Thursday, May 26, 2005

Slow to Speak

James 1:19 Wherefore, My Beloved Brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

Today I had one of those days. A co-worker of mine and me got in a heated argument. The argument didn't end up very well. We didn't talk the rest of the day. THey always try to make things at work a racist thing. Anyways I kind got in the flesh but when I went back to my office the Lord put a thought on my heart. I hope it helps all of us because I know I am quick to speak sometimes.

The Bible has a lot to say about are tongue. It has a lot to say about are speech. We are to be careful in what we say. Our brother James took the whole third Chapter to talk about this. Some things about this tongue.

It is powerful.
We can build people up or we can cut them down. We have that ability with our tongue. How many times have we said something that we regreted. You may be more spiritual but I have many times. It says no man can tame the tongue. Sometimes we are sarcastic or blunt and we don't think about what we say. Remember slow to speak.

It is poison
Sometimes things we say tear peoples character up. What I mean is usually when use are tongue wrong someone else is sharp to speak back which leads into arguments and sometimes it brings worldly people to fighting.

How do we control the tongue?

Realize we Can't.
We can not control the tongue. So many times we say I can control what comes out but we can not. We must realize that no man can tame it. All the animals in the world are tame.

Respond Cautiously.
Remember slow to speak. When someone berates us or lies about us or gets on our nerves we MUST be careful in how we react. Jesus is our example. He was slow to speak always.

Rely on the Comforter
God gave us the Holy Spirit. He is the only one that can control our tongue. We must yield to the Spirit if not then we will get in the flesh and what comes out most of the time is not good.

The Lord just reminded of this today. I believe we can have a godly speech at all times. Maybe I am just carnal in this area. I am not talking cursing I am talking about being mean with are speech, joking about people, cutting people being sarcastic. If no one get help I did. I hope this is a challenging post. Lets do a better job at being slow to speak.

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