Monday, July 11, 2005

Experiencing The Move of God.

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
The day we got saved we experienced something we never had until that day. We experienced the Lord move in our life. I remember back to that day and remember the difference I felt. THe peace of God that I had. God wants to move in our lives every single day. According to this verse he wants to show great and mighty things. God is in Heaven today wanting to move in our life, however this is one thing that stops him that is us. When we are on the throne of our life, he can not move in our life. I want GOd to move in my life more today than I have ever wanted him. I see so much lukewarmness and so much complancey that I believe there are not many out there that want to get on fire for the Lord. I was thinking of some area's in my life I want God to show me great and mighty things.

I. My Personal Life.
I want God to show himself real in my personal life. I want to be so senstive to the Holy Ghost that when he speaks I listen.
My Personal Study.
In personal study of the Scriptures, I want GOd to show me great and mighty things.
My Prayer LIfe.
THis is probably one of my greatest struggles as a Christian Praying like I need to. I know that is the only way to get God's power.
In Answer prayer.
The Bible says that GOd will answer my prayers if I am right with him. SO if my prayers are not getting answered I may need to check up and make sure I am right.

II. My Public LIfe.
Work Life
I want people see Jesus in me when I work. I want people to see a diffrence I want GOd to let me see great and mighty things in people's lives at work. I am so tired of so called christians listening to ungodly music, and using ungodly words, and just acting ungodly.
Church Life.
I want to see God move in my life so it effects my church. God can use one person surrender to him to perform a great move in the HOuse of GOd. The reason God don't move in church may be because we are not yielded like he wants us to be.
Witnessing Life.
I want to experice the move of God in my soulwinning life. I want to see people get saved as result of my obedience to the Lord. The more we give to the Holy GHost and get filled with his power the more we will see people saved.

We have a promise from God's word that if we call on him he will answer us. Lets pray that Lord shows a move of God in our lives.

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sis. julie said...

I, like you, want to see a mighty work done in my life in all those areas. I strive each and every day to stay right with the Lord so that when things come into my life such as what has recently that I will have God's strength and grace and that He will hear my prayers when I call on Him. I so want to see Him work in my children's lives and see them do right according to His will and His Word. Unfortunately, it takes them wanting that for themselves. God is able I continue to pray!!