is verse at the end of this chapter that we all to need to memorize and hide in our heart. It is verse 35 So likewise shall my heavenly father do unto you, if ye from the HEART forgive not EVERY ONE his brother their trespasses.

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mrs. julie said...

Excellent post Bro. Tim. Would that everyone could get ahold of this thing of forgiveness. I struggle with unforgiveness in my own life over the persecutions and things that are said and done against me whether it be family, church or enemies...but SO FAR God has given me the ability to forgive. It's not always easy to do either...but I am reminded of ALL the MANY things that Christ has forgiven me for...who am I not to forgive those who trespass against me??