Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What is missing in Our Life.

I was pondering today at work about somethings. I was studying the Bible and saw some things,as I was seeking the Lord. We know the Lord as our savior but sometimes it seems like something is missing. I mean we hear good messages and see God move but there is something missing. I know we all fail the Lord in our lives. Thank God he is longsuffering to us after we get saved. But just maybe are a couple of things missing.

I. Compassion for the Lost.
Do we really love sinners? I mean we say I want to see people saved but do we really see them dying and going to hell. Every person we come in contact with has a soul. Christians in the most part have lost their compassion for the Lost. I know I want to win souls, but I also know I have let opportunities slip.

II. Consecrated Life.
We say we love God, but does he really have our life. Have we really given our lives to the Lord. Do we love him more than any other. I would have say if we are honest things sneak in our lives that sometimes we are not aware of and we lose that closeness with the Lord. God wants our lives more than anything we can give him.
III. Changed Life.
What I mean by this is our we stirred only or do we get changed. I am tired of falling into the same ruts, sins, traps put their by the enemy. Don't you really want to see God do something amazing in your life. I do.
IV. Challenging Life.
Does your life and testimony challenge others to live for Christ. Do people see a difference in your life. Whether be a lost person, or a friend or a family member. Do people see in your life that you have been with Jesus in your personal life.
Just a few thoughts I know I need to work in some of these areas and I have asked God to help me.

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Sis. Julie said...

Very good article Bro. Tim. Everyone who is saved needs to read that. I know I'm not the soul winner I need to be but God is working on me about that and has been for the past several months.