Friday, May 20, 2005

Had it not been for Calvary

I was listening today to a song and it is a song that we all know. If you look at crucifixion of Christ there are many things we ought to be thankful for. You find the crucifixion in all the Gospels. I was thinking today what if Calvary didn't happen. There are people that don't believe happen and there are many people that reject Calvary happening but in our life where would we be if it wasn't for Calvary.

I. We be in Sin.
Thank God we are freed from sin.
If we hadn't knelt at the cross who knows where we be.
We be Wicked.
We be Worldly
We be Wearied
Sin is weary. It breaks us down and leads to death.

II. We would have to pay the sentence.
God's sentence is Hell. We would have to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire had it not been for Calvary. We all say thank God we don't have too but what about family friends foes going. Those that we love will go to that awful place. We must try everything from prayer, to fasting to telling our love ones.

III. We would not meet the Savior.
The one who died on the cross for us.
He loves us.
He leads us.
Those that die will be meet him as judge if they don't get saved. We will meet him as friend, and as the rock of our soul.

Had it not been for Calvary what a mess we would be in. Thank God we have been to the fountain at Calvary. It should motivate us to try our best to tell as many as we can the Gospel.


sis. julie said...

Thank God I'm saved by the Blood of the Lamb!!! I can't praise Him enough for loving me so much that He was willing to die for me. He died a cruel death....and He did it for me!! He not only freed me from the bondage of sin but He changed me. I am not the person I once was...and I owe it all to Him. I want the world to know about that love that He has for them as well. Great post Bro. Tim!! You've got me wanting to shout!!!!!!!

Jerry Bouey said...

1 Corinthians gives a sevn-fold argument (with "if"s) to show why the resurrection of Christ is so essential - just a slightly different perspective than what you are saying here.

It is interesting that in Revelation 3:17, one of the descriptions of the endtimes Laodicean church is that they are miserable. 1 Corinthians 15:19 shows that it is miserable to have no assurance of forgiveness, no hope after this life, no eternal salvation, no reward for dying to ourselves and facing persecution for Christ's sake - all these would be true, if there was no Calvary (and if there was no resurrection). Thanks for your thoughts on this.